UFC Surprised About Court Ruling, Issues Statement Regarding ‘Rampage’ Jackson

April 7, 2015
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship was surprised that New Jersey Superior Court Judge Karen L. Suter granted Bellator MMA a temporary injunction on Tuesday, preventing Quinton Jackson from fighting in the UFC 186 co-main event against Fabio Maldonado on April 25.

“UFC has been advised of the New Jersey state court’s ruling in the matter between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Bellator MMA. The UFC organization was surprised about the ruling because Mr. Jackson represented to UFC on multiple occasions that he was free to negotiate and contract with UFC. The UFC organization is also surprised that Bellator sat on its alleged rights for months before taking action,” read a statement released by UFC following the ruling.

Jackson inked a deal with UFC in December after he alleged that Bellator MMA didn’t honor all the terms of his contract with them. Bellator claimed that Jackson was still under contract and sought legal action to protect their rights.

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Following Tuesday’s ruling, Jackson is considering an emergency appeal while UFC is considering legal action.

“UFC understands that Mr. Jackson is considering an emergency appeal, and UFC is also considering action to protect its rights and minimize damages regarding this matter. UFC 186 in Montreal, Canada will proceed as planned and UFC is currently evaluating its fight card options,” the release further stated.

UFC 186 takes place at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson puts his title on the line against Kyoji Horiguchi in the main event.

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  • tcat19861 .

    son of a bitch i was looking forward to that fight hopefully the ufc and rampage can sort this s— out

  • TRT-rex

    Why would they be suprised? Maybe instead of taking Rampage’s word for it, they shoulda looked at a copy of his Bellator contract. It clearly states they have matching rights, even if the contract was terminated for ANY reason. That basically means he is restricted free agent. Bellator has the right and should express it to the fullest. The UFC would do the same. If you sign a contract you honor it.

    • Chris

      Just because a contract has verbiage doesn’t mean it is legally binding. Also, just because a court has granted an injunction doesn’t mean Bellator is going to win out. The contract may very well be legally binding and Bellator may very well win… But none of this is a fact yet.

    • Seth

      They aren’t. That’s just a play from them, same as Bellator played that they give a s&^t about Alvarez’s personal life and his family, when they locked him up without pay for a year, forcing him to find other way to make money for his family.

      UFC knew what they are getting into, same as Bellator knew what they are getting into when they tried to get Wandarlei to sign autographs. That’s just PR-Tug-of-war between them, nothing more.

      • Collideoverme


  • polk14

    He should stay in Bellator, the retirement home of the UFC.