UFC To Hold a Press Conference on Feb. 18 To Address String of Positive Drug Tests

February 13, 2015
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Following a string of positive drug tests, UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and President Dana White will hold a press conference on Feb. 18 in Las Vegas. UFC Tonight reported the news on Wednesday.

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine during an out-of-competition drug test leading up to his UFC 182 successful title defense against Daniel Cormier. Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva tested positive for two steroids on a Jan. 9 out-of-competition test leading up to his UFC 183 main event bout against Nick Diaz. Diaz failed pre and post-fight tests for marijuana. Welterweight contender Hector Lombard returned a positive test result for a designer steroid following his UFC 182 win over Josh Burkman.

The press conference is scheduled the day after Silva, Diaz and Lombard appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to face disciplinary action for the failed tests. All three are expected to fined and suspended while Silva and Lombard could have their wins overturned.

Women’s bantamweight Ashlee Evans-Smith also faces disciplinary action at the Feb. 17 NSAC meeting for failing her UFC 181 post-fight drug test for diuretics.

The UFC abandoned a plan to implement out-of-competition drug tests to its entire roster in January after Cung Le fought a positive test for HGH stemming from his UFC Fight Night 48 loss to Michael Bisping and had his suspension rescinded. White said at the time, “We’ve got no business handling the regulation.”

The location and time of next Wednesday’s special press conference were not revealed.

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  • sean

    I thought Anderson silva was so adamant that his test was wrong that we were waiting for his B-sample to come back from the lab? Has this been thrown out now? Is he definitely guilty? As it seems like a waste of time for him to be at the hearing if it is just going to be another cung Lee situation.

    • Seth

      I didn’t see b-sample results, but Im pretty sure NSAC will get results before the hearing and base the opinion on it. No one said any of those guys are guilty YET. That decision will (or will not) be made on Feb 17th.

      • sean

        Ahhhh I see. Thought I had missed an article somewhere. Cheers man.

    • Drock420

      Hold up….

      1) Yes, all athletes that take steroids cycle off before competition time if they are going to be tested. So yes, this second test is not a surprise. The bad news is that it looks even worse for Silva now that he tested clean at fight time. Why?

      Because this was the first time that Silva was tested out-of-competition and he got caught; yet, by fight time he was clean. Whose to say he didn’t cycle off of the steroids before fight time in all his previous fights as well?

      2)He got caught for TWO anabolic steroids………not one.

      Furthermore, BOTH steroids he took are used for increasing lean muscle mass (hypertrophy).

      • Jeff Andrews jr

        Add to that the fact that one of the PED’s is the same PED for which two of his other teammates have also been busted. It’s a really sad situation.

    • cheflacsto

      As of yesterday, Silva hasn’t asked for his b sample to be tested. Almost like admitting guilt by his actions. Its a real bummer, gonna be suspended and probably end his career on that note. Rough

      • sean

        That’s true. To be honest when he thought weidman I was routing weidman as I’ve never been a massive silva fan like everyone els, but it sucks that he was know as the greatest of all time and then this happens. It’s just sad for the sport, the athletes and the fans .

  • runner2300

    Reporter: “Dana can you explain why Jon Jones gets a pass on testing positive for coke but others get suspensions for PED?”

    Dana: “Yes I can….I make a ton of money off Jones so he gets to do whatever he wants….guys that don’t bring in the big gates get suspended…now…NO MORE QUESTIONS!!!!”

    • TheCerealKiller

      Stupid people still don’t understand the difference between banned and NOT banned substances. Jones wasn’t on cocaine during the fight. It’s not banned outside of competition. He was fined $25,000 by the UFC for the coke.

      • CrackheadBoneJones

        Idiots like you try to state the obvious. Sure he wasn’t on during the fight… but does that give him a ok to do so. It a joke and it shouldn’t be used at all.. if that the case.. Why not let weed be ok?

        The reality is people say how corrupt pride was when comparing it to MMA as a a whole sport. Ufc is by far the most corrupted sport ive seen.. and its getting worst. From signing people like CM punk.. every move the ufc does is based on money. Judging, point scoring… Wrestling/takedown shouldn’t count twice as much as being knocked down and lay on for the whole round. Nothing wrong with constant moving on the ground for the submission though. Someone is going to say this is not boxing where points should be counted for knocking down a opponent Dumb rules implement as no knees to a person on the ground putting their hand on the floor… yet is ok to be in full mount elbowing the guy face. Then to make things worst.. no soccer kicks or knees to the head in sprawl position. It should be allowed to stop wrestlers for attempting takedown.

        Money is always “good” but the ufc need to stop acting like “ufc” mma is a real sport.. when its all about money. Its ok in my book.. i prefer the entertainment and the ufc doesn’t do it much anymore. Most of the fights are lackluster..

        Being fined 25k doesn’t mean crap for jones. He makes triple that amount of cash.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Make an account and we can discuss.

          • Groinstrike

            If Diaz got caught for weed a month before his fight like Jones with coke he wouldn’t have got in trouble either. He got busted for having it in his system at the time of the fight.

          • Jeff Andrews jr

            People keep skipping over this fact over and over… Jones was tested for something for
            1. Which he should not have been tested for in the first place.
            2. Was caught with the substance OUTSIDE OF COMPETITION.
            Whereas Diaz was caught WTHIN COMPETITION… I don’t understand how people like the person to whom you were responding can not understand the difference???

          • The irony of you telling this to other people…

        • Aaron Gustaveson

          Weed should be ok, we all know that, its a nearly universal opinion. Your not supporting your point with that statement.

        • lackofinsight

          Did you read “The Kid Cereal Kids” directive?! Make an account and you can discuss it with the kid. You may need to take a ticket and stand in a line to hear his wise words though, be warned.

          Dana White is full of it. DW once called Silva’s behavior in a fight as “..my lowest moment as president of the UFC” but still went on to give Silva lucrative fights and now TUF coach. Follow the money trail, that’s what it all boils down too.
          There are no real “codes of conduct”, it only makes for a good read, but like any other fairy tale, it’s not real until a fighter becomes a dispensable and replaceable depreciated asset.

      • George Sperry

        It also doesn’t bother them that NAC wasn’t authorized or supposed to be checking for street drugs only performance enhancing drugs. He was tested but shouldn’t have been.
        It’s like the police finding something without a search warrant and not being able to use that evidence at trial.
        What it is is haters hating on Jon.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Press conference to tell us you have a problem? NAC will suspend both the roid users for a year, ban Diaz for his third pot test and start fining guys 100% of their fight purse if they fail a test. This isn’t even hard to figure out.

  • cheflacsto

    The top guys going out for PED’s, the PPV price has gone up to 59.95 per event, with usually only one or sometimes two fights worth watching. My favorite sport is going to hell in a hand basket.

    • John Youwer

      The UFC has been a joke for the past couple of years now and its only getting worse. Frankly I find it funny as hell.

      • Chris Kennedy

        I’m sure 50 Shades Of Gray is playing near by, you might like that more.

  • Austin, TX

    Silva failed the second test according to mma junkie

    • Austin, TX

      ps: Hey Dana. Hey Joe Rogan. All together now…. “GSP….. is..the…GOAT.”

      Well I think he’s tied with Fedor actually but still……;)

  • Seth

    “Reportedly”…so yeah, we still know nothing about the results. Thanks for a link though.

  • Skoobying

    Dana is such a fat pig, one can hear the gravy in his esophagus when he squeels like a pig.

    • Sir_Roy

      Seek help. At the very least, get a more productive hobby.

      I’m not the biggest “Dana” fan either, but damn. Getting far too angry, and far too aggressive over a persona you only know through your TV screen there bud.

      • lackofinsight

        The saying with words like, ‘glass house’ and ‘rocks’ ring a bell for you?
        Too funny.

    • John Youwer

      Dana is a worthless piece of crap who only cares about money. He doesn’t give a dam about any fighter except is two tokens which are John Jones and RR.

      • Sir_Roy

        Dana’s running a business, not a daycare. Grow up.

        Bunch of enabled brats running around these days thinking they’re entitled to hand outs and hand holding.

        I have zero love loss for Dana but c’mon guys. Dana’s not their mom dude. Of course he “cares about money”. He’s probably too materialistic, yes, probably doesn’t have the highest morals or ethics in America, true, but he’s never claimed to be Mother Theresa, nor is he there to give handouts and freebies. He’s a cage fight promoter for Chrissakes.

        All fighters are well taken care of in and around fight night. All fighters are given ample and equal opportunity to promote themselves. And all fighters know what they’re signing on for. It’s not Dana’s job to ensure they all become instant millionaires upon stepping into the Octagon. Their success or failure is literally in their own hands. Like any corporate ladder, you have to earn it, you have to work your way up.

      • Chris Kennedy

        I’m sure 50 Shades Of Gray is playing near by, you might like that more..

  • snapdad

    cant wait to here what dana and Lorenzo aren’t going to do to address this issue

  • uncle

    People say it’s sad Anderson fail the test. To me it is just like you finding out your garbage man’s cousin died. I could care less about this cheating bastard, he will hurt MMA in a huge way now every fighter that has a flashy KO you will think are they cheating as well.

    • George Sperry

      You could care less? How much less?

      • uncle

        I don’t give 2 f*cks

  • TheCerealKiller

    “I believe both are performance enhancers.”

    Well, the entire medical field disagrees with you, myself included. Coke and weed, just like alcohol, are legal outside of competition because they are not PED’s. The NAC is not here to be the DEA, they only care about PED’s and fighters being sober during a fight.