UFC to Make Major Announcement About Fox Main Event on Friday at 1pm ET

September 1, 2011
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The waiting for the announcement for the main event of the first ever UFC on Fox event is almost over.

UFC President Dana White has scheduled a special media conference call for 1pm ET/10am PT on Friday, Sept 2 to announce the main event for the Nov 12 show in Anaheim, Calif.

“The ‘big announcement’ tomorrow at 10am will be the Fox fight,” White wrote on Twitter. “The UFC and Fox are so pumped for UFC on Fox Sports!”

Now for the next 18+ hours the guessing games will begin on who will fill the slot of the UFC on Fox main event for the inaugural card.

While several ideas have been thrown out there, no confirmations have been made at this time.

White promised as of last weekend’s UFC 134 event in Brazil that the main event would be ‘a championship level fight’ and that they fully intended on bringing in the biggest names possible.

Several scenarios seem to exist but some of the more popular theories include Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson returning to the UFC in some form to potentially face someone like Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua or former champion Lyoto Machida.

Others still insist that a fight between Henderson and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva could still be on the table despite White’s affirmation that the sport’s top pound-for-pound fighter would not appear on the first Fox card.

Another interesting name that keeps appearing is former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem. The Dutch wrecking machine was in Los Angeles this week visiting, which of course raised everyone’s eyebrows as to what he might be doing stateside.

The guesses will continue until 1pm ET on Friday when the UFC announces the first main event for their debut show on Fox. MMAWeekly.com will have full coverage of the media conference call on Friday.

  • afk

    dan henderson vs rashad evans for the #1 contender spot?

  • iWin

    Hendo vs SIlva or some combination of Big Nog vs Brock vs Overeem. Personaly I thought Brock vs Big Nog was going down but now i think it will be Brock vs Overeem. BATTLE OF THE ROIDS oh or maybe it will be B.J. Penn and Condit moving fromt he Co main event of UFC 137 to the main event of FOX

    • no blinders on

      i think it will be brock vs overeem. they will use brocks fame to the fullest, and this is a perfect opportunity to clean up financially, and get off on the right foot… need a sure thing on ratings for your first step on the big network? bring in lesnar.

  • Mario

    I’d like to see Anderson fight Dan Henderson. A rematch would be sensible at this point. I’m tired of Chael Sonnen being thrown in the hat for that one. He got submitted by Anderson, why would he deserve a rematch? Just because he layed on him for 5 rounds don’t mean anything. He had his turn and he lost. NEXT!

    The reason I say Hendo, is because he’s been looking good lately. It’s been a while since they had their match.

    There really ain’t alot of contenders around either at 185 currently in the UFC.

    Brian Stann would get humbled by the Spider. I can already see it.

    • ShockednAwed

      You say it yourself – “There really ain’t alot of contenders around either at 185 currently in the UFC.”

      So shove Anderson up and out of the division he’s already cleared. These guys are only non-contenders cuz they’re up against some kind of immortal.

      Having said that – I’d be 10-times more inclined to watch Sonnen rematch with Silva than Hendo. Hendo is only older now, and slower, than before, and he didn’t exactly offer up a good challenge the first time. Again, as you say, he had his turn and lost.

      As for Sonnen “layed on him for 5 rounds”… What fight were you watching?! Sonnen layed on him for five seconds too long, right near the end of the fight there, but up to that point the last thing he did was lay-and-pray. He attacked, relentlessly, and that’s why he’s the only guy since the reign began to even come close… which is why he’s the only loser deserving of a rematch at all.

      (p.s. I think Anderson with good ribs and the knowledge of Sonnen he has now kicks the living crap out of him in short-order – but I’d still watch! 😀 )

  • ShockednAwed

    It’s gotta be names they know will be instantly recognizable to non-MMA fans – remember, it’s them they’re trying to hook with FOX – not us guys that already watch.

    Hence Lesnar being a lock for this one – I could see them shitting a few bricks for his medical conditions, praying he does in fact make it into the cage, but he is, without question, the most well-known name on their roster.

    I don’t believe Overeem is very well-known outside of fan circles, but that’s what Primtime’s for – if they can get Overeem into the cage. And if not, who would it be? Big Nog Who? Fat Nelson Who?

    I wonder if they’d tear Dos Santos out of his slot and have a heavyweight title rematch against Cain?

  • BasLiverShot

    Reem vs Lesnar is the best guess i have. I don’t know about Reem not having many fans… he’s the Strikeforce HW champ, K-1 and a Pride / Dream vet. If anyone has great International pressence, it’s him. Who better to put up against a Int superstar? American Home Grown, Big Brock. Fox will eat that up. Reem in town? UFC does it right, they always fly people in to check out the scene. I’d say it’s a done deal. Reem, Nog? Haha, doubt it.

    • ShockednAwed

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s got tons of fans – within the worldwide MMA community, but Strikeforce heavyweight titles, and K1 titles, don’t translate to household names. Lesnar is known by people who don’t watch him or care less – like Jesus, but with a bigger neck. 😀

  • clizzark

    Dominick Cruz vs. Brock Lesnar

    • shakejunt

      Lorenzo better watch out for his job

  • Mario

    @ shakejunt

    I think you mean Joe Silva


  • waterboy76

    I say it’s gonna be fedor vs couture. It’s the fight everyone wants to see.
    Seriously though I say it’s either gonna hendo vs shogun, for #1 contender after rashad, overeem vs carwin, big nog or Mir, or big nog vs mir.
    Unless they want to go real big and move dos Santos and valezques from the ppv that’s a week later. As long as it’s a fight that deserves to be a headline then I’m good either way. Couture vs Fedor is still the top choice tho