UFC Undisputed 3 Set for Release in January 2012; Includes Pride Version & Lighter Weight Classes

June 2, 2011
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UFC Undisputed 3 is coming for Xbox and Playstation 3 in January 2012 and it’s going to be like a soccer kick to the face.

No literally, you’ll be able to soccer kick an opponent in the face now because one of the most innovative additions to the new game will be a Pride mode bringing the former Japanese powerhouse promotion back to life.

In the newest version of the popular game, fans can switch into Pride mode with fighters using the rules made famous by the organization including soccer kicks, stomps to the head of a fighter on the ground as well as knees on the ground.

In addition to the Pride rules, famous commentary team ‘El Guapo’ Bas Rutten and ‘The Fight Professor’ Stephen Quadros will provide play by play during the fights.

Pride won’t be the only new piece on UFC Undisputed 3. The featherweights and bantamweights will also be added to the newest version of the game including names like Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber and more.

“We are excited to launch UFC Undisputed 3 in January 2012 and expect it to be the best version yet,” UFC President Dana White said. “We’ve added two new weight classes and several new features to the game that will bring UFC fans closer to the Octagon than ever before.”

More than 150 UFC fighters will be featured in the new version of the game.

The game is set to be released in January 2012 through THQ.

  • I can’t wait for this game, but Pride mode? Seems like a giant waste of effort. For various reasons it doesn’t even seem that practical. For example, fighters like Wanderlei are not the same now as they were then. So his stats won’t reflect his abilities in Pride if you want to relive the good ol’ days. Plus, I assume any Pride fighters that aren’t now in the UFC won’t be in the game, so that leaves the roster for past match-ups a little bare. Just seems like they could have put their time in doing something more useful.

  • rob da rippah

    who cares queer, atleast we can play pride rules

  • pooby

    I can’t wait. I wonder who will be on the cover.

    Uncanny: valid comments.

    Rob: You are a moron. Or, to put it in language you can understand, “ur a fag”.

  • rob da rippah

    1.I think GSP, Edgar, or Cain will be on the cover.

    2.Kill yourself pooby.

    3.Why would you complain about extra rule settings? I think only retired fighters should have their stats be exactly how they were when they were in their prime.

    • rob da rippah

      *And I think

  • backinshitup

    u guys know about the madden game cover curse? whoevers on the fornt that year has a terrible year,well think about this shit…forrest was on undisputed 2009 cover,wheres he at now???brock was on 2010’s cover,hes three times since it came out,lets hope they put steve mazigatti on this next cover so he can fade away too.

  • Mario


    I miss PRIDE FC.

    Pain is only temporary, but pride is forever!

  • wonggfan

    Pride rules are good. I hope they readjust fighters to their Pride skill set. CC and Wandy back in 2006.

    Yes the undisputed will probably not have Fedor. Or if they do, make Fedor a super weak character. lol.