UFC Releases Full Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero Backstage Argument Video

October 1, 2014
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While the initial video of Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero arguing backstage after their fight at UFC 178 had no audio, the UFC has released full video of the altercation, with sound enabled.

The argument stems from a controversial situation during their fight. Romero was rocked towards the end of the second round, but survived until the end of the round.

In between rounds, as the one-minute rest period came to an end, Romero did not immediately get up off his stool, forcing referee John McCarthy to take charge of the situation and move things along, but not before Romero had roughly an extra half minute to recover before the fight was restarted.

Romero then went on to finish Kennedy in the third round and win the fight, leading to many heated discussions about how the situation played out.

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Kennedy recently told MMAWeekly.com that he was unsure if he and his camp would appeal the outcome of the fight.

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  • Shartnado2 The sticky one

    Tims right, if u cant get up you lose. Cheap tactic

    • MadeMan

      So is holding gloves to get knock out shots as Tim did….it’s the fight game and shit happens

      • Maddawgmar

        But one warrants a warning. The other warrants the end of the fight. If the NSAC does something it will reverse the TKO decision and award it to Kennedy. Very highly doubt it though.

        • MadeMan

          Based on what I saw and then reviewing the reply… I would not reverse it but of course it’s not our call… when you hear the corner story from Dana then both sides have a case

        • odeh

          Then Yoel should of got 5 minutes for on the legal blow 🙂

      • Shartnado2 The sticky one

        at least that was during the fight, and not between rounds

        • MadeMan

          True but Tim got KO’d during the fight not between rounds… unfair is unfair…. it’s not ok to say I took my HGH’s before the fight not during it….

  • TimKLostPeriod

    Funny they say the video was initially without audio when I heard it with audio ever since it came out shortly after the fight. By the way, I saw the video and yeah, someone from the UFC put too much vaseline and Big John was the one that told Romero to stay in the stool. Old trick or not, Tim was getting his ass handed to him, and by some lucky punch he ALMOST finished the fight in the second round, but ALMOST doesn’t count. Plus, whatever extra break Romero got, Tim got too. So stop bitching Tim, you got owned and your dumb ass face shows it…LOL

    • Darin

      Tim Kennedy could literally tear you in half, loser.

      I saw McCarthy yelling at Romero to get up, was that immediately after telling him to stay put?

    • Turtle minugh

      Tim was up ready to go during that 30 seconds. Other dude was resting. Tim got no extra time

  • HI

    kennedy is a big bitch

  • HI

    kennedy got knocked the f— out LOL

    • Darin

      Only bitches and kids talk like that. Which are you?

  • Darren Serati

    If you can’t get up you lose the fight. Possible glove holding can be a point deducted. Very different

    • Mike Jones lol

      No not point dedicated a warning and it should be counted as a legal blow which would give Yoel 5 minutes to recover. so I think it worked out perfectly and actually I hope those 28 seconds really did help him because Tim was a little coward and cheated and he got what was coming for him

  • Y even have rules???

    I’m huge yeol fan think he might be the only guy that can take that strap off the champ in the div. right now but they shouldreverse the call that’s y they got the rules. tim got the shaft in this one then don’t even get a rematch just Dana protecting his South American investment bull crap call

    • CubaIsAnIslandNotinSouthAmeric

      Yoel is Cuban and Cuba is not in South America you moron! LOL You’re so stupid!

      • Looks Mexican to me

        Last time I saw. A globe Cuba was south of American

        • Sir_Roy

          Cuba is off the South American continent, but not “in” South America.

          Cuba is, well, Cuba and Cubans are Cubans … not South Americans. Valid point. Calling someone stupid due to lack of geographical knowledge is harsh though and, well, we’d probably have to count most North American’s as “stupid” should geographical know how be the deciding factor, as Americans are notoriously bad in geography. Canadians still live in igloos North of Alaska and all of that jazz. Lol.

  • odeh

    Okey here’s the thing
    1. Tim was losing the fight in tell the last 20 second of the 2round
    2. He cheated by grabing Yoel’s glove
    3. The 28 seconds wasn’t what K.Od his ass losing focus is what did it
    4. He also got more time to rest and he needed it probably as much as Yoel
    5.Tim hurted him iif he believed in himself more he would of stayed patient and fished him
    6. He was looking for an excuse on why he lost and he got one
    7. Tim you’ll never be a champoin. If anyone dosent like number seven ask yourself this would you see Cain or Gsp complain and losing focus like that????
    One other thing Yoel is not improving and i thought he would be ssomething big in the sport but after that fight I don’t see that happening and i don’t understand why he
    doesn’t use his wrestling but I’m still very excited to see in fights.. and honestly I thought Yoel thought the fight was over I think he thought that they stopped the fight that’s why he wasn’t getting up lol but congratulations to him I’m happy that he won

    • NewsWatcher83

      I couldn’t find myself agreeing w/ any of your 1 through 7 points..

      • odeh

        Explain to my Tim Kennedy? I mean newswatcher83 lol

        • odeh


    • afanofhonestfighters

      im going to be totally honest, the glove grab was obvious. Most people with a keen eye for fighting (usually those who actually have been in competition) will see the cheap tricks in action WHILE they are happening. I didn’t need a replay, it was pretty obvious Tim looked a LOT better off WHILE holding the glove,, but … he didn’t finish the fight.

      Tim got knocked out, plan and simple. He has a right to be bitter, because it was a bad situation, but… (at the end of the day) he didn’t finish Yoel, Yoel finished him. End of story.
      We cannot debate that. No hypothetical.

  • snapdad

    when I 1st watched the fight I thought what romero did was bs, but after seeing kennedy holding the glove while punching, you would think that romero would have been given 5min. if the ref would have caught it. so to me it kinda evens things out. nonetheless it was a pretty entertaining fight.

  • afanofhonestfighters

    Tim got what he deserved. When you grab the fence to stop a take down, or WORSE, grab a glove to land punches… it is known to real men as cheap, not an accident. Cheating CAN be instinctive to some people.

    Yoel gave him a chance to win the fight, and it certainly wasn’t BETWEEN rounds. Tim, shut up.
    Back to the gym.

  • julian moran

    Kennedy should not be complaining about what is unfair, considering he killed babies for a living before working for the UFC.

    • odeh

      I love u julian thank you so much for that.. if Tim and Brian the pussy stann wanted to be American heroes they would spend the rest of there life’s prevent there fellow Americans from joining those terrorist armys they don’t represent American and they dam sure don’t fight for them.. the truth always comes out I just want to see how everyone is going to spit in there faces for not standing up with the truth.. but let them enjoy their three seconds of fame for now

      • Yoel’s stool

        You went full retard, never go full retard.

      • NewsWatcher83

        Army Rangers and Marines are terrorist groups? You and Julian “even I know your a retard” Moran, are a couple of slack jawed f@66ots!

      • taylor2008

        Marines and Rangers are terrorists? Go F**k yourself raghead!

    • NewsWatcher83

      Was he an abortion Dr. or something? If not, then stop being G@y..

      • Truth.

        I have never laughed so hard. If he was an abortion doctor, he would have been making a very honest and sensible living, removing cells from a body, if that’s killing babies, so is beating off lol. Also, what about mentioning the war crimes of the US army is homosexual? Is it only acceptable for homosexuals to talk about war crime? Should straight people just stay clear?

        • NewsWatcher83

          Removing cells from a body? Honest and sensible living? Do a little research. I’d call that murder of an innocent defenseless baby. Not sure what is so funny about that. You are deranged.

  • Guest

    tool Specimen is a cheater

  • armykungfu

    The Stool Specimen is a cheater.