UFC Vet Jon Madsen Not Ready for Normal Heading into Titan FC Title Fight

December 17, 2014
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Following a three-year layoff, former Ultimate Fighter 10 cast member Jon Madsen made his return to MMA earlier this year with a 48-second win over Matt Foster at PCFN 7 in March.

For Madsen, the return to fighting came at a time when he felt that he had to make his move, should it possibly not come at all.

“I got married and was trying to adjust to a normal, working man’s life, and I just wasn’t ready to make that adjustment yet, so I figured it was now or never,” Madsen told MMAWeekly.com. “An opportunity might not have come in five or 10 years if I waited, so I figured it was now or never.

“I get nervous no matter what fight it is – against a no-name or a big name – it doesn’t really matter because a fight’s a fight. But it was nice to get my feet wet again and get some pre-fight jitters out of the way.”

Compared to when he stepped away from fighting in 2011, Madsen feels physically more fit and better rounded.

“I’m about 20 pounds lighter, so my conditioning was a lot better than it was,” he said. “Aside from that, I’ve been working on my stand-up and focused on areas of my game I needed to improve on.”

One of the reasons why Madsen chose to open up his game more came as a result of his release from the UFC after only one loss in five fights with the promotion.

“It’s all about performance, and I didn’t perform, so they had all the right in the world to cut me,” said Madsen. “I think they didn’t really enjoy my fighting style, which is something I look to change this time around and bring a more exciting fighting style to the game.”

Madsen (8-1) was looking to pick up his second straight finish by facing fellow UFC veteran Dave Herman (22-6) at Titan FC 32 on Dec. 19 in Lowell, Mass., for the promotion’s vacant heavyweight title. Herman, however, had to withdraw due to injury, and Madsen will now face another UFC alum in Jack May (7-2). The belt is still on the line.

Having decided to make a run at it again, now in better shape and with an improved game, Madsen is looking to redeem himself by getting back to the UFC and proving he belongs there.

“My goal is to get back into the UFC and fight the top fighters in the world,” he said. “That’s the organization where I want to be doing it, so that’s where I want to end up.”

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  • shakejunt

    hoping he can get the win and get back to the big show. he seems to have learned a lot about the fight game by taking time away and hw can always use new blood even if they just end up being low tier guys.

  • El Gvapo

    Mmaweekly, any chance you could run some “where are they now?” pieces on some of the former TUF alumni? Stories like this one make me wonder who from each season is still fighting, who jacked it in straight after etc.