UFC Restructures Fighter Performance Bonuses; Does Away with KO and Sub of the Night

UFC LogoOne of the most anticipated bits of fallout from any UFC event is typically who won the $50,000 Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Submission of the Night fighter bonuses.

That likely won’t change, but the structure of the bonus system has been altered.

UFC officials on Tuesday announced a bit of tweak to the traditional post-fight awards.

There will still be Fight of the Night honors in which both winner and loser will be rewarded with a $50,000 bonus, but the Knockout and Submission of the Night honors have been mothballed.

The UFC instead will off two Performance of the Night honors, regardless of whether the award winners scored a knockout or a submission. The two awards, as the name suggests, will go to fighters that UFC officials deem had the best performances, no matter the outcome of their respective fights.

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced today a modification to its live event bonuses. Effective immediately, UFC will award Fight of the Night bonuses to each of the fighters in the best fight of the night, as well as additional Performance of the Night bonuses to the two best individual performances on the card,” read a statement issued by UFC officials on Tuesday. “The bonus amounts will remain $50,000. The Performance of the Night bonuses will reward the athletes who put on the best and most exciting individual performances.”

The new structure goes into effect with Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi event in Brazil.

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  1. Wish they would add a “fastest finish” award. To encourage more fighters to be more active.

    • You’re just as stupid as you look! LOL “fastest finish.” With the way fighters train now days, that’d be a bonus you’d seldom see and the UFC would be making money that way since they wouldn’t have to give that bonus. Plus is a very subjective idea. How fast is “fastest finish”? KO or submission first 10 seconds of the round? first minute? KO or submission in the second, third? See the stupidity in your suggestion. I hope you realize how stupid you are and I hope the ones that voted you “thumbs up” realize how stupid and ignorant of the sport they are as well. Now go change that profile picture that looks like you just jacked off you moron!

      • I thought “fasted finish” explained itself. Guess you can’t underestimate stupid.

        • Oops. “Fastest”

          • Yeah, “Fastest” stupid! not fasted. Go back to your church choir where they practice “fasting” moron! Yes and to Richard Coward ignore me, eh? Why because you don’t want people to know you jack off to Roy Nelson infront of your computer LOL go fock a goat man! I guess you just can’t fix stupid! Moron!

          • these insults are pretty tame

          • Haha you remind me of jones trying to trash talk with sonnen, you just suck at it. Despite knowing you are a troll, you’ve got to realiE that as long is there is a finish on the card, there could be a fastest finish bonus. Right? Simples.

        • Hes just a failing troll. Ignore him.

      • Subjective if you are too stupid to tell time.

    • I never feel like a quick KO is a true measurement of how good a fighter is. It just means someone got caught.

      • Doesn’t have to be KO.

      • I never feel like a fight that goes to decision is a measurement of how good a fighter is either. It just means they were afraid to try to finish and usually boring. But every once in a while we get lucky like hendo and shoguns war.

        • Really think hard about what you just said. Then think about all the grueling 3 & 5 round wars we’ve been treated to over the years. The silliness implicit in your comment should become immediately obvious. Let me know if you need more guidance in arriving at a proper conclusion.

  2. the change doesnt exactly make sense to me but im not getting any bonuses so f it. it would prolly make more sense to give a bonus to everybody who finishes their fight if the goal is more exciting fights.

    • agree 100%

    • The last card had only one bonus because all* of the other fights were decisions so only FON was handed out. This allows a fight that ended in a decision but still had a fighter who showed up to fight to take the bonus. Makes perfect sense

      *All but Herbs shitty call in the main event

      • i didnt say get rid of fight of the night, they can still do their 2 fotn bonuses and still give out the bonuses for finishing fights. if the goal is more exciting fights than giving every fighter incentive to finish fights would be a huge step towards that.

      • So is the bonus change incentivizing decision wins because hey I can still win potn even if I don’t go for the finish. I don’t like it. I agree with others in that everyone who finishes gets a bonus, maybe not 50k.

        • When you run your own promotion you can run it however you see fit. All I’m saying is this makes more sense due to the results of UFC169, now even without a finish, if the fight was good it opens the door for someone without a finish to take home a bonus.

          • It’s lowering the bar for fighters and fights.

            Your first statement is akin to:”don’t like the American government and political system, then move to another country or better yet invent your own country.”

          • I wasn’t implying which system is better, I was simply explaining it to the victims of public education such as yourself.

          • Way to be a douche. I understand the fact that it is possible for a card to not have any finishes and thus two bonuses would not be given out. I never stated or implied I was confused on this point. We once had positive conversation on another thread, but your simple humor and relative lack of depth to your comments suggests to me you are probably 17.

  3. I wish mma fans would stop acting like whinny c****!

  4. So now the guy that scores a really awesome sub in the first round will win nothing but the fight? That makes sense. Just scrap these bonuses and pay them a bonus for finishing the fight. You would hope the co-main and main event would be the fights of the night. Those guys are already making good money.

    • Again, I think the first round finishers are the guys these bonuses will go to.

  5. Fighters are already underpaid and now this. SMH

    • uhhh, this makes it so undercard guys can still get bonuses on big name cards…

      • I agree, but do you think there will still be favoritism towards main carder for POTN? This means that UFC are still gonna give out the same amount of money instead of adding to it. Get rid of two and add two awards.

        • nah, i think it’s the opposite. i feel like the ufc doesn’t like giving out a sub bonus to someone who got the only sub of the night, they’d rather give it to someone else who really had a standout performance.

          • I’m fairly sure there have been events where they haven’t awarded ko/sub of the night, even though there have been ko & sub finishes on the cards.

          • just a brief wiki search (lame, i know),

            fight night 29: no sub bonus, palhares/pierce incident, understandable

            ufc 119: no ko bonus, mir over crocop, kinda weird they snubbed him but instead gave out 2 fotn bonuses

            ufc 76: no sub bonus, silva beats lutter by submission but from elbows, understandable

            tuf 4 finale: jorge rivera over edwin dewees and scott smith over pete sell, no idea here but smith/sell got fotn

            sorry for such a long post, but i figured it’s relevant.

  6. I don’t see anything really changing guys other than it’s presents more fighters as options throughout a card. I’m sure an impressive sub or KO will still be a contender. Sometimes someone is outstanding but maybe another fight was fight of the night.. so this gives them a chance also. The $$ didn’t go down.. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

  7. seems legit

  8. So essentially, in this Bonus system Anderson would have never gotten a bonus for his 5th round submission of Chael Sonnen. Because it wasn’t a good performance, just pulled of the sub.

    I personally think that they keep KO of the night and Sub of the night and just add one Performance of the night. Because let’s say that someone gets a 10 sec KO or Sub, they are pretty much out of the POTN award running.

    • I don’t agree. I think a ten second sub or ko is exactly a potn bonus winner.

      • We’ll have to wait and see how they interpret it. Because if they do look at it that way, then what is the point if getting rid of KO of the night or Sub of the night? Too make it a little more competitive? How do you judge a KO against a dominate performance? All these variables make this very unclear. That’s why I think keep KO and Sub of the night and just add POTN for those who perform extremely well but the finish just doesn’t come.

  9. a.k.a. Swing For The Fences Award…lol…

  10. If I was UFC mngmt., I would include a structured bonus system into each fighter’s contract.

    For example (as it would vary for each fighter):

    1st-round sub/ko = additional 20% of contracted purse.
    2nd-round sub/ko = additional 15%
    3rd-round sub/ko = additional 10%

    Incentivize the desired behavior, the same way the government does, conversely, through sin taxes, e.g., doesn’t want people to smoke, makes them a lot more expensive.

    Dana often talks about the kinds of fighters he respects. He should put his money where his mouth is and encourage that attitude in his fighters. He can afford it.

  11. You people that always complain about fighters not getting paid enough, guess what? They’re grown ass adults and choose to be in there knowing what the pay is like. It’s been that way for years. If they don’t like it, either become a champion or switch professions.

  12. I think it is a great idea. It should not matter whether a fighter wins or loses. Rather, how well that fighter played the game. Records are BS. Grade the fighter by skill and performance. Not by fighting bums to build up a bogus image.

  13. I wonder if this change is due to all the decisions from UFC 169? I’ll reserve judgement on the performance of the night bonuses until I see how it is awarded on the next show. It will be weird to me not hearing Dana sub of the night or KO of the night. It will sound a lot better than decision of the night goes too.

  14. Maybe this is way for Dana & Co. to be able to award people like, say, Hendricks or Gustavson, after the brass think theywon but were robbed by shitty judging?

    • They already do discretionary bonuses for this type of thing so it’s really a toss up to what potn really means.

  15. More brain damage more pay, aka slug fest with hands down bonus,

    • Well stop watching if you have a problem. I guess you must be the one who has brain damage.

      • Where in his comment did he say he had a problem? He was just making a wonky bonus suggestion.

      • Thanks roy, yea i think hooya needs to learn how to read. Lol

  16. As i see it, this is so that if you have a night where there might only be one KO, but it came in a fight that otherwise wasnt that great (think mir vs crocop) then if you had a fight that went to the judges but as a barnburner you can give the bonus to the guy going to decision vs being pretty much forced to give a guy a bonus just cuz it was the only KO of the night. I mean the KO bonus was intended for the BEST KO of the night, so when its the ONLY one, but the fight sucked anyway, this gives you some flexibility to reward a guy who deserves it and doesnt force you to give a bonus to a guy that really kind of doesnt deserve it.

    Sure, they could just give bonus’s to the sucky KO and the barnburner decision, but at what point does that turn into everyone gets a trophy at the 5th grade soccer tourny?