UFC President Finds Nick Diaz Fascinating (Video)

February 2, 2012
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UFC president Dana White has been around the MMA game for a long team and dealt with all types of fighters, but still, even he finds Nick Diaz fascinating. MMAWeekly.com caught White after the UFC 143 Pre-Fight Press Conference, capturing his thoughts on Saturday’s main eventer.

Warning the language is a little bit colorful on this one…

  • look at nick just stare at the belt he wants it

  • TKD

    I find Diaz “fascinating” too. I am fascinated by the fact that someone so stupid, ignorant, and boring can learm MMA.

    He’s a lot like the monkeys they teach to act like humans. You can’t help but be fascinated by him.

    • RonnieV

      Whatever Dipsh#t! I’ve had a couple of good conversations with Nick, and he only talks this way with the media. In regular situations Nick & Nate talk like regular people, and are very respectful.
      I can understand why many people like yourself don’t like Nick, he’s just not for everyone, but where do you get-off calling him boring? Has he had one boring fight in the past 5 years?

      • TKD

        Thanks for being an adult and calling me a “Dipsh#t”. You are clearly as smart as Diaz.

        I didn’t mean the guy’s fights are boring. While I personally hate the guy’s attitude, I actually give him respect for his fights. If everyone else fought with his intensity and excitement the UFC would be the number one sport on earth. Anyone that denies he is exciting to watch is just plain full of it.

        Having said that, the vast majority of us do not speak with these guys on a personal level, so we only know what we see. We only know what HE presents himself as. And, yes, HE makes himself sound boring and uneducated.

        I’d like to see him lose to Condit. But I really want to see GSP dismantle him.

        • RonnieV

          Fair enough, sorry for the insult.

          • TKD

            @ RonnieV: It’s all good. I understood what you were saying. Peace!

        • MMA/UFC IS the number one sport on Earth!!!!

          • TKD

            Statistically, is MMA/UFC the world’s number one sport? While I seriously doubt it, you may be right. In fact, I hope you are right!

          • xtutx

            soccer/Europian football is a pretty big sport throughout the world. But MMA is number 1 in my books.

  • trevor

    I would have to agree . I too find Nick Diaz somewhat fascinating. Not at all with reverence with just shear curiosity, it is obvious he can fight and has some serious anxiety and deep seated insecurities going on but this is MMA weekly so I wont super diagnose and offend the basement dwellers (yup you still living in mommy and daddies basement). I honestly think that with some good guidance and a little less stupidity the Diaz boys could be good for the sport. I dont see that happening in the next year ans foresee loss and depression coming Nicks way. I hope for his sake he can suffer through adversity ans surround himself with some good people who will teach him the value of respect. Condit will prevail ….Diaz’s strength will be tested in his ability to overcome adversity. (all my opinion)

  • Anthony

    I think Nick just is lacking in the social graces of dealing with the media. It cant be easy-your dehyrated, hungry ,and generally feel misrible so the last thing any fighter wants to be is social.I think it takes a really mature individual to come off profesional 24/7 like a GSP. People forget although Nicks been around a while the guy started young, has little education, and it cant be easy adjusting to his instant celebrity status for a blue collar guy. That said, the b.s. he pulled by taunting Cyborg after dismantling her husband was classless–theres no defending that.