UPDATED: UFC Releases Official Statement Confirming Pat Healy’s Suspension and Rescinded Bonuses

May 18, 2013
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Pat HealyUFC lightweight Pat Healy recently admitted to testing positive for marijuana use following his UFC 159 victory over Jim Miller on April 27 in New Jersey.

“I would like to start off by apologizing to the UFC, Jim Miller, the MMA community, it’s fans, my family, teammates and coaches for my positive testing for marijuana after my UFC 159 fight with Jim Miller,” Healy said in a prepared statement.

His camp confirmed that Healy was suspended for 90 days, had his fight overturned to a no contest, and had $130,000 in post-fight bonus money rescinded.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has not commented on the positive drug test, but Zuffa, LLC, owner of the UFC, on Friday issued an official statement on the matter, confirming the sanctions.

“The UFC has been informed by the NJSACB that lightweight Pat Healy tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout against Jim Miller at UFC 159. The NJSACB issued Healy a 90-day suspension retroactive to the date of the event. He must pass a drug test upon completion of the suspension before receiving clearance to compete again. The outcome of his bout against Miller will be changed to a no contest and he will forfeit $130,000 in bonus money from Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. Miller will keep his Fight of the Night bonus and Bryan Caraway will receive the $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus.

The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. The UFC also fully supports the drug testing efforts of all regulatory agencies including NJSACB. All fighters on the UFC 159 card were drug tested at the event. The results of all positive tests are reported to the official Association of Boxing Commissions record-keeper.”

UPDATE: An MMAWeekly.com source with knowledge of the situation said that the UFC did not try to rescind Healy’s win bonus, which was paid on the night of the fight. The amount of the bonus was not revealed, and New Jersey does not release that information like some state’s do, but Healy made $27,000 to show and another $15,000 to win for his last Strikeforce fight in January.

The UFC holds post-fight “of the night” award bonus checks until drug test results are confirmed, so Healy did not have to return any money, but he will not receive the post-fight award bonus checks.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Pat Healy was robbed. Suspend him, sure. Take away moneys rightly earned … not so sure.

    I don’t feel the punishment fits the crime. But hey, it’s a clear warning to all others. Lay off the freaken weed before a fight guys!!! You’re professional fighters. Act like it.

    Anyone else, in just about any other profession, gets tested positive for illegal substance use and they get canned. Do certain of the laws need a change in this regard? Yes. Yes they do. But till then, man up and play by the f’n rules or be prepared to pay the piper.

    Still feel bad as hell for Healy though. Too extreme IMHO.

    • niglover666

      No matter what the substance is its illegal. So say we fought and i tested positive and u did not know why i poped the test.. would u have the same attitude? its not hard not to pass a drug test. it wasnt rightly earned what are u talking about.. in other professions if u fail a drug test more then not ur not canned… unless u work for some s*** company.. they need to offer u help. and u need to admit u need help and or have a problem any subsequent fair your terminated.i smoke pot all the time and make over 175 a year. u smoke weed and ur in the ufc u should not be in it

      • jarbel

        but officer they are smoking marijuna

      • Logic

        you don’t make s*** boy

      • R

        You are that stupid and you still make $175.00 a year…

        • niglover666

          little boys dont know what that means

    • BobLemons

      I absolutely agree. If you’re a highly paid, highly trained professional athlete, you need to follow the rules however flawed they may be.

      Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his money anyway in some back stage bonus. If he doesn’t complain about being stripped of the money, that’ll fuel my suspicion.

      • El Gvapo

        Highly trained? Yes. Highly paid? Not so much anymore.

        • BobLemons

          Highly paid yes. Maybe not highly paid compared to athletes from other sports who are disgustingly overpaid. Healy got what? 18/18k? So he would’ve got 36k if he didn’t get busted for the weed. Even at 18k, three fights a year gives him nearly 60k plus signing a possible signing bonus, sponsors and any other parts of his salary package. And Healy is about as low paid as a main card fighter gets.

          How much do you earn? People can go on about the bodily damage and such, but hey. I work in a warehouse, I have lower back problems because of it, my colleague has a hernia. We do that work for a fraction of what an mma fighter earns and we hate out jobs while they love theirs. A five figure salary is highly paid in my book and earning millions for playing a sport is absolutely sickening.

          • El Gvapo

            Calm down my friend. It was a joke in the sense that he’s not that highly paid now they’ve taken the majority of his cash off him.
            It’s a decent salary still and it’s more than I earn. Do I thin sports starts are overpaid though? Frankly I don’t. The money generated by whichever sport in question (which is usually an astronomical figure) has to go somewhere. Would you rather it go to the man who actually plays the sport and entertains us, or to the rich bloke who owns the team/sport/franchise? My only issues are when us fans are forced to stump up more and more cash to pay the wages or the money isn’t reinvested in the grassroots of the sport.

            Do you begrudge actors or musicians the astronomical wages they earn too? Lets face it, their “job” is just as easy.

    • Timothy Malone

      He won a bonus for getting a submission. But there wasn’t a submission. There was a No Contest. His money was rightfully taken away as the rules currently stand.

      • R

        You sound like a lawyer… They love that kind of twisted logic. Its like looking at a problem with tunnel vision.

  • Milosc

    Witchcraft was once illegal

    Christianity was once illegal, and still is some places

    “Bullshil is in the eye of the beholder”

    I almost want to make dandelions illegal, just to see who runs around with cell phones and magnifying glasses through their neighbor’s lawns. These are incredibly dangerous people, and should be deported first

    • Mcgiggity

      F’in A

    • R

      You are absolutely right. Reminds me of “1984”.

      Why are people so ready to punish people for things they don’t, and probably will never, understand.

  • Motaboy67

    Tested positive for a drug that slows down your reflexes. Oh no, what a bad guy! Jim Miller should be ashamed and hope to god he never gets a rematch with a sober Healy.

    • Swamp Donkey

      I’m not saying Pat Healy wouldn’t have won had he not smoked pot leading up to his fight. I also don’t see any benefit of fighting high. But I do see some positive effects of smoking weed while preparing for a fight. Lowers stress and anxiety to help with mental health. It can also help relax muscles and prevent minor/major injuries. I personally feel Healy wins this match anyway, but it is possible the drug helped him prepare for the fight, which is still cheating.

    • El Gvapo

      What’s jim miller got to do with anything?

  • Sir_James

    Come on UFC.. total bulls***. Does that mean I get some money back for paying for the fight on PPV since you took his payout? It was still a damn good fight and he deserved money. I can see suspension but I’ve seen much worse in the UFC like Brock Lesnar never being brought out for steroids LMAO. Yep, he’s ALL NATURAL.

  • you seem like a nice guy..maby you should re evaluate your life and stop smoking that s*** seems like its getting in the way bro…..peace.

  • jeff

    Wow, he’s on weed, and he still manages to make miller look like a grade school kid. This guy deserves another bonus!

  • Ron

    Marijuana in no way acts as a performance enhancer (ie, stronger, faster, better). I agree with the suspension because it’s an illegal drug. But the marijuana did not contribute towards his win, I think he should be able to keep the money.

  • try to make me give you f****** greedy mafia goons money the ufc dying and going bankrupt would be the best thing to happen to the world of mma

  • Franklin

    He knew the rules it’s all on him

  • BobGyro

    That’s an expensive doobie lmfao

  • consistent policy? yea ok. if you say so.

  • Mcgiggity

    Why is he apologizing to Jim miller? Healy did nothing wrong!

  • Ead

    so what, does weed made him fight better? america sucks


    okay Healy is a moron. But Caroway is a disgusting feminine wimp.

  • claudale

    remember when dana tried to hide the fact that diego sanchez tested positive for pot?


    Healy should be cut

    • Mcgiggity

      You should go to Tijuana so you get cut

    • R

      That doesn’t mean much coming from you. LOL

  • Crashman

    TO every one of you freaking POT HEADS, do you STILL not get it .. it has NOTHING to do with ” pots better than alcohol or heroin” debate, HAS NOTHING to do with that, its ILLEGAL, deal with it, ITS NOT ALLOWED, you can cry and whine and bitch and moan, the GUY broke the rules of the Athletic commission, and is being penalized. You bitch and say “its only weed” but you know the rules of fighting professionally, and you STILL CHOOSE to smoke, you get what you get. I dont care if you smoke dope till your eyes become so slanted they think your asian, thats your business, but when you know its illegal for the sport you are a part of, expect repercussions, its like putting an extra player out on the field, its illegal, so suck it up you bong lovers and stop making it a debate about whether or not weed is good or bad, nobody cares.

    • R

      Its nothing like putting an extra player on the field, if anything its like taking a player off the field.

      Most people are well aware that marijuana remains federally illegal. The concern of most level headed people, is that it should be legal.

      Would you instead prefer Pat Healy to legally juice up on TRT? TRT is something that would actually help him win, but that is legal…

      On a side note, you sound very upset, and your slant-eyed asian comment makes you sound racist.


    Healy looks bad just cut him no loss