UFC Vet Roger Huerta Steps Back in the Cage at ONE FC: Reign of Champions

August 28, 2014
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Roger HuertaUFC and Bellator veteran Roger Huerta will be looking to bounce back from the brutal soccer kick knockout he suffered at the feet of Zorobabel Moreira, when he returns to the cage after a two-year absence to take on undefeated Englishman Christian Holley at ONE FC: Reign of Champions.

The event is set for the World Trade Centre in Dubai on Aug. 29 and will be headlined by a welterweight title bout between Nobutatsu Suzuki and Ben Askren with Shinya Aoki also set to defend his lightweight title against Kamal Shalorus.

Huerta (21-7-1) will be returning to his regular weight of 155 pounds for the first time since his stoppage loss to Eddie Alvarez in 2010. Now based at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, the 31-year-old is currently on a four-fight losing skid.

His opponent has never even tasted defeat, but Holley (11-0), who was a Karate champion before transitioning to MMA, has been competing exclusively in Europe and has never faced an opponent of Huerta’s caliber before.

Also added to the card is a featherweight fight which will have implications for the title picture as BJJ black belt Herbert Burns continues to be thrown in with increasingly higher level opposition as he takes on top Japanese contender Hiroshige Tanaka.

Burns (3-0) fights out of Evolve MMA in Singapore and is coming off two impressive ONE FC wins over Edward Kelly and Harris Sarmiento, but faces an even tougher test when he takes on Shooto veteran Tanaka who is riding a seven fight win streak.

The other fight announced today sees Fil-Am former boxing world champion Ana Julaton (1-0) return to the ONE FC cage after making a triumphant debut in Manila earlier this year. The 34-year-old faces a serious step up when she takes on Russian debutant Irina Mazepa, who is a six time Wushu world champion.

ONE FC: Reign of Champions will be the promotion’s first ever event to be held in the Middle East and with two more title fights set to be announced in the coming weeks it looks set to be a very strong card.

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  • David Huenecke

    What happened to huerta he was rocking in the ufc. Now a four fight losing streak?

  • Rob

    I think he wanted to do movies or something. He always put on a a good show win or lose. He came back to finish his contract and never resigned. I’m sure the UFC would have signed him up again but he thought he could do better elsewhere. I think Rampage followed his playbook and it got him in the same place.

    I still can’t believe these fighters trying to act. I can almost guarantee they make more money fighting than acting. Think that is why Carano is coming back as her movies are the straight to video kind. GSP probably made a tiny bit but not even close to his fight salary and bonuses and ppv buys. Maybe Cung Le makes more money acting as he is not a major draw and is aging.

  • Seth

    ONE FC should be closed and sued…how they can put their fighters at risk with those stupid and dangerous soccer kicks? Roger should understand that better than others…

    • Aaron

      The strikes allowed to a grounded fighter makes a dangerous sport more dangerous. I agree that they should follow the unified rules. Would be more challenging for the fighters to finish fights also, without them.

    • mmalive

      You are trying to make a STUPID JOKE right?

      Why should OneFC close and be sued?

      Making soccer kicks legal is the BEST thing to happen to MMA.

      One more way to end fight quickly to show which fighter is better and DOMINATE.

      OneFC is run in another country so it TOTALLY legal.

      The US MMA governing body DOES NOT have authority.

      OneFC has it owns rules and GREAT for them.

      • Seth

        Then go there and ask someone to soccer kick you. Then we will see how “great” those are. If you are a fan of pointless, dangerous and stupid moves like that – then my guess it you should focus on watching PRIDE only. Im happy that people in USA are at least smart enough to ban those.

        • mmalive


          You are a JOKE and DISGRACE.

          Your points are quite dumb hence I replied to your post to put you in your place.

          Learn that OneFC is not regulated by US governing body.

          The organization is in another country and they make their own rules.

          The Pride days produced some of the soccer kick kings: Shogun, Wandy, etc…

          Another weapon to defeat an opponent in a MMA match.

          Only sissies do not agree to terms of FULL ROUNDED attack modes including soccer kicks.

          BTW, Nothing is MORE STUPID then your DUMB post.

          • Seth

            “Your points are quite dumb hence I replied to your post to put you in your place.”

            Then…you failed. xD

            It’s nice to see you get all worked up over my comments 🙂 I hope you won’t get boring too soon, it’s really cool to have my own personal hater 😀

            And back to the point – those kics are dangerous, if you can read, go to google and check people smarter than us explaining why exactly those are dangerous. Unless you are an ignorant and you don’t care that you are wrong and you just want to scream, thinking loud equal smart.

          • mmalive

            I do not get worked up CLOWN.

            I enjoy replying to your sTUPID comments. It is FUN.

            You made stupid comment about OneFC being closed and sued it was fun to reply.

            What you FAILED to REALIZE is that OneFC is in ANOTHER country and play by their OWN RULES.

            Legal soccer kicks are BEST SERVED as FINISHING MOVE for any fighter.

            BETTER and DOMINATE fighters use any form of finishing move to WIN.

            Whether KO, TKO, Submission, Soccer Kicks, Chokes, etc…

            Take a look at Shogun and Wandy.

            Those are 2 of MANY known for soccer kicks in Pride.

            As far as being IGNORANT take a look at yourself LOSER.

          • Seth

            I don’t know what being in another country has to do with that? Did I wrote somewhere that Nevada AC should sue them or shut them down? I never said who should do that and bunch of people could.

            I have to agree with you on one thing – they are best served as finishing moves. To finish someone’s career. Maybe life. Or as finishing move in pro-wrestling, which is pretty close to PRIDE – which was ran by Yakuza and ALLOWED their fighters to use roids and PEDs. Which was admitted by Ensoin Inoue, who said that PRIDE had a clause in their contracts saying “We do not test for steroids”. Yeah, PRIDE is best thing to look up to…legit guys…

            PS. If you aren’t worked up over my comments…then why you overuse capslock so much? C: Besides, it’s also fun to read your comments. Nice to see someone cares about what Im writing C:

          • mmalive

            I just wait for you to make some stupid comment like ” OneFC should be closed and sued ”

            Then expose you for fun.

            BTW, Not to often I post replies to any comments here unless someone dumb like Seth answers.

            My replies make it fun to expose a wanna be real mma fan with stupidity like you Seth.

            War on for soccer kicks in mma.

          • Seth

            Then…yeah, you care about what Im writing. That’s all I need 🙂 If you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t be replying since – like you said yourself – you don’t reply to comments often.

            If you think soccer kicks should be allowed, that’s your opinion and you have all the rights in the world to have your opinion. Same as me, when I say that they shouldn’t be allowed. That’s pretty much all that should be done. Calling some names, because of different opinion is childish. But Im sure someone crafty and smart as you already know it and I’m sure it’s not the case here, right? 🙂

          • mmalive

            My replies are very valid.

            Make more intelligent and sensible replies and you will see a different reply.

            I expose dumb comments from guys like you Seth.

            The stupid comment ” OneFC should be closed and sued ” is one of the dumbest comments I ever read.

            I would agree with you ( god forbid ) if OneFC was in USA.

            Not the case here.

            OneFC is based in Asia.

            They have their own rules that are very different than USA.

            So now you know where my beef with you is.

          • Seth

            But I didn’t say who should sue them, why you don’t understand that? There is so many people, starting with sponsor – who may not want to partner with an organization that allows that kind of stuff. TV station, that may not want to be linked to that kind of stuff. There is really so many people and organizations that work with ONE FC, that could do something about – and no one does, still putting fighter’s health and life at stake.

            “based on the force generated by a typical soccer kick by an adult soccer
            player (1,000 – 1,200 pounds of force) and the threshold at which the
            human neck will break (roughly 800-1,000 pounds of force”

            And you put all that force directly on someone’s neck. I know other techniques generate more power, but they aren’t landed DIRECTLY on the neck – like the kick that landed on Huerta in his last fight. If you don’t understand how dangerous that is…then do you even care about health and well being of the fighters?

          • mmalive

            Seth, you are still answering very stupid.

            All fighters that enter the cage knows the risks and danger when they sign on for any type of mma match.

            The fighters are FULLY AWARE of those aspects.

            OneFC has the soccer kick provision in the contract clause.

            Any fighter in the OneFC AGREES to that by signing for a mma match.

            OneFC makes it own rules.

            Fighters have right not to sign on dotted line OR WALK AWAY.

            No one forced nay of these fighters to sign and fight in cage.

            BTW, Any sensible human being cares about fighter’s health and well being.

          • Seth

            …Seriously, man – did I wrote anything about fighters suing them? I mentioned sponsors and TV stations and people like that, who actually may have any power to change that. We know that without sponsors and TV deals there is no promotion in the world that can become big and relevant.

            “Any sensible human being cares about fighter’s health and well being.”

            So…if you are sensible, you would too. But you are okay with soccer kicks – which aren’t really healthy thing to take. Again, so aren’t punches or kicks to the head (Wandarlei is prime example of that) but when you get punched to the head, you don’t take full force, as your body follow. Also you can defend – at least part of it – but when you are on all four and rocked, you have no way to either defend or get out of the way, nor your body will have space to follow. You take whole force of that kick to the side of the neck…

          • mmalive

            Seth, You are sounding dumber and dumber by the moment man.

            No Sponsors, TV stations have made an issue with soccer kicks in OneFC so what that that imply?

            The TV stations, Sponsors agree and have support the soccer kick as a finishing attack mode.

            Do you honestly think that OneFC would implement soccer kicks if they had any type of opposition?

            Use your brain Seth.

            I enjoy these exchanges with you but come on man.

            Use basic common sense and think before you reply.

            BTW, I am very sensible and care of human well being.

            That is pure common sense in the human race.

            The issue I have is with you.

            Your comments would make sense if you knew the situation as I outlined above.

            Post a sensible and smart reply and you will see my reply.

            I might even support and back you if statement makes sense.

          • The guest of guests

            You’re very ignorant. Yes it’s run in a different country, yes it’s another way to finish, no it should not be legal. People’s lives are more important than the business. *Capitalizing every other word doesn’t validate your points. If you’re going to sit here and say that allowing soccer kicks in fights that could potentially end lives more easily than other forms of offence for entertainment is more important than someone’s life, you’re not even worth debating with.

          • The guest of guests


          • Baller31

            Dude you got owned. Give up already

    • Lucas Freire

      Dude, that was intense.

  • guest

    is it just me, or if you try going to the main mmaweekly site, it says:

    “If you can see this page, it means that your Scalr farm configured succesfully.”