UFC Suspends Ben Rothwell for Elevated Level of Testosterone Following UFC 164

October 3, 2013
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Ben Rothwell Affliction 1The UFC on Thursday suspended Ben Rothwell due to an elevated level of testosterone in his system following his UFC 164 bout against Brandon Vera. The regulatory body overseeing the event, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, has thus far not imposed any discipline on Rothwell, according to UFC officials.

Rothwell won the bout via TKO stoppage in the third round.

While the UFC saw fit to suspend Rothwell, the promotion lacks the authority to affect the decision.

UFC officials released the following statement regarding Rothwell on Thursday:

As the result of a blood test indicating an elevated level of testosterone in his system following UFC 164 in Milwaukee, Wisc., on Aug. 31, the UFC has suspended heavyweight Ben Rothwell for nine months from the date of the contest.  

Rothwell’s post-fight blood test was administered by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. While the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has elected not to impose any discipline on Rothwell, to date, the UFC holds its athletes to a high standard of personal and professional conduct and finds that Rothwell’s actions merit the suspension as a violation of the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and his Promotional Agreement with Zuffa, LLC.  

Upon completion of his suspension, Rothwell must also submit a negative drug test before being allowed to compete in a UFC event.

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  • cs

    No wonder his cardio was so much better, eh?

  • MuayThaiFood

    Like he didn’t have big enough size advantage to begin with…..what a loser.

    • Guest

      And at 31 years old

    • It’s not just about size, it’s about recovery, fat loss and avoiding fatigue.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I think you missed my point. I’m not saying he was trying to get more size. I’m saying he already had an advantage in that area and was trying to gain other advantages on top of that.

  • I’m sure Vera will get another chance. Again. And that’s not a knock at Brandon. I still enjoy watching his fights win or lose, he’s still a great fighter.

    • drkdisciple

      Hope you are wrong. Vera is washed up and should have been out of the ufc a long time ago. The only guy he could beat right now is me!

      • It was a good fight though. Same thing with Shogun. Not like Vera is a boring guy. If they do keep him, who would you like to fight him to get him out of the UFC?

        • drkdisciple

          Well I don’t think he deserves to fight any top 15 guys. To save his job I would say match him against Pat Barry. Pat Barry might be a 500 fighter but he shows up every time. If Vera beats Barry then he deserves to stay a little longer.

          • Good call buddy. I like the sound of that match up a lot actually. To bad Pat is booked right now.

  • uncle

    I thought he was cleared to be TRT

    • Mike mckinney

      I don’t know that he is, but just because you use Trt doesn’t mean you can have any testosterone level you want.
      Trt is suppose to be about getting guys back to normal levels. Not elevated levels.

      • Jason Tracey

        im not sure but cant a fighter have something like a 6-1 ratio of a “normal” test level and still pass a drug test… Im assuming “normal being around 550-700?? just something i though i read

    • Guest

      Cleared to use it, not abuse it.

      • uncle

        I’m not saying that, even the fact I hate
        Vera it still was a unfair advantage
        The UFC need to stop letting these
        guys stick a needles in their own ass
        and leave it to a doctor that will give them the right dosage

  • Ron Wheeler

    Is it now a no-contest?

    • Timothy Malone

      Nope. Only the athletic commission officials can change the result of the fight and he isn’t being punished by them, just by the UFC.

  • Dragon Kid

    I’d wish UFC fired him instead and kept Lavar Johnson.

  • fedor

    Why does this always happen to Vera? 🙁 (dejavu anyone)

    • King_DG

      yeah I agree, they keep matching him up with cheaters! I don’t think Vera has what it takes to be competitive anymore but damn sh*tty luck for him

      • Texas beast

        Thiago silva was in painkillers for back problem. The way he dominated that fight means he was skilled over Vera.

  • Informed One

    Steroids = faster metabolic chemistry. This means better fat burning, improved muscle building, faster recovery from hard workouts (this is why bodybuilders can train a muscle twice a week, 50 sets per workout). Want better cardio? Take roids, then you can squeeze in more workouts per camp. Bigger faster stronger, better cardio. Anybody who claims PEDs are JUST for getting lean is ignorant.
    The UFC should permanently ban anybody caught cheating, then people might not risk it. TBH, TRT should not be allowed either. So we let a man artificially bring up his T, what’s next, “my reflexes are not as fast as A Silva so can i take speed for that?? Look man, if you can’t hang, don’t fight. Age is supposed to offset declining hormones, bc we get more technical and more experienced. Guys are wanting to hang on to the physique and gain the knowledge to give them an edge, not fair.

    • Ping

      People need to learn to read. He didn’t get busted for steroids. He got busted for elevated testosterone levels. He’s filed for TRT exemption. Did he cheat? Yeah I think so but stop confusing TRT with steroids. They aren’t the same. TRT can’t help you recover like Thai-50, or D Bol…. Cybor Santos got caught for steroids. There is a difference. Cheating is wrong, but there are different levels of cheating. Like which is worse. Greasing your shoulders, or plastering your tape? Both cheating, one is worse and more dangerous.

      • Wolf Ticket

        I think you don’t understand that testosterone is in fact an anabolic steroid.

        • MuayThaiFood

          +1 and it’s not TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), it’s testosterone abuse at levels that get you suspended and if done right it can be hard to detect elevated levels at training time by the time testing takes place at fight time.

        • Ping

          Take pure testosterone vs something like Thai-50. When your liver dies from the Thai-50 tell me that trt and it are the same.

        • Ping

          DHT has two to three times greater androgen receptor affinity than testosterone and has 15-30 times greater affinity than adrenal androgens. As you can see synthetic anabolic steroids are different than testosterone

    • Intelligent Hoodlum

      I agree with your points on steroids, but not on TRT. Though there are cases of people using TRT as an anti-aging therapy…some people truly have a hormonal imbalance (regardless of age).

      A hormonal imbalance is a medial condition just like any other that is treated with medication. This doesn’t mean that a person should use TRT to get their testosterone levels to unnaturally high levels.

      There are even men in their early 20’s that have the testosterone levels of an 80 year old man..in many cases it completely shuts a person’s body down. Some people are unable to even get out if bed because they are in a constant state exhaustion.

      If TRT is banned, then all other medical treatments for physiological orders should be banned too. This includes treatment allergies, heart problems, kidney issues, and whatever etc.

  • Big Tuna

    I played ball in the height of steroid era and it was upsetting can’t imagine how mad I’d feel as a combatant

  • lowlb

    but what about your boyfriend Chael. He was caught having elevated testosterone after the first ASilva and you love that guy?

  • BBP

    There should be an age limit on when you are aloud to take TRT. Bas Rutten said that your man strength comes between 30-33. I don’t think anyone in there 20’s should be aloud to take TRT. Once you hit your 30’s, your testosterone level drops each year, so I think anyone in there mid 30’s and above should be aload to take TRT, not that I approve this by any means because if you need to take any performance drugs, you should retire. Besides, TRT doesn’t make your chin any better. People who constantly get hit on the head for years rattle their brains and thats why guys tend to lose thier chins as they get older. Maybe Chuck Liddle could of squeezed out a couple more years if he took TRT, but it wouldn’t help his chin any to take punches to the head. Same goes with Wanderlai.

  • KevStinx

    Why do your adverts auto play?

    Fixing your sh!t!!!

    This auto play commercial is annoying

    [close website]

  • Milos Rackovic

    Like Ben Rothwell would hold it to 3rd round and have gas to finish it up like he did w/o ELoT