UFC to Pirates: ‘You Steal Our (Stuff), We’re Gonna Get You’

March 29, 2012
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The UFC and company president Dana White have made it very clear over the past few years that they are vigorously pursuing piracy and protecting their copyrights. Several websites that illegally stream live UFC events have already felt the wrath of the MMA juggernaut’s crack legal team.

But the UFC isn’t stopping there. They’re not only going after the providers of the illegal streams, they’re also going after the end-user as well.

“The bottom line is the same guys that are saying why would you sue the fans are the same guys that are going ‘you should pay the fighters more.’ How do you think this thing works? You think the Fertittas just pull the money out of their bank and pay everybody? No, this is a real business,” explained UFC president Dana White this week.

“There’s this whole generation out there that grew up getting free (stuff) on the Internet. So they think everything on the Internet should be free. That ain’t how it works.

“You steal our (stuff), we’re gonna get you. We may not get you now, or next month, but eventually we will. We’re spending a lot of money towards busting people who steal.”

White had much, much more to say on the subject, check it out in the video below…

  • No your NOoOoOoOoT!

  • BizzleZX10R

    Granted 50 bucks for a PPV could be expensive but,just go to a damn sportsbar and watch that **** for free. Just order some damn food and watch that ****.

  • edlove

    “You think the Fertittas just pull the money out of their bank and pay everybody? No, this is a real business,” explained UFC president Dana White this week.

    – a real company where the president swears like a 15 year old sulking child when representing the company in front of the worlds media?

  • Marvin8

    $50 for home viewing is a complete and utter ripoff, especially when bars that might get a few hundred patrons only pay a few hundred bucks.

  • mmachoman

    I don’t like watching UFC at the bar. Too noisy. Too many distractions.

    The best way is to just have friends over and everyone chips in a little something with money, food, drinks, etc. Good times. Good times.

  • What a bunch of crap, as if they ever come up short at the events. In this day and age we all know that money is tight, so why threaten your broke fans that are looking for an option to view the events and how are these broke fans supposed to know who has and who doesn’t have permission to air the event. Dana White get your head out of your ass.

  • if you made the pay per view like 20 bucks I would get it its to expensive

  • fightfan

    So ridiculous. I can see wanting to get people streaming and selling the ppv, but goin after any1 that simple clicked on a website and viewed UFC material is wrong.

    I am willing to bet that the majority(even at the UFC offices) has either copied a cassette tape to listen to in your car, burned a CD(whether u bought the original or not(it is “STEALING”) or simply watched a movie where someone burned as copy.

    I am willing to bet that almost everyone alive is guilty of this kind of “stealing.” And if everyone were like the UFC, then just about everyone has “stole” music or video in their life. Warner Bros Music is going to be coming after me for copying Metallica tapes 25 years ago when I was in 6th Grade.

  • fightfan

    Dana or Bruce Buffer or a high up at the UFC will never admit on tape…..but I’d be willing bet if you asked them about copying cassetes when there were young or burning CD’s, etc, etc, I guarantee Dana & company are “thieves” also

  • daddy250

    only way this will work is if ufc offered a yearly subscription for fans at a lower rate.for ex $300 a year to all events and as more hardcore of afan you are cheaper as time goes by after subscribing over years

  • sb

    fightfan, Josee Angel, Marvin8, edlove.

    Children, I have a solution for ya. Move out of your parents basement and get a job! Maybe then you’ll understand what it takes to run a business. And while your at it take a couple classes at your local college and learn how supply and demand works.

    They can charge whatever the bleep they want to. That’s their choice. If they charge too much then sales fall and either adjust downward to meet what the market will bare or they go out of business. If they charge too little then it becomes cost prohibitive and they either raise pricing our go out of business.

    That doesn’t mean if you can’t afford it you can steal it! So I guess your all running out to the local Ferrari dealership and planning your next heist. Good luck with that.

    Wise up!

    • edlove

      wow, impressive stuff! are you some sort of super genius? don’t know what you’re doing wasting your talents on measly paupers like us. although i do always appreciate a free lesson.
      can you just fill me in on what part of my previous comment alluded to a misunderstanding of simple business concepts? from what i remember i was commenting on dana’s unprofessional rants against all and sundry while still claiming he is the president of a 100% legit business.
      so, here’s a lesson for you, why don’t you save your brilliance for some 3rd graders who might actually appreciate it.

  • daddy250

    ufc will still make money and poor people can still be fans. hard to support a family and dish out $50 for every event when your kids need to eat and be educated. stealing is bad but alittle help to the real fans would help. so if a plan could work out for a subscription that would fit peoples income that would be awsome, i’ll even show u my taxes on how much i make!!!

  • sb


    C’mon man I have kids too. And what do you mean by real fans?? So are you saying that real fans are poor? There are so many events now, like the ones posted all over the site, WMMA which is a PPV event for way less than $50 and the One Fighting Championship which is Free!! and of course Fox Free major events, Ultimate Fighter and Spike, Fuel, HDNet and so on… There is and always will be a premium for the Elite events. Its how a Free society works.

    Business owners are Free to charge what they want and consumers are Free to choose to buy. Unless your one of those socialists that believe you are entitled to have whatever you want because, well you have a ‘Need’. So I guess your saying that because you have a need you get a discount or you get it free, right? Wow, how is that going to turn out. Hey,hey,hey I have a need. Please someone give me something so I don’t have a need any more. Makes you wonder if that was actually how it was, would anyone with an ability even step up to create anything of value if they had to just give it away to someone who easily can say, I have a Need? Much much harder to have an ability, don’t cha think!

    Work hard but most importantly work smart and you will earn the right and the ability to be able to purchase Elite events or Elite products or Elite services because you earned it from your Ability.

    Think about it.

    Wise up!

  • daddy250

    not many people are blessed with having a great paying job no matter howhard they work. and sorry bout the realfan comment it wasn’t ment that way. but theres alot of people who love mma/ufc and would love to keep up with it but cant afford to. that is why i would like ufc to create a subscription program for the fans to keep them into it specially for the ones who want to watch but cant afford to. yes ufc can charge whatever but they can have a way larger fan/veiwer base and they know it. i pay for it when i have money or i read up when i cant. but the whole point is if the ufc loves their fans then they can atleast help the fans out a lil bit just like how other sports do. mma is big and will only grow so ufc needs to talk to ppv providers to help lower thier cost cuase its just not ufc charging the amount but the cable companies aswell.