UFC President Says Anderson Silva Back Fighting by Year’s End, Non-Committal on Trilogy

January 28, 2014
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Anderson Silva

As gruesome and grizzly as Anderson Silva’s broken leg looked in his fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 168, as harrowing as the raw footage of the incident was in UFC president Dana White’s recent video blog, the former UFC middleweight champion simply suffered a broken bone that will heal.

And White says that the prognosis is that it will heal and Silva could be back in the Octagon by the end of 2014.

“What’s crazy about that injury is he will be walking without crutches in a few weeks, he will be training in less than six months, and he will be fighting by the end of the year,” White said on Monday’s edition of SportsNation on ESPN2.

“So if you blow your ACL out, you’re out for a year and three months. You break your leg in half; you’re back before the end of the year.”

His comments were directly in line with those of Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, who recently told MMAWeekly.com, “He’s sitting back right now. The guy is just thinking about other things, spending some time with his family here in Los Angeles. He feels good though.

“It’s gonna be a lot of physical therapy, but he’s in the right place. It might take a year, but I think no later than one year, he’ll be back.”

So does that mean if Weidman still holds the middleweight belt upon Silva’s return that a trilogy would be in order?

After all, Silva got knocked out in his first fight with Weidman and then suffered the devastating injury in the rematch. Generally, a trilogy isn’t immediately built when one fighter loses back-to-back fights to the other.

It’s unlikely that Silva would get another immediate shot at the title when he returns, and to be fair, he hasn’t asked for anything. As of right now, Silva has been focused on healing and spending time with his family.

White wouldn’t commit one way or the other, either, but sounded less than committed to the idea of Silva just jumping feet first back into the fire.

“He’s got to come back first,” said White. “Let him start training, see what happens, and then we’ll go from there.”

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  • Whatever he decides to do in the future, he’ll still be a legend in my books.

    • Manuel Lopez

      If you gotta type that here then it means you’re trying to convince yourself of that. AS is done.

      • Drock420

        Who’s a more dominant middleweight than him? Don’t say Weidmen, hes hasn’t been champ for even a year yet. If AS isn’t a legend then I don’t know what is.

        • Seth

          No one said he’s not a legend or he’s not most dominant MW ever. Manuel just said he’s done, and I agree with him. Anderson is THE legend, best ever. No doubts. But for nowdays he’s career is over. He shouldn’t come back or if he does come back – thats should be for one fun superfight, like GSP for example. He shouldn’t come back and try another run for the title.

          • solo

            Okay, so you and Manuel have an M.D. right?

          • Seth

            I don’t mean it from medical POV. Why would he challenge for title again? He’s closing in on his career, injury or not. Let’s say he wins title…and what? Retires in year or two, vacanting belt? He has nothing else to prove, so unless its a superfight, like GSP or sth – I don’t see reason for him to return. Even if he can get belt back, that wouldnt mean much – as it was already said, he is most dominant MW ever and one of the best, if not the best, fighter in history. He broke almost every record UFC had and those records will be there for a while for sure.

        • Denny Swain

          Weidman is more dominant, he proved it twice as if it was childs play.

          • shawn_jhnstn@yahoo.com

            Ur an IDIOT!

  • Denny Swain

    Please no triology. Silva will probably end up dead then silvas fanboys coming up with all these hypothesis, “what ifs “,and all their bellyaching. No dana please, no more, no triology. The silva fanboys are the worse of alllllllllllll!!!! No please no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pewpewdie

      Fanboys man be terrible but you sound just as immature

      • Denny Swain

        Thank you so very much! Good day sir!

    • Reed

      So what you are saying is when a fighter breaks his bone, like josh Thompson did, they such? Are you from new York? Sonnen beat the crap out of Anderson for 4.5 round and still lost.

      • Denny Swain

        No sir. What I’m saying is, weidman was the dominant fighter both fights, also he won both times. Silva was being pummeled and the fights weren’t even close ,therefore there should be no triology since silva was so thoroughly dominated, but worse of all is the silva fans who come up with all these “what ifs “. You could apply a million “what ifs “to any single circumstance. The facts are weidman beat the goat therefore weidman is the goat slayer. He beat “clowning “silva and “serious ” silva thoroughly.

        • Reed

          Yes Silva lost both times once because he got beat legitimate. The second time because he broke his own bone. I personally don’t think Weidman will best vitor. So I think a trilogy fight make since because Weidman and Silva could fight for a title shot. I would be fine with Weidman beating Silva I just want him to really best him, not Silva bone beat him.

          P.S. not a AS fanboy, but admire his talent and good fights. He is not B.J.Penn, Silva can beat Weedman.

          • Kris-tyahn

            Weidman KTFO out of Silva in the 1st fight, Silva fought like he did his entire UFC career, so whats ur point?!? Silva’s the “GOAT” when he clowns & wins, but when he clowns & loses, it’s b/c he was clowning around?!? STFU you AS nut hugger!
            Weidman almost KO’d Silva in the 1st round of the 2nd fight, b/c he was stronger than Silva in the clinch, which was never seen before, thats Silva go to move, yet he almost went ZzzZzz. The 2nd round, if you watch it again, check how slow Silva is, especially his kicks, Weidman seem them coming a mile away when he backed up, and when he checked them, he did it perfectly. You realise that Silva’s corner/team stated that Silva had his tibia fractured from a previous check, and then he completely broke it in half with the next kick, which Weidman times perfectly on to his knee.

          • Reed

            Are you a fight fan? Clearly not, because you are saying that when a fighter gets rocked there is no way he can come back and when. You also are saying there is no way a slower fighter can win. Do you watch many fights? Silva bone broke because of a freak accident fact! Weedman might have won if it kept going he might win if they fight a trilogy. The point is there last fight didn’t get a true conclusion, unless you are a Weedman lover! And like I previously stated if Weedman doesn’t have the belt it will make perfect since when Silva comes back.

            By the way I think you have a low IQ.

          • Baller31

            I like both fighters, but no, silva cannot beat Weidman

  • me

    No trilogy. He got KO’d in the first fight and TKO’d in the second. Watch the first round again Silva goes out for a second. He should fight bisping or move up to 205 and fight someone like shogun or glover

  • TheCerealKiller

    Come back and fight guys the fans want to see! A lot of people want to see him beat Bispings a$$, but Bisping will never earn a fight if Silva is champ. Hopefully GSP is bulking up while on his break. There are a lot of fun fights out there for him.

    • solo

      Maybe Rockhold? I would love to see that fight.

    • Kris-tyahn

      GSP is too small, GSP would get crushed vs. Silva based on size, just like Silva would get crushed by Jones, based on Size, just like Jones would get crushed by Cain…. b/c Cain’s a beast!!!


    I wanna see Silva vs Bisping

  • Big Tuna

    Trilogy? Against who? He lost twice to the only opponent he faced twice

    • Baller31

      Nope, he also faced okami and sonnen twice

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    What other fight would even make sense for Silva?

  • Baller31

    There are lots of great fights for silva –I’d love to see him crush Belfort again, or fight nick Diaz, maybe even GSP if he finds his nuts. He could also make a run at 205 now that jones has been proven very human. But Weidman will always be a bad matchup for silva .

    • shawn_jhnstn@yahoo.com

      LHW is the place for AS to settle into and see if he can get his discipline back and check his ego there’s alot of fights that would make great co main events

  • lowlb

    Having the rod and screws in your leg sucks. The screws ache and the rod doesn’t flex like bone. It takes a while to get the strength back in leg and the rod will suck for a while. When AS does heal he’ll have a titanium rod reinforcing his shin = nasty leg kicks.
    Weidman should face an AS that doesn’t clown around or break his leg. The only good fight Weidman has had was against Munoz. AS will not have the confidence in his leg within a year.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Pretty sure Weidman KTFO out of a Silca that fought like he ALWAYS did before, but Weidman isn’t a B level fighter like many of Silva’s opponents…. Cote, Maia, Lutter, Leites, Irvin, Bonnar etc.
      In the rematch, Silva was almost KTFO in the 1st round when he got clipped in the clinch, I guess you didn’t notice Weidman being stronger than Silva in the clinch, which is why he almost got KO’d. Watch the 2nd fight, 2nd round again, Silva has ZERO speed on his strikes, but especially his kicks, he was still hurting from that punch in the 1st round. Silva better hope you gets a warm up fight before Weidman, or he’s going to lose 3 straight to the same guy.
      I thought I read a couple of days ago, that Silva wanted to box RJJ before any MMA fights?!?
      P.S Dana thinks Silva will be all good to go & fight at the end of 2014, I’ll put any bet down, that says he doesn’t fight until midway through 2015 if that soon. He might be physically healthy, but mentally, he will need more time.

      • julian moran

        Silva also fought Franklin, Belfort, Henderson…
        Maia is pretty good, he was making a run for the title before his loss to shields. I would not call him a B level fighter.
        Silva also went up to lhw to fight a then recent lhw champion and beat him like no one ever had.

        I don’t know why anyone would try to make it seem that Silva had an easy road to the top.
        You seem very angry and partial for a psychologist.

        • Denny Swain

          We agree that silva had great victories over great opponents, whic in turn makes weidmans complete dominance over silva in both fights even more impressive

          • taylor2008


    • taylor2008

      Silva fights like that. Quit saying Weidman won because he was “clowning” around. Silva has KO’d some of the best fighters in the world with his so called clowning. Ali did that too. Thats their style. Weidman is just the most well rounded and patient fighter Silva fought. Why dont you guys ever give Weidman credit? He KO’d Silva in the first fight and had his out on his feet in the second. ANd was dominated him in the second.

  • julian moran

    Weidman probably won’t be champion when Silva returns.
    Trilogies are usually made, when each fighter won and lost 1.
    I would like to see Silva take one or two fights like Bisping and Rockhold as warm up fights, before challenging for the title.

    • Baller31

      I don’t see any of the current middleweights giving Weidman trouble. Do not understand how people can still underestimate him after he dominated silva in standup, in the clinch, on the ground….

      • taylor2008

        Most do not get fighting. They probably never fought. Weidman is a very well rounded fighter. Think about this….Sonnen put a beating on Silva in the first fight. Weidman is jsut as good or a better wrestler than Sonnen. He is as good or better a striker. But….one skill Weidman has the Sonnen doesnt is that Weidman is a brown belt in jits. Sonnen doesnt have as good as skills in that area.
        If Weidman fights smart and doesnt get too comfortable. he is going to hold the belt for a while.

      • opposition13

        I agree, its gonna be a never ending story for Weidman