UFC Reinstates Anthony Johnson After Legal Complaint Dropped

November 6, 2014
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The legal complaint filed against UFC light heavyweight Anthony Johnson has been dismissed, according to UFC officials.

Johnson had been indefinitely suspended pending the outcome of legal proceedings against him and an independent investigation into the charges commissioned by the UFC.

According to a report originally unearthed by Bloody Elbow, Johnson was alleged to have struck a woman in 2012 and the force of the blow knocked out two of her teeth. The alleged victim also claimed that the incident happened at her place of work and that security-camera footage confirmed that the altercation took place.

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The alleged victim has since engaged in several verbal altercations with the Johnson and received threatening phone calls and text messages from people whom she believed to be Johnson’s associates.

Anthony JohnsonThe woman filed a report with local authorities and, at the suggestion of police, secured a restraining order.

The person who filed a civil temporary protection order against Johnson last September voluntarily dismissed the complaint last week in the Florida Circuit Court, according to UFC officials. Before granting a dismissal of the case, the presiding judge independently questioned the alleging party regarding their voluntary intentions, and thereafter the judge dismissed the entire matter.

According to the UFC, “the dismissal of the case, along with an independent investigation that was commissioned by the UFC organization, brings closure to this matter for Johnson and allows him to return to competition in the UFC. As a result, UFC officials are exploring options for Johnson’s next fight to take place early next year.”

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Though there were no details of potential opponents revealed, Johnson had been expected to fight Alexander Gustafsson when the charges against him derailed that fight. Gustafsson still has not lined up a new opponent, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the UFC returns to the original plan of pitting the two together.

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  • Chicago

    Im excited for future match ups at 205. But I am curious about what ever happened to the video.

    • madthiago

      Probably more incriminating than Thiago Silva’s video, which only proved that he is a psycho and not a wife-beating psycho.

      But Johnson is on the rise and Thiago is going down, so the UFC cut Thiago but decided to keep Johnson.

  • Darin

    “..several verbal altercations with the Johnson.” LOL! I love mmaweekly!

  • Ufc on fox

    Please make that fight for ufc on fox that fight would put that card over the top

  • TheCerealKiller

    I want the Gus fight put back together! Great fight for the next title shot.

  • Gary Fredericks

    What do you call a chick with a black eye?


    What do you call a chick with two black eyes??

    A slow learner. TaDump Tssshh!

  • penandpaper

    This is the fight that Cormier avoided and didn’t want to happen.
    Johnson will crush Cormier.

    • drkdisciple

      Where did you hear that? In your local pub? Or was it Harry’s opinion in front of the coffee machine?

      • penandpaper

        Cormier’s former sparring partners have talked about it and said that Cormier did not want to face ‘Rumble’ Johnson and was trying to avoid a fight being made between them. He knows Johnson is a dangerous striker and wrestler. Strikers that can wrestle are Cormier’s biggest threat.

        • Gary Fredericks

          Where have they talked about this fear Cormier has for AJ? Was this admission revealed in conversation? Did you read it on the internet or magazine or hear it on a podcast? You still have not answered drkdisciple’s question. You made a statement that is bull$hit unless substantiated with a good source.

      • penandpaper