UFC Welterweight Matt Brown in a Firestorm of Controversy Over Women Fighting Topless Remark

January 9, 2014
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Matt Brown UFCThe Internet has opened up a world of opportunities, and one of them is to say what you want to say, unfettered and unfiltered. That doesn’t always work the way you might want it to.

Case in point is UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown, who, along with a couple of his friends, recently launched a podcast on the popular audio sharing platform SoundCloud.

In the inaugural podcast, Brown commented on some of his peers at the UFC, specifically those of the female gender.

“I always said, ‘I don’t know why they put women in the UFC.’ Now I know why,” Brown said, noting that women UFC viewers seemed to flocked to the television when women fought, as if the Kardashians had filled the screen.

But he didn’t stop there, he took it much further down the road.

“I just think this, if I’m [going] to pay $60 for a [UFC] Pay-Per-View to watch women fight, they should at least be topless.”

He continued, pointing out that most women, much like the 125-pound men’s division, don’t have the body type or the power to score many knockouts, which are fair comparisons.

“It’s not really my thing. I respect what they do, but they don’t have the body type or the power,” he said.

And if he had just said that without going down the road to the topless comment, we likely wouldn’t be talking about Matt Brown’s podcast right now.

But he did, and we are.

Brown has received a modicum of support, but also a wealth of criticism on social media outlets, via the same Internet backbone that allowed him the opportunity to amplify his opinion in the first place.

The blowback has been strong enough that Brown’s podcast disappeared from SoundCloud on Thursday, the day that the story blew up.

The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away.

Whether or not Brown will be subject to any repercussions due to the UFC’s Code of Conduct policy remains to be seen. A request for comment on the matter went unanswered by the UFC at the time of publication.

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  • Slicer

    Woah he made a joke, woah he’s a terrible person.

    • Bob

      Watch out Matt, angry feminists incoming.

  • Now that’s funny

    That’s some funny s*** in if the women fought topless the ppv buy rate would b threw the roof liking Matt brown more in more….

    • Gary Fredericks

      Matt Brown should replace Dana White. His innovative ideas are far better for the UFC than Dana’s digital network thingy.

  • taz123

    He should fight Ronda rousey with his b::;(,, hanging out. I’d pay 60 bucks to see that

  • grashopper

    wow someone says whats on there mind and everyone goes batshit crazy.

  • will Oz

    Everyone should have the right to make a joke or even express their opinion. No one would have gotten their panties in a bunch if a female UFC fighter had said that men should fight naked. Come on girls, he likes women, thinks they’re sexy and expressed an opinion most guys would agree with, enen though we all know it’s a joke. I love wmma, especially a top view of Tate in side control. Women are sexy and red bloodied, straight guys love to look at a fit women. It’s in our jeans. fcol

  • Overpass

    If that was supposed to be a joke, it’s a really bad one and it’s in such poor taste. Thank you for degrading women and valuing them only as sexual objects. I’ve always thought Brown had an endearing personality and it’s sad now to understand that he’s just a giant douche who doesn’t know how to keep shut. Cheers Matt, I’d pay $60 to watch you get in an Octagon and bashed with a bat.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Really? Brown echoes the sentiment of nearly the entire male heterosexual population and you’re gonna be all “butt-hurt” about it? LOL

      The ONLY way I would buy a female fight PPV would be if they were topless…..and had several girl on girl intermission shows in between bouts!

      Women’s MMA takes loads of dedication, heart, talent, and drive. I get that, but HOLY CRAP is it one of the most painful things on the eyes to watch! It is just boring as are nearly all female sports compared to male sports. Want proof? Compare the NBA and WNBA. Men’s MMA to women’s MMA. It is just not that fun to watch….simple as that. Matt Brown asking for some gratuitous nudity is NOT too much to ask for when paying $60 for a female MMA PPV. As I said before, I would want some girl on girl action or some donkey shows or something to go along with it.

      • Overpass

        I don’t really agree with the suggestion that male sports are more exciting that female sports. I’d rather watch women fight than some heavyweights throwing bombs because they have no cardio. Similarly, I find that mens soccer reads like a bunch of crybabies and this also goes for field hockey because I’m not really a NBA person.

        Perhaps you’re partially right on the idea that some people just want cheap titillation instead of something with substance. Perhaps try the WWE?

      • Seth

        Woman’s 115lbs Division > Mens 265lbs Division in 95% of time. Heavyweights are mostly effin boring. You really wanna watch two 240pound dude hugging each other for 25minutes, or fighting for 5-10 and stalking each other for rest of the time? There is like what? 5 or 6 HWs that actually fight? rest is just a joke.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Yea its getting pathetic more and more these days. I remember when Eddie Murphy made fun of everybody. Every way of life. Everyone laughed. Now you have to think twice before you say anything to make sure your not hurting anyone’s feelings.if its in a joke context then its exactly that. A joke. I have more respect for the person who sez what’s on their mind then I do with someone taking something totally out of context. Women’s MMA sucks!!!! I don’t even like the shirtless idea cuz once I got a good look….I’d be back to bored!!!!

    • SWIFTboy

      Comedians still make fun of everyone. Matt Brown is not a comedian.

      The context you speak of is as a fellow UFC athlete, which is why he is getting backlash.

      I agree that media tend to jump on these things simply in order to create contoversy, and the inevitable forced apology will seem completely ingenuine and unecessary even to me.

      Still, if he’s going to spout ignorance, I’m not going to respect him for it.

  • uncle

    People need learn to have a sense of humor

  • Kenny Powers

    Yeah Matt shouldn’t have said that. I think it’s funny as hell and its really not a big deal, but these days one little comment like that will get everyone butt hurt and the media is gonna blow it up bigger than it needs to be.

  • tmac

    Who cares, he is right. How many people here know that women’s volleyball ratings went way up after they got the small shorts they wear nowdays. It was a dying sport until then.

  • BobGyro

    Wow we getting sensitive now eh lol thank god he didn’t mention the lesbian community as well

  • Ronda is a slut

    They should fight topless and in crotchless thongs.

  • Matte

    Man the internet audience is below stupid sometimes.

    “He speaks his mind” and “only a joke”. Really? Is there no wider context to consider?

    How about respecting for what they do? It is MMA fighters and athlets we speak about, not strippers not porn stars.

    If Matt Brown or any other person don’t like the women divisions, talk about the sport aspect or don’t watch at all. Problem solved and not in a way humiliating and disrespecting the female fighters.

    Make me sick.

    I personally love the women MMA. Really entertaining fights.

    • Seth

      Finally someone who sees difference! God bless you, Matte. No way that anyone can say it better 🙂

    • SWIFTboy

      I would go one step futher and say there’s no reason to disrespect strippers or porn stars either, it’s just another level of misogyny. However, that’s a level of acceptance I don’t think most people ar ready for, so I’ll be happy with not being reductive about professional female athletes for now.

      • Matte

        I agree and you misunderstand some parts of what I’m saying.

        What i meant by strippers and porn stars is that they show their breasts in their proffesions and hence a comment about looks/breasts could be more relevant if talking about them.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    So he’s not a comedian so that doesn’t make it funny? And we can twist it any way we want cuz he’s not a comedian? I’m pretty sure he could care less of people like you that go around justifying everything people say. I thought it was hilarious and obviously would never happen. Hell if they want so much damn respect let’s just put em with the men??? Why don’t we?? Obviously because they don’t have what men’s bodies have and therefore is the reason he made his comment.

  • candelario

    i like this guy better all ready

  • Ronnie Mund


  • horace

    Matt brown has bigger boobs than Rousey.

  • Baller31

    I am so sick of everything and everyone being censored. He can say what he wants, and does not need to apologize

  • horace

    Good for Matt brown who just spoke the truth.