UFC Report: Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis Injured, but Still Expected to Fight

November 10, 2013
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Anthony PettisUFC lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis has reportedly suffered a knee, although it doesn’t appear serious enough to force him out of the first scheduled defense of his title.

Pettis is slated to put his belt on the line against Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 9 on Dec. 14 in Sacramento, Calif.

UFC president Dana White told Fox Sports on Saturday night that Pettis has a knee injury, but is expected to be ready by fight time a month from now. He explained to Fox’s Mike Chiappetta that Pettis has spent the last two days in Las Vegas with Dr. Steven Sanders, an orthopedist at Bone & Joint Specialists.

“He’s going to fight,” White said. “For sure.”

Pettis won the belt by submitting Benson Henderson at UFC 164 in August. It marked the second time that Pettis had taken a belt from Henderson, whom he defeated for the WEC lightweight championship on that promotion’s final event before Zuffa – the parent company of the UFC – shut it down.

Thomson is a former Strikeforce lightweight champion, another promotion that Zuffa purchased and eventually shuttered.

Pettis is not expected to need surgery to be ready for UFC on Fox 9.

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  • Dragon Kid

    Man, Pettis is injury prone.

    • David

      yet he will still fight.. Almost every fighter is injured during their fight. If you were the real Cigano you would know.

      • David

        MMA fighters are beasts. Just thought I should say that. MMA weekly you should reply to this. I mean come on. Lol

      • Dragon Kid

        Yeah but how many times has Pettis been injured since he came to ufc? And suffering another injury weeks before his big fight is just bad timing.

        • Guest

          he was injured after the lauzon fight. You think he wanted to sit out for a whole year until his next fight?

          • Dragon Kid

            That’s different. He’s the champ now so it’s even riskier to fight with a fresh injury when ur next fight is just weeks away.

  • Johnny Eagle

    Never having a moment’s rest…what’s the big rush to force him to fight? And of all things – a non-contender if we’ve ever seen one.

    • Ryan Marvell

      Josh Thomson is legit dude…how about your dumb ass gets in there and fights you dumb fuck…god I hate people like you

      • Johnny Eagle


        You believe in god, but…
        You can’t punctuate, or capitalize the word “god”.
        You hate people based on nothing more than a comment.
        You think that “legit dude” tag is enough to fight the champion of a weight category.

        I wouldn’t want to have you as my fan in the ring, surely no fighter would. Who out there, from Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, to the lowest of the low, would say:”Hey, that Ryan Marvell is MY fan and I’m proud to have people like him cheering for me.”?

        No one.

        Josh Thomson can be a very legit dude, but he’s not the right guy to fight Pettis at this point, where higher-ranked contenders are dying to get a chance.

        Sure, Pettis could use a victory, but no one will gain anything if Josh Thomson beats him (by some fluke) and then loses to better fighters in the next fight. You’ll just burn PPVs with lack luster fights.

        No one can viably promote Pettis-Thomson as a barn burner and actual MMA fans suffer from it.

        • shakejunt

          nobody is gonna read this

        • Ksmma

          Blah, blah, blah, I only want to see the top three guys in each weight class fight. Blah blah blah. I don’t care about good fights only BIG NAME fights. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. I only turn the Ppv on two hours into it because if your hot headlining I’m wasting my time watching people who suck fight. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah .

          • Johnny Eagle

            None of what you said is true.

            There are guys who worked very hard to reach a title shot and they’re busy contending with each other.

            That doesn’t mean we go the next probable contender.

            As evidence, the fight was postponed due to injury, it could have been postponed to accommodate a more “worthy” contender.

            I watch the PPVs from the FB prelims to the titles, I enjoy watching everyone fight, but I think that this fight was a bad call – period.

        • JET

          For all practical purposes, Thomson beat two #1 contenders in a row in his last two fights. The only guys who are ranked ahead of him are Bendo, Gil, and TJ Grant. Bendo should have to work his way back to a shot since he’s lost to the champ twice, barely beat Gil or Edgar in their first fight and should have lost the second Edgar fight. Grant still isn’t medically cleared to fight. Gil is coming off a war in which he almost got KO’d and will probably be on the shelf for a bit. Plus, he just got a title shot and couldn’t pull it off. Thomson is the fight that makes sense. What is your big problem with thinking he’s so undeserving?

          • Johnny Eagle

            I think – postpone the fight and see Gil or TJ fight Anthony.

            They already postponed it since you commented, clearly, time isn’t pressing to have this particular fight.

            If they were smarter, they’d have waited longer for one the the fighters I mentioned.

          • The Best Eva

            Thank god you are not in charge of matchmaking.

          • Johnny Eagle

            I would match up Vitor with Cain Velasquez, but first give Cain some steroid, like Vitor take.

          • JET

            Thanks for confirming that I’m right by not addressing any of the points I mentioned.

          • Johnny Eagle

            You’re welcome. I hope TJ heals up in time and Josh is switched out.

        • The Best Eva

          Dude just shut up this is all garbage.

      • Why do idiots say “get in there in fight”? How does saying that have any relevance? It’s his job to fight. It’s our jobs as fans to have opinions about his caliber and performances because we pay his salary. Mind-numbing…

        • The Best Eva

          Ya people have opinions that are far bigger than they should ever put out there, there are a lot of people on this site that think they know a lot about this sport but have been watching it for like two years.

          Saying get in there doesn’t make sense, but that other fool at the top doesn’t know who Thomson is and made an idiot comment.

      • JET

        Agreed. Johnny Eagle’s a doucher.

      • The Best Eva

        Agree Josh Thompson is very good, Nate Diaz fought for the title not long ago and was demolished by Thomson, this will be interesting.

    • JET

      Gilbert Melendez was regarded as the best LW in the world by many and was granted an immediate title shot when he came to the UFC. Keeping that in mind, Thomson clearly beat Gil in their last fight (I don’t know anyone, not even Melendez fans who think that split decision was a good call) before being absorbed into the UFC. Then he fought Diaz (the former #1 contender who had just went the distance with the champion) and became the first person to beat him with strikes. How does that make Thomson “a non-contender if we’ve ever seen one”? Especially considering Grant was granted #1 contender status after beating a slew of unranked fighters and a 1-1-1 in his last 3, Gray Maynard?

  • How does one suffer a knee? Can I collect disability if I’m suffering from two of them?

  • Pettis is so talented as long as hes healthy on fight day he should be fine. He beat Henderson without a training camp I think he can do it again

  • You can expect this fight to be all out, I know Thomson is going to bring it.

  • Mark McDowall

    Pettis does seem to get hurt alot. But a couple things bug me about this…

    1. If he’s injured but not going to miss the fight…why even announce it or bring it to the UFC’s/Medias attention?

    2. How does Pettis keep getting “injured” yet can still fight on when he wants too? Either the inuries aren’t bad or he is pulling a Tito and setting up the excuse should he loose. My football coach in high school would always say…”are you hurt or are you injured?” If your hurt you can keep going…if your injured you cant. Seems like Pettis keeps getting hurt rather than injured.

    3. What the hell is he doing in practice to keep getting these knee injuries?? If I were Dana I would chew his ass out about what he’s doing and make him change something about it. He’s a champion now…he needs to be smarter about his training…we don’t want another Cruz on our hands!!

    • JET

      1. Dana announced it, Anthony didn’t. It’s probably part of the UFC’s protocol since they provide health insurance to be informed when a fighter goes to the doctor for an injury.

      2. That’s one way to look at it. Or he keeps injuring his knees (very common), but just bad enough that all he needs is rest and rehab and not surgery (also very common). It’s also common for the opposing knee of the injured one to overcompensate and also become injured.

      3. Have you ever trained before? You seriously think that he’s doing something he shouldn’t have been in training? Is that what happened with GSP, Cruz, Bisping, Carwin and everyone else who has reported a knee injury? Every aspect of MMA puts your knees at risk, especially wrestling, which is the one area Anthony has to keep trying to improve to avoid get wrestlef**cked again like the Guida fight. My left knee snap-crackle-pops just from Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling, so I wear a brace and take breaks from training when it feels too loose. You can be very careful with your training and be doing everything right, but all it takes is one weird angle of pressure on your knee when you’re fighting off a takedown or scrambling. If you’re truly curious, there are lots of articles online addressing why knee injuries are so common in MMA.

  • No offense to anyone, I respect everyone in the LW division but I’m not interested in anyone fighting Pettis except for Aldo if he comes up. Maybe Nate Diaz even though Thompson stopped him but that’s just b/c his fights are always interesting.

    • Mark McDowall

      I can’t disagree with Aldo being the most exciting fight for Pettis. But I think he beats Pettis 9 out of 10 times….so why bog down 2 divisions with 1 champion.

      • I just been dying to see someone get a chance to hold titles in two divisions. It’s been way to long. Aldo if anyone deserves the chance. Well Anderson did more then anyone but Aldo comes second.