UFC Stands By Jacob Volkmann After Controversial Comments

January 12, 2011
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Jacob Volkmann

The comments that UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann made recently about President Barack Obama have now landed the Minnesota fighter on administrative leave from his job as an assistant head coach of the wrestling program at White Bear Lake High School.

Volkmann, who was also visited by Secret Service agents for his comments, was informed of the school’s decision to place him on leave while they research further into the issue, and decide what his fate will ultimately be.

“They put me on administrative leave they called it,” Volkmann told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday. “They said I was representing the school in a bad way, and during the interview I mentioned the President is an idiot. They were a little upset about that.

“They’re actually reviewing it and they’ve got a case on it. They’re doing a report on it. No timeframe, she said she was going to give me a call, she had to talk to the superintedent first and she had to talk to the school board.”

When Volkmann made the comment, he admits he never imagined it would put him in the national spotlight the way that it has. He appeared on the Fox Business Network earlier this week, and will have a crew from Inside Edition coming out to film with him on Thursday.

Whether anyone agrees with his statements or not, Volkmann like all Americans falls under the First Amendment which protects the right to Free Speech, and he believes that everyone is overreacting to what he said.

“There’s too many people that are too sensitive out there, that’s what the deal is. You can’t joke around about politics. I guess you’re definitely not supposed to have an opinion about certain policies that effect you,” Volkmann said.

“Last I checked we’re not in the Soviet Union.”

While one set of employers were angry enough with Volkmann to suspend him, another employer namely the UFC has no problem with anything he’s done to this point.
“I talked to Monte (Cox) and Monte talked to the UFC and Joe Silva, and he said they’re not upset about it. They’re with me on this one,” Volkmann commented.

Volkmann doesn’t plan on walking away from the situation with the school or backing down from his comments about the President’s policies. If anything this has fueled him to speak out more.

“I’m a little irritated with the school thing, but I’m not going to let it go,” Volkmann said. “I’m going to keep on the issue. It’s not even really the issue with getting my job back, I think there’s certain members of the school board that’s upset that I’m against the policies of the President.”

Volkmann will film with Inside Edition on Thursday and then wait to hear from the White Bear Lake school board about his administrative leave.

  • The UFC is behind him because it’s great publicity for the fight that Obama has now agreed to: http://www.anytowndevil.com/2011/01/08/jacob-volkmann-vs-barrack-obama-breakdown/

    Seriously though, obviously the UFC is behind him, he’s getting himself and the UFC a ton of exposure to people well outside of their usual market

    quick story back
    Some kid in the company I work for (retail) made a threatening remark about Obama on his facebook page.
    Next day the secret service was on his doorstep, and showed up at work and asked for him by name. Now the dude is on the airline blacklist and will never be allowed a passport….and this is a 17 year old kid on a computer…
    Volkmann is in the biggest promotion of the fastest rising sport in the world, he is a fool for not thinking that this day in age, the govt might take heed to what he said.
    I fully realize that Pres. Obama has pushed this to the side. HOWEVER one needs to be cognizant to the fact that if you threaten the President in any way the secret service will find you before the President can.
    Take some of that ufc cash and buy a brain bro.

    • ShockednAwed

      His ‘fight’ comments (made to a reporter, so it’s not like he was caught mumbling into a cell phone), were quite obviously tounge-in-cheek. If you read the update to the initial story on this site, you’ll see Volkman says even the visiting agents knew this was ridiculous.
      His jest about going rounds with The Prez was a lead-in to his political statement, a guaranteed right to us who supposedly live in a free society.
      To call someone a moron because they’ve got an intelligent political comment to make and choose to segue to it in a colourful way to pique interest is ridiculous.


    Volkmann is taking the easy way to get a name for himself, let your gloves do the talking, I agree wit the prior comment, if you want to express you are a republican and that you hate Obama, that’s fine, but do it on a different venue, but be prepared to use your brains then if you got them. and by the way I don;t buy for a second you did not imagine this would put you on the spotlight, cmn not for a second

    • ShockednAwed

      He never said he hated Obama – it’s a policy disagreement, and he feels directly impacted in a negative way. If he wasn’t also a mixed martial artist, he wouldn’t have made the comment he made.

      This isn’t a case of someone trying to manipulate the media for gain; it’s the media scrambling to fill air-time and inches with a non-story that has some ‘huh?’-factor and a minor celebrity.

      And seriously, if you’re going to include comments about someone’s lack-of-intelligence in your post, for God’s sake don’t do it in a run-on sentence. With spelling errors.

  • Good to see they are standing behind him. His remarks obviously weren’t serious and people are blowing it out of proportion. Volkman even said the secret service rep that came and interviewed him apologized for wasting his time.