UFC Vet David Mitchell Heads into WSOF 16 Believing His Best is Yet to Come

December 10, 2014
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Looking back on his year so far, former UFC welterweight David Mitchell feels that 2014 has been nothing short of standout in his career.

As Mitchell explained to MMAWeekly.com, “I’ve had a full year of training at Team Alpha Male and I’m 4-0 with three finishes and my first two TKOs, so it’s been the best year of my career.

“It’s a real positive energy vibe out here. I’m among a lot of other professional fighters who make a living at this. I figured I could make a living at this too, so I’ve gotten in as many fights as I could this year.”

Not only has training at Team Alpha Male helped Mitchell step up his game, but also moving up in weight has paid dividends.

“I improved my diet and stepped up a weight class to 185 pounds,” said Mitchell. “Definitely the weight cut was too much and was wearing on my body having to do it over and over.

“I think a big weight cut is the cause of a lot of problems in the sport. There’s no way you’re going to properly hydrate after cutting 20 pounds in a couple of days. It’s really unhealthy.”

Mitchell (15-4) will step back up onto the national stage at World Series of Fighting 16 in Sacramento, Calif., on Saturday night against former Bellator veteran Justin Baesman (15-5-1).

“Justin is an excellent fighter out here in the region and has a really good record, so I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Mitchell.

“He’s a good striker who is very light-footed and moves quickly, but I think once we get on the ground that will be the difference in the fight and I’ll get a submission in the first round.”

Should Mitchell defeat Baesman, he feels 2014 can provide a foundation to build the remainder of his career off of.

“Going undefeated with a bunch of finishes and getting some knockouts will hopefully get some people’s attention,” said Mitchell.

“Hopefully I can get my name out there and let people know that while it looked like I was done, at 185 pounds, I’m reborn in Sacramento and I think my best years of MMA are still ahead of me.”

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