UFC President Says it’s Time for Matt Hughes and Forrest Griffin to Walk Away

August 2, 2012
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Matt Hughes and Forrest Griffin - RetirementIt’s been nearly a year since Matt Hughes lest set foot in the Octagon, and if it’s up to UFC president Dana White, the time that it has been will only get longer and longer.

In short, he wants the former UFC welterweight champion to retire. Period.

It is something Hughes has contemplated, but has yet to pull the trigger on. White, however, has his own mind made up.

“Hughes is one of these guys that I absolutely positively want Matt Hughes to retire. I mean, what else is there to accomplish. The guy has done everything,” said White after Thursday’s UFC on Fox 4 press conference.

“There’s nothing left to prove, but it’s so hard for these guys to say, ‘I’m retired.’ It was the same thing with Chuck (Liddell); going through it with Matt.”

The 38-year-old Hughes has been around the block and then some.

He’s been fighting professional since 1998. He’s already a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. He won the welterweight title on two occasions; defending the belt multiple times.

There’s really not much that Hughes hasn’t done. He even made the transition from the old SEG UFC to new Zuffa UFC complete by defeating Royce Gracie in dominant fashion.

Perhaps more surprising than saying he wanted Hughes to retire, however, was White’s steadfast belief that Forrest Griffin should hang up the gloves as well.

“I would like Forrest to retire. Nothing left for Forrest to prove either,” White declared.

“He won The Ultimate Fighter; had an amazing career. He won the title when people thought he couldn’t. He became a huge star. He made (expletive) of money. He’s got a beautiful wife; he’s got a baby.

“If you don’t want to be a world champion, why? What’s the point? I get it. It’s hard to walk away from walking into the arena with big crowds and all the (expletive).

“There comes a point man. You’ve had an amazing career; you’ve done great things. There’s nothing left to prove.”

Griffin hasn’t wanted to hear any of it, according to White. He also shot down the idea of a trilogy fight between Griffin and Stephan Bonnar or them coaching opposite each other on TUF, where they both launched their UFC careers.

Nothing, however, has become definitive for either Hughes or Griffin, so only time will tell if their ready to lay their gloves down in the Octagon and walk away.

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  • EmmettThetruth

    Come on Dana if you want Forrest to retire give him and Bonner TUF and a trilogy as their last fight. I guarantee bonner vs Griffen 3 would make the best tuf in a long time and the numbers would be much better with them being able to advertise the two guys that made “mma mainstream”

  • zacharydetal

    Matt Hughes vs Phil Baroni. thats the fight i’d make

  • I don’t think Hughes should retire. There is no sign that he cant be competitive anymore. Chuck Liddell had lost five out of his last six when he retired. Hughes is not at that point.

    • clizzark

      If you watched Hughes fight, then you’d know he’s not competitive anymore. Sure, he might be able to hang with some guys who aren’t near title contention, but he can’t compete with top 10 guys.

      • phrankthetank

        I don’t think you’re giving Hughes nearly enough credit.

  • T Spoon

    The thing is, Dana don’t want Hughes or Griffin go out like Liddell. They haven’t reached that Liddell point yet, but should quit while they’re ahead. Nobody wants to see a fan favorite get destroyed.

  • jryan

    let forrest fight bonner one more time and matt Hughes fight sera 1 more time..settle there grudges then they all can retire

  • def have forest vs bonner and either hughes vs trigg or hughes vs dennis hallman

  • wiiliamstanley

    Its hard to say. Me personally thought Hughes looked great against Kos until he got finished. He was still there to fight and was landing great shots and looked crisp. if Randy Coture can fight till he was in his mid 40s then let hughes do the same if he wants. Randy was getting his ass handed to him when he was in stiff comp against the best in the division while being in his 40s. All in all, Hughes at this point dosnt look like he is going down the same path as Chuck. Maybe one more fight can let us all know for sure.

  • Lesnardo




    • worldchamp

      Sadly, I agree with you. Griffin is a joke at this point. While I have always enjoyed watching Hughes fight, his days are pretty much over, and beating anyone in the top 10 is probably not happening for him.

      • Lesnardo

        I just can’t stand Bonnar. Look, the dude lost to Mark Coleman. And the way he used to talk about Fedor, Barnett, Overeem and other then non-UFC fighters was just laughable.

        I know he wants to suck up to Dana to get paid. But seriously, Bonnar was never even a contender in the UFC.

        Griffin was at least a titleholder. And his win over Shogun is what kept him in the UFC until today.

        But we saw what Shogun could do to Griffin. And I’ll bet money that Shogun would destroy Griffin if they ever fight again.

        • worldchamp

          Well, outside of his first fight with Griffin, Bonnar has really been a non factor in the UFC. A contender? Yeah, Bonnar was never close to a title shot (IMO).

          I still believe Griffin is just hanging around to be in the limelight. He is not a contender, and never will be again for any title. As much as you dislike Bonnar- I dislike Griffin!

  • Hughes hopefully gets win more win in before he retires. I don’t even know who I’d like to see him against, all I know is he stated that he’d like to fight someone he lost to. He has really done everything he can though. Griffin shouldn’t retire though, he still has it in him. But he can. Like Dana said, he’s won TUF, he’s won the title and became a star.

  • TKD

    Griffin vs. Bonnar would be a snooze fest. Who cares to see either of those guys fight any more, let alone fight each other again?

    I am a big Hughes fan, and think he has earned the right to call it quits when he is ready. On the other hand, Forrest should be released from the UFC if he chooses to stay around.

    • worldchamp

      I agree that Hughes has done enough to decide when he wants to go out. He is still competitive enough, and not getting killed like Chuck was. Why not leave it up to him?

  • KingSlaughter

    what?? forrest turned down tuf with him and bonnar?? that crazy orangutan

  • mma fanatic1982

    I like hughes and i still think he.could win some fights,but not against any top 10.guys. If he want to fight mediocore guys a couple of times just for the thrill of fighting then dana should let him. He.has earnes the right to have the same chances as lidell and couture had to keep fighting. Griffen.what can i say, i love the dude he put ufc on mainstream but at the same time im tired of hearing it over n over again. It doesnt cover up the fact hes prob the most overrated fighter ever. He won tuf ok so, plenty guys when tuf lol kendell grove example. And whats he done since tuf. Beat rampage with leg kicks which i dont think would happen again but he did.win that one lol wow. Hmm what else, oh the fluke over rua when he.made his.ufc debut, which rua redeemed in devastating fashion. Rashad destroyed him, silva destroyed him, heck JARDINE destroyed him. He can barely hang with a out of prime tito (who rocks lol) and imo tito won.that last fight. I had it 1rnd to 1 a piece going into the 3rd, and tito dropped him got.on top all the way forrest finally got up and tito gassed. But tito beat forrest for 3/4 of rnd 3, all griffin did was steal the end of a rnd which i hate when they say come.on late and steal the.rnds. They dont deserve the rnd.lol thats y they call it STEALING! DUMB JUDGES! EVEN GRIFFIN THOUGHT HE LOST, THATS Y HE RAN OUT THE RING LIKE HE DID THE SILVA FIGHT BEFORE THE WINNER WAS ANNOUNCED. PPL LOVE FORREST AND I STILL DO BUT WHEN THE WHOLE ARENA BOOS U KNOW U LOST THE FIGHT LOL AND THEY BOO’D FORREST THE MOST LOVED UFC FIGHTER. ANYWAY SORRY TO RAMBLE BUT YEAH FORREST IS NOT THAT GOOD AND NEVER WAS.