UFC Vet Tim Credeur Turns Himself In on Warrant for Drug and Firearms Charges

June 24, 2013
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Tim CredeurUFC veteran Tim Credeur was taken into custody on Monday in Lafayette, La. He turned himself in at the Louisiana County Correctional Center.

Lafayette police on May 29 issued a warrant for Credeur’s arrest due to drug and firearms charges. The charges against Credeur include possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm in the presence of a Schedule I narcotic.

Credeur made his way into the UFC via the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter.

He amassed a 3-2 record in the Octagon, but lost his last two fights, to Nate Quarry and Ed Herman. Credeur hasn’t fought since June 2011 at the TUF 13 Finale.

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  • That fight with Nate Quarry was awesome. They beat each other up back and fourth that entire fight. Sucks to hear this news. I think a lot of us forget that not only are these professional athletes who should try to set a good example but some of these guys are life long martial artist. I would hope martial arts can continue to guide people along a better path. A gun along with drugs is a very serious charge.

    • Milosc

      This completely re-directs the issue from how inherently ridiculous it is to begin with. It’s as if you have taken it upon yourself, to troll logic, to misdirect common sense. A sheep-dog for status quo..

      Well: ‘blind cheerleading to whatever a figure of authority says’ aside… “Tim Credeur was driving with his gun, and a bag of weed, at the same time”

      That’s his ‘crime’, chief

      *Anyone who owns a firearm will at some point need to transport it someplace. Not a crime. His ‘offense’ occured in possessing a widely used medicinal plant (sold at stores in 18 states, openly legal for recreational use in 2)

      “A very serious charge”, indeed… but you fail to ask why. You fail to ask anything

      *Sodomy is “illegal” in Louisiana, brah, which should actually get him off the hook in this case, the longer you think about it. If you should ‘think’ at all..

      The World needs not another hall monitor

      (Free your mind)

      • I have stated nothing negative about Tim personally. This article had little information so I only stated that this was a serious offense to be accused of. It’s not like I said this guy is a dangerous criminal and a scumbag based on this specific article. No matter what your opinion may be, having a gun and a bag of weed is still a felony. I don’t care if he has a firearms permit and medical marijuana card, they just don’t go together. And yet you sit hear trying to take cheap shots and insult me. Free my mind? Have some class and common sense.

        • Milosc

          You are indeed implying Credeur is a bad person (by giving credibility to the notion that ‘guns and cannabis’ are bad things. Many citizens feel they are not)

          He got arrested for a “crime” taken completely at face value and now suddenly cast as a bad example… following the wicked path

          You know, interracial marriage was “illegal” until just recently. Would you think an athlete ever “arrested” for this “crime” set a better example, too?

          It was a ‘rule’, you know..

          Without any independent line of reasoning, your position was basically some reflexive village-bigotry you picked up from social engineering. It’s oiling a naked emperor without even bothering to look

          Which was my point

          *And I did not insult anybody– only held open a shoe which you obviously intend to fit

          • Your comparing thoughts on interracial marriage to possession of a controlled substance and a firearm? And I don’t think guns and cannabis are bad things. I’m not here for a political debate on this article. I don’t know the whole story just yet so I have nothing bad to say about Tim personally, all I know is marijuana is illegal in Louisiana anyway. I don’t agree with your opinion but I respect it.

          • Milosc

            “I think a lot of us forget that not only are these professional athletes
            who should try to set a good example but some of these guys are life
            long martial artist. I would hope martial arts can continue to guide
            people along a better path. A gun along with drugs is a very serious

            Interracial marriage was a “very serious charge” (until 1967) in Louisiana, as well. I think it was a good comparison

            My opinion: is that it behooves all cognizant, responsible citizens of a Republic to use critical thinking in governing ‘their’ lives. Moreso than obeying any ‘ole unjust, barbaric law, rooted in ignorance and blind ridicule, that come down the pipe

            Thinking/discourse: good

            Blind obedience: dangerous

            (I don’t even want you to agree with ‘me’, if it’s just because. There has to be reasoning– that should be continuously vetted by others)

            *Tim Credeur was driving with a constitutionally provisioned firearm, and a plant- that happens to cure cancer, at the same time. What’s ‘wrong’, what needs to be tried by a jury of his peers, is the still-very backwards era in which we live

            That’s my 2 on this article. Just put it in your pipe, whether or not you want to smoke it 🙂

          • Oh I didn’t read the entire article. So my apology. I didn’t know Tim had cancer and a medical marijuana license in the state he lives in, so if those are the facts I’am wrong. I also didn’t know marijuana cured cancer, I thought it only helped relieve the pain and increase appetite. Thanks for the offer but I’ll continue to not smoke anything your on. 😉 No hard feelings either, we have different opinions, I look forward to talking more about fights on other articles with you though.

          • Milosc

            I haven’t said I’d smoked anything, actually, but as long as you don’t normally use strawman stereotypes ‘to dismiss a speaker instead of a position’- no problemo

            You should check out those links I posted above, to Maddawgmar, maybe wonder why it’s been illegal all this time

          • Ali25403

            You wonder why it’s illegal??? Because it is a mind altering drug that is a stepping stone for many in to harder drugs. Would you be ok with your children smoking weed other than for a medical reason? Are you ok with people getting stoned and getting behind the wheel? I can think of about 100 more reasons why it’s illegal.

      • Maddawgmar

        Whether weed is sold in stores in 18 states and legal in 2 or if it was legal in all states is totally irrelevant. Federally Marijuana is Illegal, and Feds can arrest any store selling it within the confines of the state law. If you agree with that law or not is irrelevant. I don’t agree with certain hunting laws. But I follow them anyways.

        Possessing a firearm at the same time of possessing a narcotic (weed or meth or PCP) is a federal felony. Thus he will do some time.

        Just because you live in an imaginary world where everyone gets along and everything is perfect, doesn’t mean others are narrow minded or doesn’t “think.”

        What if he was off to sell that weed? What if when he tried to sell that weed something went wrong? What if that gun was used to shoot the other person?

  • Dylandoe

    Local news station is saying it’s a misdemeanor

  • shakejunt

    love how it’s marijuana possession first and then the gun suddenly makes it turn into a narcotic… especially in louisiana where gun laws are pretty lax.

  • The Best Eva

    Wow he’s so dangerous, They’ll probably care more about the weed even though it’s like drinking without the anger and the hangover.

  • Wordup

    Man, the states is hilarious. The big story on news tonight, Tim Creduer is found in possession of a bag of weed and 3 empty bags of Doritos, witnesses say he had munchies like a mutha fucka

  • kbroesq

    Poor Tim – He lost his protege and now he’s turned to drugs and violence!

  • dgs

    Unbelievable. This country is in the toilet bowl, our currency becomes more worthless every day due to debt we will never be able to pay down (what is it now, like 17 trillion bucks and counting), we have millions upon millions of illegal aliens filling our prisons daily due to violent crimes, and sucking up federal dollars as result (plus all of the free medical services they receive in addition to the jobs they take from legal Americans) and we’re worried about some dude with a bag of weed and a firearm???

    This country’s priorities are so f’d up it’s not even funny.