UFC Veteran Matt Riddle Injured, Announces Retirement Prior to Planned Bellator Debut

September 10, 2013
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Matt Riddle at UFC 143UFC veteran Matt Riddle was slated to fight at next Bellator 100. Riddle on Monday, however, announced his retirement.

He was supposed to take part in the Bellator Season 9 Welterweight Tournament, but after injuring his rib, Riddle says he can’t afford to sit out and wait for another fight.

“I’m retiring from MMA today, I cracked my rib and I can’t fight sept 20th @BellatorMMA can’t give me a fight this year so I can’t afford it!” Riddle tweeted.

Riddle (7-3, 2 NC) made his way into professional mixed martial arts via the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter. He fought for the UFC for five years, but was released after he had two of his three most recent victories turned to no contests due to testing positive for marijuana metabolites.

He initial signed a multi-fight deal with Legacy Fighting Championships after leaving the UFC, but Bellator negotiated a deal with Legacy to sign Riddle for its upcoming welterweight tournament.

Bellator has yet to comment on Riddle’s announcement.

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  • bajafox

    That sucks, I was hoping him and War Machine would meet sometime during the tourney.

    At least now he can get a medical marijuana card and smoke himself retarded, that’s what I do, lol

  • lucky

    Who gives a rats ass about matt freakin riddle they need to work harder on getting news n updates on real fighters n not idiots like riddle

  • Milosc

    Another casualty in the evolution of cannabis within modern societies

    Both his NC’s should have been victories (including a Sub of the Night), and a 9-3 [true] record, all in the UFC, is nothing to shake a stick at. “Justice” failed, here, once again..

    I feel worse for him, than Pat Healy

  • james j

    Weed addiction ruined this loser’s career.

    • Marcus Miles


    • Mark Bazid

      Weed addiction?
      Clearly you’re a moron who talks out of his ass.

      • King_DG

        are you saying no one can be addicted to weed?

        • Mark Bazid

          It can be addictive but not in the same manner as cocaine or opiates. For James J to say that his career is ruined because he smokes weed is incredibly ignorant. I know many fighters who smoke when not training with no effects what so ever. I also know lawyers and even a Dr who smoke on a regular basis. Im not talking about waking up to a bong. Im talking about going home and rather then having a drink or two they roll a joint and relax. I know many people who smoke weed and live productive lives. If Riddle had a chronic smoking habit he would never have been able to become a pro fighter to begin with.

  • Darin

    He just sounds emotional. I wouldn’t be suprised to see him back.

  • Maddawgmar

    I feel bad for this kid. He was having a great run in the UFC, then popped on weed. Not nearly as bad as steroids that others in the UFC have popped on. He was stupid, yes for not stopping at least a month prior to fights. But this kid had no advantage over the fighters he beat. Him being released was unfortunate. I hope he finds a way to provide for his family. Good luck to him.

  • Such a shame. No comment on the weed. But as a young fighter he could have had a big future. Hopefully he moves onto something else with that exposure UFC gave him.