UFC President Dana White Takes Conor McGregor on a Ferrari Tour of Las Vegas (video)

July 17, 2013
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Conor McGregor and Dana White video-110x77The UFC’s head honcho, Dana White, took the promotion’s latest Irish find, Conor McGregor, on a tour of Las Vegas… in his Ferrari.

McGregor caught it on video, as the King of Las Vegas and the King of Dublin took over the Strip.

Conor McGregor is slated to face Max Holloway at the first UFC on Fox Sports 1 Fight Night on Aug. 17 in Boston.

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  • whatever


    • Mark Bazid

      Shallow? How so?
      Because he can afford a Ferrari and you can’t.
      He built the UFC and made a s*** ton of money.
      Spending t on a few luxury toys is not shallow.
      He does more for charity than you probably do or ever will.

      • WTF

        Oh mark bazid why don’t you go suck his cock why don’t ya? Praising him like he got nuts in your mouth.

        Who cares what he can or can’t afford i hope dana douchebag and the conor dude both crash and die!

        Speaking of charity from dana white? That a joke, All i’m saying it that charity is used with his car, you can believe otherwise from dana white “Saying it”

        Yep comment me bout being the hater please… It just annoying seeing people defend idiots.

        • leo

          @WTF you are a idiot “I hope dana douchebag and conor dude both crash and die” This is a pathetic comment. Conor is a poor dude from Ireland who is obviously very excited about finally getting a chance to hit the big time. So really Dana is actually helping him.

        • Mark Bazid

          Leo is right. The only idiot here is you WTF!
          Its Morons like you that make MMA fans look like goons.

        • fsunoles10

          please kill yourself.

      • Milosc

        You’re only thinking in 2 gears, here. I don’t think his comment was about ego at all

        I don’t know about you, but I feel more emotionally mature by the day sometimes. It did strike me as goonish, and I actually think he was a little uncomfortable

        I mean, what were they going to do next: circle the grocery store parking lot? Patrol the mall? The guy is a grown man

    • Sir_Roy


  • christopher Breuer

    I don’t think he meant shallow as in money but acting like a 20 year old yeah, it just kind of made me think of Charles Mask Lewis.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Pimps always treat the new girls good.

  • South.NZ.MMA

    Conor Mcgregor is the real deal! no joke very crisp and sharp stand up!