UFC Returns to Cincinnati with Fight Card in May

February 18, 2014
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UFC LogoThe UFC will return to Cincinnati on May 10 with a fight card at the U.S. Bank Arena, the company announced on Wednesday.

The card will air on FOX Sports 1 and will be part of the UFC’s Fight Night product, mostly likely to be labeled as UFC Fight Night 40.

No fights were announced for the upcoming card, but bouts are expected to be named in the coming weeks, according to a report from Cincinnati.com.

The organization’s previous trip to Cincinnati was UFC 77. The event was headlined by a middleweight title fight that pitted then-champion Anderson Silva defending his title against the man he took it from, Rich Franklin.

Tickets for the UFC Fight Night card will go on sale March 21.

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  • Darin

    Did Rich Franklin retire? If not, I imagine he would want a slot on this card.

    • Aimed With “V”

      Good idea!
      Rich wants his next fight to be a retirement one, so he should’ve got a known opponent, but not too high on the rankings, so that wouldn’t be a one-sided beating of a warrior near the end of his career.
      Pity that Alan Belcher is semi-retired, a fight against Franklin would’ve been ideal.

      How about Rich Franklin vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, headlining the Fight Night?
      Lawlor deserves this, he’s entertaining both as a persona and as a fighter.

      • Twizz Nizzle

        I’ll b happy with any fights they put on this card being from 45 minutes away from Cincinnati I would hope for a better main event than Tom lawlor vs rich I wouldn’t mind rich headlining it either but not against Tom lawlor

        • Aimed With “V”

          Hey, if you live that close you may come also to the weigh ins, and if Lawlor headlines, it’s a guarantee that he’s going to do something totally crazy there – so it’s worth your time!

          But seriously, I don’t really see any worthy opponent for Rich besides Filthy.
          Mousasi maybe – but I wouldn’t like to see Ace get beat up by young, fast technical striker in his last MMA appearance.

          Who would you suggest?

          • Twizz Nizzle

            Mark Munoz he solid top 15 (I never believed he was top ten ever) n I think rich possess the skills to beat him it would be a good way to go out win

          • Aimed With “V”

            Rich never had a good takedown defense – Forrest managed to outwrestle him for 2 rounds, and I believe that Munoz has better wrestling than him.

            Plus, didn’t you consider Munoz a top ten after he beat Maia? Maia was a very legit top ten back then…

          • Twizz Nizzle

            Yes maia was but not after only beating one top ten don’t get u in the top ten if u don’t follow up with top ten opponents any key MM match up he had he lost except for boetsch witch is another top ten that shouldn’t b

          • Aimed With “V”

            “Beating one top ten doesn’t get you in the top ten”?
            How can it be?

            Suppose, a guy beats a top 10 fighter – which automatically eliminates him and the guy who lost to him from the top.
            It leaves you with 9 top 10 fighters 🙂
            See? Doesn’t make much sense.