UFC Signs Jessica Eye, Targets Sarah Kaufman as First Opponent

August 21, 2013
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Jessica Eye - BellatorWhen one door closes, another opens, or so they say.  And that’s the case with Jessica Eye.

Eye (10-1) was released by Bellator MMA on Aug. 13, along with the only other female fighter under contract with the promotion, Jessica Aguilar.  She’s now the newest addition to the UFC women’s bantamweight roster.

The news was first reported by UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Eye is on a seven-fight winning streak and is widely considered one of the top 125-pound female fighters in the world, but will be competing in the UFC’s only women’s division, the 135-pound weight class.

The UFC already has an idea for Eye’s first opponent.  The promotion is targeting a match-up with former Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman, according to UFC Tonight.

Kaufman (16-2) was set to make her UFC debut on Aug. 28 against Sara McMann, but McMann pulled out of the fight due to undisclosed personal reasons.  Kaufman was removed from the card as a result.

In reaction to the possibility of facing Eye, Kaufman tweeted, “Interesting.”

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    if really she has huge problems with weight cutting to 125 is the only choice, otherwise she’ll get outpowered by the top BWs, get bad record and labeled as a can like Gaff, Sexton and Andrade choosing to fight in the big stage and in a higher weight division.

    • Seth

      Andrade ain’t can. Gaff is. If you saw how Gaff wanted to fight McMann, running straight into olympic wrestler…yeah, good luck. Gaff is a can, but Andrade isn’t. She had bad night, but I really do believe the young Brazilian will bounce back even better 🙂

      • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

        I think none of the two girls are cans … Gaff is well known for her berserker style of fight, and that’s works well at 125lbs because she can outmuscle her opponents … they’re all top 125ers but, yes they’re FLWs fighting top BWs.

        I think Andrade is highly talented but she’ll get trashed against the likes of Rousey, Tate, Zingano, McMann, Kaufman, … simply because isn’t her division.

        Think to an Invicta FLW division with Smith, Honchak, Eye, Gaff, Andrade, Sexton, Porto, Daly, Zoila, …

        • jen

          Robert Sargent of mmarising recently said that Invicta has lost over 700k through 6 events. If they don’t get money soon, they will go under. So you think of that FLW division, because it might not exist in a few months. Eye wanted no part of Invicta.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            Invicta FC is a new and dynamic reality, Sargent must not check the total rate of the first 6 events and instead check how much it rose through the events, cause the first events weren’t on PPV both stream or TV.

  • onehitwonder

    her nickname should be “caught that”

  • She is … hot!

    • BobGyro

      Sara is not

  • BobGyro

    Sara Kaufman could be the ugliest woman on this earth.

    • shakejunt

      you sure have some sort of obsession with this woman

  • shakejunt

    not a fan of this move, would much rather see her in invicta. only thing ufc has to offer her is a broken arm.

    • Dboy

      Invicta didn’t have the money to sign her. Unless she wanted the 3k a fight deal that Herrig and the other desperate Bellator fighters took. There is a reason Holly Holm blew off Invicta. And why would Eye want to fight in front of a tiny ppv audience when she can be a star in front of millions in UFC and fight people like Kaufman? Use common sense. Invicta is barely hanging on and not a place you can become a star and make money. Eye can fight at 135 and be another Cat Zingano who moved up from 125. UFC was the only place she was ever going to sign.

      • shakejunt

        invicta barely hanging on? really? 4/5 of their events had server errors due to unexpected volume of traffic. get a clue

  • BobGyro

    Sara Kaufman photos not selling well anywhere. Prisoners refuse them for free. Hard to look at that broad.