UFC President Says Georges St-Pierre, not Brock Lesnar, is the Biggest PPV Draw in MMA

September 22, 2011
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Georges St-Pierre after defeating Jake Shields at UFC 129

When you think about the biggest names in the UFC where it pertains to pay-per-view draw, the bullseye usually lands on former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

The one time WWE superstar has largely been targeted as the biggest name in the UFC since getting on their roster back in 2008.

Well, UFC President Dana White now says that it’s actually UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, not Lensar, who is the company’s biggest draw when it comes to pay-per-view dollars.

“Georges St-Pierre is by far the biggest pay-per-view star in mixed martial arts,” White said on Wednesday.

St-Pierre has taken some heat lately for his style that’s been called ‘playing it safe’ by some when the champion takes some fighters to decision instead of going for the kill.

In his last four title defenses, St-Pierre has gone to decision in all of them. While the champion has been dominant, he’s still taken a fair share of criticism for not putting his opponents away, even when it appears that he’s got them hurt with a chance to capitalize.

Despite the criticism from some fans, media or whoever, the translation when it comes down to the dollars and cents that St-Pierre brings in whenever he fights can’t be denied.

“For what it’s worth, people want to say he’s this or that,” White added. “By far. By far the biggest pay-per-view star in MMA.”

St-Pierre’s star power has landed him more mainstream sponsorships and advertisements than any other fighter in the UFC, and his tremendous popularity apparently translates into people willing to put down their hard earned money to watch him on TV as well.

The next big fight for the UFC’s biggest draw will be when Georges St-Pierre takes on Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 137 in October.

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  • shereko

    He’s a polarizing figure, so you either love him or hate him, so you watch because you want to either see him lay there and hold someone down for 5 rounds, or you want to see him get punched in the face and lose his title.

  • I’m a GSP fan and I know how tough his opposition has been since he entered the UFC. Nobody has had it tougher than him. But, I wonder if he is due for a loss. What Jake Ellenberger did to Jake Shields was mind-blowing in comparison to GSP’s fight with Shields. I would like to see GSP win over Condit, which will be super hard, then fight Diaz & Ellenberger. If GSP is able to defeat them, then we can talk about him being the poun-for-pound best fighter. However, he still has not fought everyone. Even though Anthony Johnson has been defeated, I would like to see how GSP would do with him. Or other fighters in that division.

  • jared499

    I would like to see some numbers to back this up. Lesnar has the 2 highest non-boxing PPV buys in combat sports. What really suprised me was that even with 2 bouts of diverticulitis, the number of fights since 2008 is practically the same, GSP 7 and Lesnar 6. I think Lesnar train is coming into the station and the UFC needs to hype the next PPV draw, GSP. Sounds like Dana being Dana, great promoter.