UFC Sydney Results: Luke Rockhold Submits Michael Bisping in the Second

November 8, 2014
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Luke Rockhold impressed in his main-event fight against Michael Bisping, submitting “The Count” in the second round at UFC Fight Night 55 in Sydney.

The American Kickboxing Academy standout blasted Bisping with a headkick on the way to securing a guillotine choke for the finish at 0:57 of the second round.

Bisping was the more active fighter in the first round, pouring out a higher volume of strikes. Rockhold found the most success landing powerful body kicks, but didn’t match Bisping’s quantity for the first five minutes. A cut over Bisping’s left eye momentarily stopped action after an accidental headbutt, but the gash did little to stop Bisping.

Rockhold loaded up a headkick in the second round, dropping Bisping on the floor against the cage. As Bisping attempted to get up, Rockhold swarmed in with strikes and found an opportunity to secure his opponent’s neck and apply a guillotine choke. After transitioning to full mount, Rockhold applied heavy pressure on the guillotine, forcing Bisping to tap.

Following the win, Rockhold said he would fight Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in a rematch, guaranteeing that he would beat him again on the way to a UFC title shot. Souza and Rockhold fought in Strikeforce, a bout that saw the latter fighter winning a unanimous decision for the promotion’s middleweight title.

With the win at UFC Fight Night, Rockhold improves to 3-1 inside the Octagon and puts himself in prime position for consideration as the No. 1 contender to the middleweight title.

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  • The Warrior

    Suck on that Bisping. You choked again!

    • MmaPerry

      It’s official. It’s now Michael “The Choke” Bisping!

  • Jon Doe

    whats most impressive was the fact that Luke barely broke a sweat, he basically walked Bisping down and kicked him repeatedly until he collapsed (which he did). You could tell with the first few liver kicks Bisping was in trouble. Very impressive Luke, Bisping is a legit MMA fighter, I think you deserve a rematch with Belfort. I have no doubt in my mind that the first fight was a fluke. Vitor is known for his punching, when have we ever seen Vitor land a wheel kick?

    • Guest

      Fluke my ass!!! I wouldn’t call one head kick followed by two more a fluke. It was a beautiful highlight reel KO. You just can’t hack Rockhold got knock out by a UFC legend. This isn’t boxing, it’s MIXED Martial Arts and Belfort just happens to be a well rounded fighter!

    • Jason Priest

      Fluke? Haha, OK. Right after that, Vitor fought Hendo and hit’em so hard Dan flew off his feet lolz. That Rockhold finish was solid and one of the greatest highlight finishes of all time.

  • uncle

    Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero for a title eliminator.

    • Guest

      I’d rather see Rockhold vs. Souza

    • Darin

      Romero is still on his stool.

      • uncle

        Funny his cardio may be a issue

    • Jason Priest

      I think Rockhold loses to both Romero and Souza.

      • uncle

        Romero or Souza could be a big test for him

  • TheCerealKiller

    Bisping is nothing but a gatekeeper. He never has and never will beat top competition. Rockhold is a solid title contender.

  • dandogood

    Think how bad Cungie rickshaw le is since Bisbing destroyed the drugged out Cunger? Bisbing is very average.

  • Steven

    how can i see this show ? some body help . Thanks

  • Steven

    how can i see this show ? some one help please………

  • julian moran

    I think Mousasi beats Rockhold.

    • TheCerealKiller


  • BarrysHypocrisy

    More proof that Bisping is the middleweight gatekeeper. He does well against guys ranked outside the top 20, but falls every time against a top 10 fighter.