UFC Removed One of the Judges at UFC Fight Night 48 in Macao

August 24, 2014
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Dana WhiteFollowing two controversial split decision scores in the first two fights of UFC Fight Night 48: Bisping vs. Le in Macao, China, on Saturday, UFC president Dana White had one of the judges removed from the remainder of the event.

As with many other international territories, Macao does not have a sanctioning body to oversee mixed martial arts. So the UFC self-regulated the event at Cotai Arena, meaning that the UFC ordered drug testing and was in charge of all officials.

When it appeared to White that something was amiss with one of the judges, he had said judge removed.

“Did you ask me, sir, if it was true that a judge was removed (tonight)?” White said at the post-fight press conference.

“Yes, he was. He was involved in the first fight and the second fight. I told the guys to go let him grab some beer and some popcorn and go sit down and start watching some fights, not judging them.”

White has often targeted athletic commissions in the U.S., where combat sports are regulated by governmentally funded sanctioning bodies that control the selection of referees and judges. On Saturday, however, he had to put the bullseye squarely on his own company.

“It wasn’t great tonight. It drives me crazy,” he said. “I can sit there and ridicule Nevada, California, and all these other places we go; nobody to point the finger at tonight except us.”

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  • Lawdog1521

    You picked him to begin with, you put him there. Then two fights into the event you remove him because you don’t like his calls?

    You’ve become a joke, DW.

    • eLSuciO

      “become”? rotfl ALWAYS BEEN a joke. Theres no UFC, it’s the Dana White network. All Dana, all the time. He is the cancer in the UFC locker room

    • yellowMONkey

      Pffffttttt, yeah!!

      A rich, successful, and (in the world of MMA) powerful joke!

      • Lawdog1521

        I noticed you left out integrity.

    • Timothy Malone

      Complaining because someone actually tries to do something about awful judging? Proof that MMA fans will always find something to bitch about

      • Lawdog1521

        Not complaining when a promoter potentially influences the outcomes of fights? Must be a boxing fan.

        • Seth

          But…you saw that he F’d up twice that night before, right? Since he F’d twice already, they didn’t want him to do that 3 times. That’s not rocket science, they didn’t want more bad or ridiculous calls. You really b***h about trying to take care of bad scoring…Gratz, man…

          • Lawdog1521

            They screened the judge and hand picked him. Then because they don’t agree with him, in the middle of a card, they yank him. If you can’t see the ethical issue in that then I doubt you see the ethical issues of anything.

          • Seth

            So you will leave the judge that messed up twice in a row already…and what? Wait for him to mess up again? That’s why we have to still deal with BS Mazzagati, who F’s up 99% of times he is reffing. NSAC should fire him a long time ago, but his mistakes aren’t their problems, so they don’t care. If you leave idiots who mess up their jobs, this problem will never be fixed, dummy.

    • TwoFirstNames

      STFU you idiot

    • HooahJuice

      I <3 your mother

      • Lawdog1521

        She’s old. Good for her and you need a shrink.

        • HooahJuice

          Well I am in to older women

      • peter

        HooahJuice is that a heart or 2 balls and a johnson?

        • HooahJuice


    • mrp3ezy

      he said at the end of the article that they were to blame…

  • BTCBets

    Better off with Fans from sherdog fourm or twitter judging these fights

    • Seth

      Sherdog? Nope.

  • Timothy Malone

    Nothing wrong with the scoring in Wee vs Yao. It could have gone either way and in fact probably should have been a draw.

    Phillips was definitely robbed though against Dudieva.

    • George Sperry

      Let me weigh in here…. I don’t think Phillips was robbed, I had it 29-28 Dudieva but it was a razor thin margin. 29-28 either way was a reasonable result. I also thought Yao won 29-28, again a very close fight but not as close as the womens match.
      So my issue is that in both fights a judge had it 30-27 for one fighter. If that was the same judge then by all means he needed to be relieved of duty. Maybe they gave him too many “free” drinks in the casino or something.

  • eddie eagle

    One bad judge bought off can turn millions in bets around. Crooked judges willing to make fixed fights should be imprisoned.

  • Guest

    “World stopped talking about me? Let’s remind them that I don’t fight!”

    …Come on, GSP…