UFC President Dana White Says Cris Cyborg Committed Professional Suicide

October 3, 2013
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosInvicta FC featherweight champion and former Stikeforce women’s featherweight titleholder Cris “Cyborg” Justino is arguably the best female fighter in the world and certainly the best female fighter not signed to the UFC.

She’s headlined Strikeforce fight cards on Showtime and singl- handedly brought an end to the Gina Carano era of Women’s MMA.  She has a rivalry with UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey that dates back to her Strikeforce days.

There are two factors that have kept her out of the UFC Octagon.  The UFC doesn’t have a women’s featherweight division.  Cyborg has said she can’t make the cut from 145 pounds to the 135-pound weight class.  Although, at one time, the UFC offered to assist her in teaming with the right nutritionists and conditioning experts to safely make the transition.

But there may be a bigger factor than dropping weight classes preventing Cyborg from competing on mixed martial arts’ biggest stage.  She is represented by Tito Ortiz’s Primetime 360 Entertainment & Sports Management Inc.

Ortiz’s fued with UFC president Dana White has been well documented over the years and has escalated since the former light heavyweight titleholder inked a deal with Bellator MMA in July.

“She’s got a dummy running her business who can’t run his own business,” said White during a UFC World Tour: Silva vs. Weidman 2 press stop in Brazil.

“She literally committed professional suicide.  The dumbest guy in the sport, literally, the dumbest guy in the sport, who has destroyed his own career, she has him guide her career.  It makes no sense,” added the UFC president.

White didn’t close the door on working with Cyborg, but made it clear that’s not going to happen as long as she is managed by Ortiz.

“The last thing I would do, ever, is do anything with that knucklehead, and I’m not talking about Cyborg.”

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  • tyrone

    Danas trying to make excuses to protect rousey. He knows rousey cant hang with cyborg

    • Advance*

      Ummmm Cyborg was the one that asked to be released from her contract. I agree she would beat Ronda but how does her willingly leaving the UFC turn into Dana making excuses? She should have tried to figure out a way to make 135.

      • candelario

        “tried to figure out a way to make 135” that’s really funny…. you say it like it’s no big deal…

        • disqus_YKbGhc2QE7

          Now that she’s off the steroids, it should be no problem at all.

          • Lucas Freire

            Ask Overeem to go back to 205.
            Steroids aren’t like that, she doesn’t use it and gain 10 pounds overnight.

          • Michael J Wilding

            problem is she isnt off steroids and its very obvious she is still very much on them.

        • alcamino

          Dr Mike Dolce is the best in the athletic world at safely dropping weight. Dana had him set to help Cyborg safely be able 2 make 136 at WEIGH IN. Hell, she could pack on all she wanted AFTER weigh in for 24hrs. Dolce said he could have her in better fighting condition at 135 than at 145. See, dana was trying to sign her 2 A 135lb contract so the RR Superfight COULD happen, u Idiot. It was Tito that that No bc Dana Refused 2 Pay him the RIDICULOUS $$ Titi was Demanding. Only then did “their” Drs., say she couldn’t safely be at 136. So, u either believe Dana & Dr Dolce….,or Tito.

      • Jeffrey Domer

        it is virtually impossible to make 135 as cyborg been telling from day one . you cant just say cut weight if its really impossible and dangerous to her health … cyborg is the best female fighter ever hands down …

        • Bonnie Fusco

          you are delusional cyborg is a great fighter but she makes145 on the juice she can easily make 135 with proper training and diet. WAKE UP!

          • Lucas Freire

            You’re not considering the fact that, ugly or not, SHE’S A WOMAN.
            You can’t just ask a woman that already cuts weight to cut 10lbs more.

          • Lucas Freire

            Cyborg cuts from 170. Moron.

          • Lucas Freire
          • Darren Mahoney

            Lol at the weak keyboard fools above who make cutting weight sound easy cause they saw it on tv. The fans of mma are all tuf newbs who don’t know fighting from their own holes

          • Jeffrey Domer

            delusional eh ? you know what .. cyborg want to go to ufc at one point but this weight thing definitely stopped her from doing that … did u see her on that weigh in against her recent opponent ? shes soo dried up just to get 145 … if she can make 135 theres no reason shes not in the ufc right now… but ufc knows that she cant make weight and they love ronda so much they dont want cyborg be the reason of her downfall … wake up !!!

          • Darren Mahoney

            I guess she could cut to 125 as well? How about 115? You’re a tool with no idea what you are talking about.

        • Jared Puente

          didnt someone just die from weight cutting improperly

          • Darren Mahoney

            Dana was really concerned…not. He’s a joke. He says how its not worth dying for but then protects his investment with a weight issue. He’s a hypocrite.

          • dgs

            Totally agree!! I’m proud of Cyborg for sticking to her guns on this. The woman is “shredded” at 145, maybe 2% body fat, what the f&ck is she going to cut, muscle??

            Weight cutting in MMA is a joke anyway, with fighters fighting WAY out of their natural weight class. Really, you’re that freaking desperate to win you’ll permanently risk your health just to have a 10 to 15 pound weight advantage come fight day. Pathetic!

            I’ve been calling for weigh-ins on the day of the fight ever since weight classes were instituted in the UFC, as that would immediately stop all of this ridiculous weight cutting nonsense.

            And Dana, you are a complete tool, and the ONLY reason you’re in the position you’re in is because you’ve got some extremely wealthy friends who gave you your job. Otherwise, you would be a nobody, not even worthy of cleaning Tito’s butt hole after a dump.

      • Lucas Freire

        Dude, you just went full retard.
        Never go full retard.
        She asked to be released because there’s no logic on being an UFC employee when they don’t even have plans of creating your division.
        And that was the right choice. With all the fights she has been doing, it’s more than obvious how Dana is protective towards Ronda, and how Cris is the better fighter.

        • jeremy

          That was so stupid, she could have got off the juice and those 10 pounds would melt off.. and its called making weight. fighters make weight. they dont tell the promotion to make a weight class just for them. Talk about going full retard, you just did!!

          • jbear

            Jeremy, you have NO idea if she is on juice or not. They test her after each fight. Many fighters have come up hot, some have come up hot more than once. You make no sense. You’re just a Cyborg-hater, admit it and then shut up and let the adults write comments!

          • mike

            the juice she was on was to cut weight not to get bigger!!!

          • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

            If you give every female MMA in the world HGH and test, I still think Cyborg beats them all, at this moment in time.

          • Lucas Freire

            I can only wonder how can you consider posting on a MMA discussion while you don’t know anything about the sport itself.

            She already cuts weight, and that’s why her doctor said she can’t cut anymore, because a woman needs more bodyfat than a man, and she’s already at an extremely low level of BF%, while she already dehydrates to cut weight, so there’s not much she can do, you can see it by how shredded she is in comparison to any other fighter.
            And, she wasn’t telling the promotion to create a division for her, it was quite the opposite, on Strikeforce the main WMMA division was the 145, Ronda herself fought on this division, they created 135 with the sole purpose of promoting Ronda while not giving her the beating of her life against Cyborg.

          • DollWatcher
          • Lucas Freire

            I saw this interview, and while I trust a lot on Dolce’s work, we gotta remember that cutting the weight is the first step on a fight. What about the fight itself? Yeah, I know he made a miracle with Rampage, but since then, I don’t know if it was because of his weight cut or simply because he’s getting old and lazy, Page was never the same.
            And, as I said below, we have to remember that Cris is a woman(as far as I know lol), a woman’s organism is much more vulnerable to cutting weight and losing bodyfat as she has more functions related to these things.

          • DollWatcher

            Luke, i’ll just betcha’ that Dolce, being the best on the planet at what he does, already knows male & female bodies are different. I doubt CB is the 1st woman (??) he’s worked with. When he says she would be as good, or better, at 135 than she is now…..who can say he’s wrong?

          • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

            “tell the promotion to make a weight class just for them”
            Right, I am sure Dodson and Mighty Mouse never in a million years had a weight class ‘made’ for them… Newsflash, Dana is committing professional suicide of his own. People are tired of his meddling. UFC is supposed to be a sport, not Dana White’s plaything.

          • Darren Mahoney

            What? You don’t think fighting is about “going for it” and “impressing Dana? He did boxercise!

          • Darren Mahoney

            Do you make weight retard. Stfu

        • KJ JK

          Sorry Lucas…easy on the retard.

          Her agreement with the UFC allowed her to also fight for Invicta and remain a UFC employee.

          So your story isn’t correct, and it wasn’t the best decision. She could have done everything she is doing now while still being in the UFC.

          • Lucas Freire

            What she would be doing in the UFC other than damaging her image( that’s already messed up, due to roids) because she says she can’t cut weight to fight on the only women division? I vaguely remember something about it, but in my opinion it’d only devalue her and make it easier for Dana to do whatever he wants with the only threat to Rowsy at the moment.

          • Darren Mahoney

            Dana wants this at 135. Why doesn’t he get Jon jones to go down to 185 to fight Anderson silva? He protects his investment and runs his mouth. He’s not a fighter he’s a promoter. Big difference.

        • Creepy

          Maybe they aren’t being protective of Rousey but restrictive of Cris, her getting popped for steroids n all.

      • disqus_YKbGhc2QE7

        10 lbs would be a non issue if she was really off the smack.

        • Jared Puente

          rousey lost 10 lbs easy because she’s a chubby bitch

          • Jared Puente

            honey boo boo

        • jbear

          Question, how do you know this to be true? Answer, you don’t. You’re just babbling.

          • disqus_YKbGhc2QE7

            Question, why do you write like this? Answer, because you’re a poor writer. Let me help you out, jackass, she popped for anabolic steroids 2 years ago. Somehow, following a 1 year suspension for being a cheating piece of s***, she came out the other side at exactly the same weight. Strange.

        • Darren Mahoney

          You have no idea what you are talking about. Go watch tuf you fool

          • disqus_YKbGhc2QE7

            You, however, are an expert.

          • DollWatcher

            I’ve never watched tuf. Quit actin’ like ur OPINION carries Any weight compared to Dr Dolce. It’s always the same Cookie Cutter comments from the RR haters. If CB won’t even attempt to get to 135, then she really doesn’t want to. She does what Cheeto tells her. RR will Never fight above 135. Why the F should she? Never 2 just satisfy the haters. She’s got the world by the ass now.

          • Did you just give Mike Dolce — a failed MMA professional — a distinguished title such as doctor? Are you Dolce himself or just hang off of his jock that hard? Are you serious or trolling?

        • Darren Mahoney

          Than rouser should have no problem doing the fight at 140 should she? Make it an exhibition. She won’t get out of round one. She won’t get out of the first two minutes of round one.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            I can’t believe Guyborg has one fan in this world. Guyborg is a ROID FREAK/Man beast who has been on steroids close to 10 years and has the most obvious HGH chin I have ever seen. Someday the truth will come out from her exhusband on how much roids and HGH she has really been on all these years

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Guyborg won’t beat Rhonda without steroids

    • jeremy

      That has nothing to do with it, cuz if you look at fact. He already tried to keep her and help her make weight. And she asked for her release. He just hates Tito…. He wanted Cyborg.. Just look at the history and the facts speak for them selves.

      • Darren Mahoney

        Maybe she should die like that Brazilian. Or change her nickname to the scarecrow. Rouse could make 140 no problem. The weigh class was set to disadvantage cyborg. Dana is a douche

    • Sacha Þor Asgeir Medina

      i think cyborg is the best female but also that she should have show the world who is the champ and just lose the wait. no excuses… but shes also lossing s*** alot of money for not cuting 10 p so must be a good reason for that

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Anyone who can’t see Cyborg for what (IT) clearly is has blinders on. That people is nothing but a ROIDED UP billy ape experiment gone wrong. Guyborg should only be allowed fight closer to her own specie.

    • Mark McDowall

      Your right that Dana is protecting his new golden girl…BUT…he would probably be more open to it if Cyborg wasn’t being managed by Ortiz.

      The UFC is going to eventually have to create more weight classes in the womens division. There are a huge amount of talented women fighters out there in other weight classes. Until they create more divisions then the womens division will always be there just to have a place in the ufc for Rousey.

    • uncle

      Dana should just keep his mouth shut about
      Cyborg ..unless he plans on giving her a home
      in the UFC, this is esoteric subject

    • Ping

      Cyborg has already been busted once for steroids. Can any of you honestly say she has gotten any smaller since being caught? No she hasn’t. Anyone who understands how the body works knows that she would lose muscle mass once off of steroids. She could make 135 if she was clean. She obviously isn’t. If you think she is clean. Well you are retarded and not even worth debating.

    • Ed Mister

      Rousey won’t have the title by the end of 2014, so then she might be amenable to fighting Cristiane at 140. McMann will be the next or second to the next fight after Tate for Rousey. The hype train will stop there.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        you sure ended up being 100% wrong. Rousey destroyed MCmann and HUGE HEAD Tate

    • Creepy

      Rousey could submit god by armbar in the first. Check the books. Rousey aint goin’.

  • Kyle Reusch

    No i honestly think he just hates Tito and i dont blame him. I agree that Rhonda would probably lose, but i dont think thats a factor here.

    • Darren Mahoney

      He has good reason to hate Tito. Maybe coutour as well. But stop being a f****** p**** and give us the best fighters.

  • David Huenecke

    Tito has done nothing but cause problems for dana. So regardless of the fighter why would he want to deal with Tito. It would just end up mired under months of negotiaions and if she somehow lost Tito would say it was because of injuries and say how if she was 100% she wouldve won. Tito is known for making excuses for his losses more so than nick diaz.

    • jbear

      Yeah, and Dana is a nice and stable man–not really. He’s as psychotic as his woman, Lousey.

  • noone

    before her fight with Gina she was making weight at 140….i dont see why she couldnt make 135, unless she is just using excuses to stay on the smack

    • Michael J Wilding

      thats exactly why she wont come to ufc she would get busted and once you come off the juice she wont be able to perform at a high level anymore just look at reem.

  • Poopadoop

    Dana is so funny. I love it.

  • cmfmaris

    Ronda is beautiful; we must protect her from de brutality.

    • cmfmaris

      “the”, not “de”. english, not spanish (or spanish, not english).

      • cmfmaris

        ¿”not”? Spanish: Ronda es demasiado hermosa y debemos protegerla de la brutalidad.

    • jeremy

      She’s not beautiful.

  • Captainindustry

    Wow.. Gina Carano. I haven’t heard that name is a while. She has more class than Rhonda.

    • Terra_Ryzing

      And a better ass.

      • macarrech

        And a pretty face

    • Fractal Vortices

      Rhonda is very childish but honest though being childish makes her stupid, she is however a true warrior.

    • DollWatcher

      U forget Gina was showin’ her T&A on American Gladiator? I love Gina, but Cmon”, that’s just a stupid thing 2 say

      • Ed Mister

        I disagree. Fat Ronda and her Oinker pal Marina are a well designed carnival act.

        • DollWatcher

          Point was……No1 said s*** @ Gina being Just T&A on A.G., Which was Only a Carnival. Just sayin’.

  • JR Hall

    She’ll be the Fedor of Women’s MMA if she doesn’t make a move to change her representation.

  • Michael J Wilding

    cyborg cant get by the sterioid testing in UFC so you will never see her in UFC even if they made her division she cant come over. Once she is off the juice you will see her gas like reem does and lose to most contenders .

  • jeremy

    Or is she dident take anything she would naturally go down to 135.

  • jeremy

    Anyone notice how dam big cyborgs head is? Its bigger then Tito’s.. Looks like she’s going to tip over if not careful lol

    • jbear

      I guess you think that steroids make your head and chin bigger? You are wrong. They don’t effect bone structure on an adult.

      • Brak

        HGH does affect bone structure

        • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

          check ot GSP’s obvious HGH gut

  • james j

    Tito is a disaster. Does he work for FEMA?

  • jbear

    Why doesn’t Dana White just grow up and quit bagging on everyone he doesn’t like. He is proof that you can be both rich and a complete moron.

    • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

      Dana tries to ‘make an example’ out of people. Something he can point to and say “This is what happens when you play hardball with me”, to intimidate the new and upcoming fighters, to make sure they accept the contracts 6k to show, 6k to win, etc.



  • Matt Carnes

    You people are laughable!! Lol to be the best in the world you have to beat the best in the world. And everyone knows that for you to be consider the best in the world you have to be the UFC champion! Cyborg needs to make 135lbs, It is very possible to do. Chael Sonnen walks around at 235 and he has fought most of his fights at 185. If I was considered one of the best fighters in the world and I wasn’t in the UFC. Unless I didn’t think I was the best, I would want to join the UFC and prove to everyone that I am the best in the world. I personally think Rousey would beat Cyborg but it could go either way. Rousey wants the fight but Cyborg has to be willing to join the UFC

  • Fedor Jones

    Spoken like a true monopolist.

  • Informed One

    Here are a few facts. 1.Cyborg tested positive for Stanozolol after the Yamanaka fight. 2.Stanozolol is a synthetic testosterone, known for it’s muscle building affects. It is a man made testosterone, in other words, it is fake testosterone that makes you more of a male.

    Men=higher metabolism.
    Metabolism= 1/2 catabolism (tissue breakdown), 1/2 anabolism (tissue building).
    Translated, this means better fat burning, better muscle building. Increase your metabolism, you end up building more muscle and burning more fat. Ever wonder how body builders can get so damn lean while eating so much food? Steriods.

    Is Cyborg still on stanozolol? I don’t think so, have a look at her before and after. One from the yamanaka fight, and one from her muay thai fight last month. So, what does all this mean?

    Cyborg has well documented her weight training for mma. Stop lifting, you lose weight. It is easy to lose 10lbs if you are a WL, you simply do less WL.

    Hey stupid people, stop claiming Stanozolol is only for staying lean. Stop claiming Cyborg can’t lose 10lbs. Would Cyborg beat honda? maybe, we won’t know unless we see a much weaker Cyborg at 135. Either way, stop posting ignorant information.

  • Fat Bloke

    Its not all about cutting fat and water to make weight. Cyborg is carrying too much muscle, hence her manly appearance. She could definitely change her body shape if she wanted to badly enough. The fact is she will continue to not be recognized while she is out of the UFC. Dana has all the power and no amount of whinging from Tito or Cyborg is going to change that. Even if they were right it doesn’t matter to Dana. I want to see Cyborg fight in the UFC but she needs to make it happen not Dana.

  • rg

    stupid discussion. got to agree with thing though, at any weight they could agree on cyborg would KTFO ronda. of course she would do the same to at least 54 of the 55 commentators so far as well.

  • DollWatcher
  • Ping

    Cyborg has already been busted once for steroids. Can any of you honestly say she has gotten any smaller since being caught? No she hasn’t. Anyone who understands how the body works knows that she would lose muscle mass once off of steroids. She could make 135 if she was clean. She obviously isn’t. If you think she is clean. Well you are retarded and not even worth debating.

  • Informed One

    @ping, i think she is doing roids less often, in order to be clean when she is likely to be tested. Less often = less gain, hence she is smaller as you can see in my pics i posted below. It is my belief that is the reason she doesn’t want to come to the UFC. She could easily do less WL and drop muscle weight, diet and stay lean, and make 135. Her issue is the strict testing (stricter) of the UFC. And she also knows that if she’s off the juice and fighting at a smaller 135, Honda would man handle her, so to speak.

    As for the Honda haters, don’t underestimate her. She is crazy strong for a small woman, and she has technique behind it. Standup? Sure cyborg would smash her, but thats not what mma is. One sided beating or not, it took Cyborg most of 4 rounds to finish Coenen, Ronda would steamroll Coenen in less than 2. Pray Tito gets arrested for domestic violence and maybe we all get to see Cyborg VS Rousey.

  • Shazza

    Dana white = tool!!
    He should sign cyborg who ever her manager is!!
    Yet again dana white = tool

  • Big Tuna

    Chris is the one that chose to fight in the women’s division, don’t blame the UFC for this. I’m sure Anthony Pettis would’ve fought Him.

  • Bugster

    Dana White is really a rich and spoil rat. What does Cyborg have to do with her manager. Just give her a fair deal and get over it. This has nothing to do with Tito.
    At the end of the day Cyborg will make the final say of the contract not Tito.

    • WRONG!
      Dana has the final say which is why Tito was given the boot!

  • Darren Mahoney

    Dana wants cyborg to cut an unhealthy amount of weight and be weak for the fight. So obvious he’s protecting his golden child. Tito should sue him for these comments. He is clearly trying to ruin Ortiz business.

    • Since then, Cris has gotten smart and gave Tito the boot.
      Guess Dana was right again…lol

  • AP

    Cyborg shouldn’t be allowed to fight ever because of her STEROID use, not the other reasons. It’s obvious she’s used a lot of steroids.

    • StopFitchn

      IMO Guyborg has been using massive ROIDS for at least 8 years. There are pictures of (her???) notice the her??? when she (IT) was 21 and she didn’t have that huge fricken HGH square jaw and looked like a normal girl. My guess is Guyborg stacked massive amounts of steroids for better than half decade

  • Darren Mahoney

    I agree cyborg deserves a shot. Losing that weight is not as simple as you think. She’s not going to risk her life to beat up rousey

  • Fractal Vortices

    Dana is a f’ing bitch with ego issues, seriously so what who promotes her someone can be a bad fighter and a excellent coach or promoter, I’d have thought White would know that.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Dana not getting what he wants = toys out of pram.

  • Ed Mister

    It should be apparent that Dana White does not care about the fans. He’s just about the money. Look at the Fat Ronda hype train. How insulting to fighters like Dan Henderson. His comments about Ortiz, after all the money he made the UFC, demonstrate that White does not belong in the same sentence as Goodell, Stern, Selig, etc. But now this blackballing of Cristiane is one of his most flagrant insults to the fans. If the fans want her, then the UFC should accommodate the fans, not White’s ego which is hurt because Ortiz won’t don knee pads. Yet another blow to the sport, which continues its downward trends in fan participation.

    • Ed Mister

      Fat Ronda won’t have the title by the end of 2014, so then she might be amenable to fighting Cristiane at 140. McMann will be the next or second to the next fight after Tate for Rousey. The hype train will stop there.

      • StopFitchn

        This comment shows how little you know about anything MMA

        UFC or Rousey don’t owe that roided up freak Guyborg anything

        • Bonicushead

          Took the words right out of my head. She has used so many roids and HGH that her face has developed the extra bone deposits like former eastern block female athletes used to get.
          The important thing, is that BEFORE a female develops those deposits, her musculature has already changed into more of a males.
          The best example of this, is seen in throwing and punching. When someone says someone else punches like a girl, their joke is actually based in science. Men and women develop differently, obviously, but that includes how they use certain muscle groups.
          She now can punch more like a man…RR is under no obligation to fight a male fighter, especially not one in a heavier weight class.
          She has turned her body into something more resembling a naturally born male, that has had a sex change. The obvious advantage that person would have fighting naturally born females, is the exact same advantage cyborg now has altered her body to have.

          She refuses random testing…has to know in advance, and refuses a third party observer. A blatant cheater should NEVER be allowed to enjoy the top of their sport.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Most accurate comment I have ever read regarding Guyborg

      • BigMike7302

        Cyborg cheated and got caught… she needs to prove she can make weight for a fight. Ronda has always fought clean and never has an issue… YEAS I want the fight to happen, BUt Cyborg needs to make this happen. ALL on Cyborg

        • Joe

          Rousey’s chicken. She’ll fight tomato can Carano at 145, but not badass Santos. Sorry, ALL on Rousey, who’s scared shitless of Cyborg.

          • Ronin Jujitsu

            Chickenroid is the one running by not making the weight. Run Chickenroid run from 135. Bawk!

          • Joe

            Cyburger’s sucking weight now! She’s on her way to 135! Let’s hope she gets down there, the match is made, everyone passes protocol, there are no training camp injuries, and the adversaries can settle it in the cage!

      • FAT ALBERT

        Hey Ed. 2 years later and Fat Ronda still the Champ!

    • DollWatcher

      Wrong. I saw the Hendo-Machida……thing. That was insulting. Hendo made 250k in that laugher. He lost alot of respect there. Tito Demanded Hendo-like $$ for Cyborg to sign w/ufc. Dana said no, so is that Blackballing? And RR didn’t need Hyped. Dana saw the $$ potential she had & signed her b4 any1 else did. He’d have been an idiot not to….,& Dana’s no idiot. Oh, if u believe Anything Cheeto says, then ur the idiot.

  • DollWatcher

    Don’t forget Chyna!

    • brad king

      OR Chandella and Rhonda Rousey. You were talking about horse face chicks, werent you?

  • Johnny

    Dana and Tito have a *feud, not a fued. That’s why you never just rely on SpellCheck…


    that fight was never going to happen-Dana has to protect his brand,and keeping them apart is a no-brainer

    • BigMike7302

      Cyborg got caught, she has fought noone since, Dana offers UFC full services for the fight, which will be MONEY. Dana will have teammates, roommates, hell even FAMILY members fight if there is money to be made. besides, Rousey will rip her arm off and beat her with it. Rousey is the example of training and hard work CLEAN. Cyborg juiced. Cyborg needs to do this

      • syddiggers

        And who has Rousey fought? She got her ask kicked the first time she fought anyone with any decent talent.

  • Joey L.

    Dana White is nothing short of a pimp .. and, I am not using the term as a compliment.

  • freedie

    Most all those Brazilian and a few Canadians are juiced up. You van look at them and see. Not one soft spot, cut like glass.

    • syddiggers

      No Americans ever took drugs. Signed: Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Flo-Jo, Barry Bonds, Carl Lewis and 1000s of others

  • BigMike7302

    And with her talking al kinds of trash, AND being the one busted for steroids, SHE is the one with something to prove, SHE has not fought anyone since her “comeback” so SHE has to make the weight and jump through the hoops to make it happen. I do not blame Rousey at all for making her do it. What has Cyborg done to earn any special treatment? Rousey says she will fight Carano at a catchweight, which angered Cyborg. Carano was a clean fighter and a great ambassador to the sport of Women’s MMA and brought it to attention, then Rousey has taken it to the next level… Carano has EARNED respect and the “special consideration”, Cyborg has not. Dana WANTS this fight to happen; offering the UFC’s trainers, dieticians, Doctors and nutritionists to help her cut the weight right. All on Cyborg now. if this fight never happens, it is COMPLETELY on Cyborg; noone else

  • Joe

    It’s never going to happen because Rousey is making UFC the kind of cash and publicity that Cyborg never will. Bitch Boy Baldy is never going to let his cash cow get exposed by the Brazilian. Just keep feeding Rousey fighters she can can beat, and keep counting that dough. Tito Ortiz has nothing to do with it- White is being a disingenuous bitch, as usual.

    • And yet, when Dana White matched Rhonda with Holly Holm, the crybaby herd said he was feeding Rhonda a scrub.
      Looks like history proved you wrong.

      • Joe

        How do you figure that history proved me wrong when White did exactly what I predicted? White thought that Rousey would bust Holm up and armbar her in 2 rounds. Gina Carano has talked about how she warned White that Holm was a lot better than he gave her credit for, and White scoffed! Looks like he was wrong, not me- He was giving Rousey an opponent that he thought would be a human sacrifice, just as I said he would. No way in hell White makes that fight for Rousey if he thought that Holm would be a danger to the throne. Nobody was more shocked than White that Rousey got stopped- NOBODY! Not Ronda and her Mom, not Edgar, not even the Las Vegas bookies were as stunned and shocked as Dana White, because he thought he had given Rousey another easy W and big payday before her next movie role…

        • You really have some major butt-hurt about Dana White.
          Daddy issues…

    • syddiggers

      Agreed. White will make sure Rousey wins her title back and then he will let her retire and continue to claim shes the greatest human being and fighter who ever walked the Planet

  • The Cos’ No rape charge.

    Whew that was close, i thought they were going to say that she was actually a Man.

  • syddiggers

    “The last thing I would do, ever, is do anything with that knucklehead, and I’m not talking about Cyborg.”

    Didn’t Dana also say that there would NEVER be any women fighting in the UFC?

    • Gary

      Yeah,,, about 5 years ago. Maybe it’s time to let that go.

  • Gary

    Dana’s first job with the UFC is to protect the investment. As it should be. If Cyborg really wanted to fight RR then she would have come down to 135 and Dana would have booked it. Excuses are easy. Just ask Cyborg.

  • Bill Clay

    “Ortiz’s fued with UFC president Dana White has…”

    An article written 3 years ago and still no one has fixed the incorrect spelling of feud? I’ve seen Tumblr blogs with better proofreading.