UFC Summits Mt. Everest… Via Ruben Payan

May 27, 2013
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Ruben Payan on Mt Everest UFC FlagThe UFC has not only gone global, it has reached the highest point on the globe… Mt. Everest.

Ruben Payan, a former Marine originally from Phoenix and now living in Beijing, is a fitness consultant and the co-founder of the Institute of Human Performance China. He recently summited Mt. Everest.

Being a fitness expert that has a particular interest in mixed martial arts, Payan carried with him a UFC flag to the 29,029-foot (8,848-meter) peak.

Payan incorporates MMA into his fitness training, but not just for fighters.

“Interest in MMA-based functional training is growing – not just among potential fighters – but among clients who enjoy fun, fast-paced and varied MMA workouts to get great results,” he said on the IHP China website.

Before setting out for Everest, Payan mentioned how his journey was not just for himself, but something that he could use to help motivate his clients.

“Training is important, but even more so is keeping a client motivated and inspired. We as coaches need sources of energy, perseverance and inspiration,” said Payan. “If sharing my personal journey and how I have trained for and met my own goals can help others then it’s a road that’s been well taken.”

Payan appears to have met his own goal, reaching the top of Mt. Everest, and taking MMA along for the ride.

(Photo courtesy of @UFCIndia)

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  • meowmeowmix


  • Michele Jehenson

    No mention of Ruben being rescued on his way down from Everest by a very brave true Hero, Rupert Hauer, from Austria. Let s raise funds to allow him a second chance at HIS goal. Let s see what the UFC and MMA are really made of.

    • ciarra76

      Why don’t u try going see how u do!

      • Michele

        Am I making any personal claim of high achievement? All I am saying, without diminishing what your friend has accomplished, that mention should be made that his success was made possible (ie, his life was saved) by the courage of somebody who put aside his personal goal , month of preparation and hopes of a life time to save a man he did not even know. His true selflessness and heroism is worth mentioning , don’t you agree? This does not decrease Ruben’s accomplishment to make it to the summit. Good for him.