UFC Primetime: Velasquez vs. dos Santos III Full Episode 1 Video

October 5, 2013
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Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez UFC 155UFC heavyweight king Cain Velasquez defends his crown against the only man to ever defeat him, former champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 in Houston. Get an all-access look at two UFC superstars as they prepare to culminate their historic trilogy.

Watch the full first episode of UFC Primetime: Velasquez vs. dos Santos III.

Click here for episode two. | Click here for episode three.

Click here for episode two. | Click here for episode three.

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  • yes

    Cain doesn’t smile – ever – if doesn’t have the belt.

    • Cptmats

      I Guess Cain is gonna stop smiling for good soon.

      • Ed

        Your kids look like bitches!! Hahahaha

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Awesome that they did a Primetime for this fight, should make it even more exciting. This should be the best trilogy in UFC history and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

  • Derek Lemaster

    Man I cant wait for this!!

  • Dragon Kid

    UFC needs to stop protecting Cain and start feeding him to the sharks

    • Kris-tyahn

      WTF does that even mean dude?!? You’re an IDIOT!

      • Dragon Kid

        Who has Cain beaten that’s good other than Big Nog & JDS? Let me guess, you’re gonna say Bigfoot. Everybody knows by now he’s just a slow heavyweight. Cormier even flattened Slowfoot easy.

        Cain needs better competition than facing the same guys he’s already beaten.

    • Andrew Damion Stibor

      lol idiot…

      • Dragon Kid

        guessing you don’t like it when I tell the truth

        • Andrew Damion Stibor

          I can’t believe this has to be explained. the number one contender fights the champ. Cain or the ufc doesn’t control who wins fights. if you were a real fight fan you would know these two have to have a rubber match. cain has fought the top heavyweights. brock lesnar who was a beast at the time fresh off chocking out steve carwin, he beat oveream who was ranked 3rd at the time and he fought big foot. there is no way NO WAY these two don’t go to a rubber match now that they are at 1 piece. are you serious?

          • Dragon Kid

            you wanna talk about “real fight fans”, you might wanna get your info right. you call brock lesnar a top heavyweight which in a “real fan’s” mind was only top due to ufc cashing in on his name value. brock never beat alistair overeem, it was overeem who kicked lesnar’s ass and won. who the hell is steve carwin? its shane carwin, idiot.

            who exactly has cain fought other than jds and big nog as top guys? even his current title defenses he’s fighting the same guys who he fought & beat previously. cain has fought more bums (morris, o’brien, rothwell, kongo) than he has fought top heavyweights. jds on the other hand has fought some of the best strikers and top guys thrown at him (nelson, hunt, gonzaga, carwin, mir, werdum, cro cop, yvel).

          • Andrew Damion Stibor

            Wow. I got the guys first name wrong. Im such a retard huh? Lol clown. So youre making a case for dos santos. How hes fought more top guys ect. So how in the f*** is the ufc protecting cain by making them fight again?lol You might want to think through what youre saying Instead of just trying to prove to everyone how much you know. And if you think lesnar wasnt a serious force during his short career you either werent paying attention or youre a f***ing moron. Probably both

          • Dragon Kid

            by the sounds of it, you’re just a casual mma fan who doesn’t like to accept facts. not only did you get carwin’s name wrong but you made a ridiculous statement by saying lesnar beat overeem. you actually took lesnar seriously as a fighter? what an idiot. he was just a pro wrestler with a ncaa background. his striking was crap, his chin was crap, his cardio and jiu jitsu were crap. the only reason he succeeded as far as he did was because of name value and the heavyweight division being thin as when he started.

            how many other top heavyweights has cain fought eh?!?!? he’s fought jds TWICE and big nog. Now’s he’s fighting jds again for a third time. why not hunt? nelson? werdum? barnett? browne? there’s plenty of top heavyweights he can take on but he’s fighting the same guys he defeated again and again. ufc is protecting him but you’re just blinded and can’t see it due to being a dumbass casual fan

          • Andrew Damion Stibor

            hahah. yeah man. I got carwin’s name wrong. and I forgot oveream beat brock. it doesn’t change the fact you’re a dumbass. You’re saying dos santos is an elite fighter who has fought a lot of more top ranked guys then cain but then you’re crying about how the ufc is protecting cain.. does that make any sense to you? Nelson has no shot. and had a couple losses that twarted his title shot hopes for now, barnett just returned and has gone on a strong enough run yet to warrent a title shot. Werdum isn’t on a run not to mention the fact that nobody is interested in seeing that fight right now. dos santos is a “shark” bud. what the hell are you talking about? not to mention when two fighters go one one in a series there is almost always a rubber match. especially when they are both still at the top of their respective division. it’s just the way it is. it’s the way it’s always been. and you know why? because it makes sense. ask yourself why you’re the only litttle cry baby on here whining about the fight. most fans are interested in seeing series settled. lol fucking smart ass ufc guy who thinks he knows everything. you’re a arm chair sportsman bud. go back toy youre stupid opinions and your cheetos. you have no idea what my involvement is in mma.