UFC Talks Continue with Gina Carano and Holly Holm, but Cat Zingano Still No. 1 Contender

May 24, 2014
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It seems like the negotiations are dragging on and on for former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano and world boxing champion Holly Holm to come to terms with the UFC, but company president Dana White said that talks are ongoing.

But no matter how those talks are progressing, White says that Cat Zingano isn’t going to lose her No. 1 contender status anytime soon… but she may have to fight someone besides Ronda Rousey upon her return to the Octagon.

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  • Factscheckplz

    How is Gina a former strikeforce champion if she lost to cyborg in her title fight.?

    • TRT-Rex

      She still is a former champ. Just like Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva and GSP are all former champs. Check your facts bro.

      • Chris Sala

        Carano is not a former champ, I’m a huge fan, but Scott Coker the CEO of Strike Force created the first ever womens mma championship for the Carano vs Cyborg fight and as we all know Gina didn’t come out as the winner in that fight and since she hasn’t fought since she has never been any kind of champion in mma, not in StrikeForce, Elite XC, or the smaller organizations she started her mma career with…

  • David Huenecke

    Former champ means you had the belt at one time and lost it. Its not a difficult concept. Go watch some wwe if you still dont get it.

  • factscheckplz

    She never won a title she lost in the title fight to cyborg. Which was for the inaugural featherweight title. Which means first title. So she was never a champion. Why don’t you guys check your facts first.

    • Chris Sala

      Your exactly right…

  • EmilyGoodall

    Dana sooo full of schitt . . . Dana, it’s easy: Rousey vs Cyborg.

  • paul

    MMA nerds

  • dandogood

    Cyborg proved Gina couldn’t fight and the movies showed Gina huge on screen couldn’t act. Gina won’t fight Cyborg and Gina can’t do porn so might as well crawl back to the UFC and fight Kauffman or Big Nose Tate for a check. Gina will never make 145lbs so it will be at 150lbs.

  • Chris Sala

    Gina is extremely strong for a woman, she has elite muy thai, really good boxing, her wrestling and BJJ was improving quickly showing she is a quick study, her only downfall was always coming in over weight and gassing to quickly… Her fight with Cyborg was fast and furious for the beginning and Gina was giving just as much as she got until she quickly gassed out after grappling with Cyborg, that being said who if anybody has ever hung in their with Cyborg in an MMA fight? NOBODY!!!!! Word is Gina is currenly training at the Black House with the likes of Machida, Silva, Nog, and some of the best trainers in the business, I’m sure making 145 will be tough for Gina, but if her trainers and enough green backs from the UFC can motivate her to get into proper condition and lets say she does make weight I don’t think Rhonda can beat Gina if Gina has the oppertunity to fight a cpl fights first to get the rust off, she is too strong, her striking is miles ahead of Rousey and I believe she would either KO Rousey or atleast hurt her enough to curl her up for a tko win, I understand Rousey has amazing JUDO, her striking is improving and she is in excellent shape at all times and yes she could win by sub, I’m just to sure she could get the fight to the ground quick enough and I wonder if Gina would be too strong for Rhonda to keep down long enough to work her into position for a submission…