UFC President Dana White Nixes Lyoto Machida vs. Nick Diaz; Calls it a “Bad Idea”

August 18, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 53 478x270A proposed middleweight bout between former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida and former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz appears to be off the table.

After revealing to UFC Tonight earlier this week that he wanted to match up Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida at middleweight as the UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks co-main event in November, UFC president Dana White shifted gears.

While Machida’s camp warmed to the Belfort fight, Belfort has been reluctant to take any non-title fight in the middleweight division. So White turned to Diaz as a potential opponent for Machida.

The bout would have marked Diaz’s move up from 170 pounds and Machida’s drop down from the 205-pound division.

White now appears to have nixed the idea.

“It was a bad idea, the Diaz vs. Machida thing,” White told reporters following the UFC Fight Night 26 post-fight press conference on Saturday night in Boston.

“Diaz didn’t turn it down… there’s other things going on with Diaz.”

White declined to go until detail, but indicated he felt it was a bad idea on the UFC’s part to even offer the fight to Diaz.

Machida in the meantime has shifted his focus to Chael Sonnen, who submitted Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in Saturday night’s main event.

“Since @vitorbelfort hasn’t accepted our fight, I am sure that @danawhite can match me against @sonnench,” Machida tweeted shortly after Sonnen’s victory.

White on Saturday night didn’t propose any new options for Sonnen, Machida or Diaz.

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  • Mr Pete

    Good Idea Dana, preserve one of your best and most entertaining welterweight from a LHW that he has no business fighting in first place.

    • Troll Killer

      what’re u talking about. Diaz has just about lost it completely mentally and emotionally. He’s no longer top of the heap at WW (still top 10 for sure, but not a title contender right now).

      Machida’s only real losses were to Shogun and Jones. He got robbed in his decisions to Rampage & Davis. Machida is really the most deserving in the LHW for a title shot but the refs were paid off to deny him.

      • David

        The refs were paid in brazil? You stupid fu$k! Machida lost alot of his fights but still got the decision win. So who cares

      • Abel Guzman

        nah disagree he lost those fights to rampage and phil because he still aint got over losing to jones and he was holding back

      • uncle

        Machida won the last round with Rampage
        he was running for 2 rounds.. And I’m glad
        he lost to Mr Wonderful ,so maybe he will
        start fighting like a champion again

        • Lucas Freire

          That’s the problem.
          Anything other than rushing with your chin exposed à la Leben is considered “running”.
          Machida is one of the most effective strikers on MMA, and while he may have lost to Davis, his loss to rampage was one of the most terrible decisions I’ve ever seen.

          • uncle

            He should fix the problem ,Machida doesn’t need to rush with his chin exposed ,but he needs to engage
            more and put a stamp on the win

  • Mark McDowall

    I think both of these fights are absolutely pointless for any reason other than selling tickets. I’d rather see Sonnen/Diaz at MW strictly for all the banter leading up to the fight.

    • Lawdog1521

      Selling tickets is kind of the point.

      • J-Mac

        Agreed … not to mention wanting to see a fight “strictly for all the banter leading up to the fight” is a much more solid reason for seeing a matchup 😉

        • Mark McDowall

          But what if the lead up to the fight is far better than the fight itself…like Sonnen/Silva 2…and GSP/Diaz. Kinda makes it pointless if you ask me.

      • Mark McDowall

        From a business stand point yes I agree. I’m kind of a purist I guess. I’d rather see a big name fight that makes sense to the title picture rather than a completely pointless fight with 2 names. I think the goal of every fighter should be to be the best in their division and fight for the title…it’s pretty obvious with all the “sonnening” going on that alot of fighters are just in it for the $$$.

        • Fat Bloke

          I agree that fighters should all be motivated to get the title, but I kind of like Sonnen’s claim that there are some fighters he just wants to fight regardless of the title implications. It smacks a bit of WWE hype, but so what if its good viewing.


    Machida v Sonnen at Mw & Diaz V Matt Brown at Ww

    • Ian Price

      That’s prolly what’s gonna happen

      • wondering

        sonnen vs machidamakes no sense

    • Collideoverme

      I like them both…Diaz wants a brawler, and Brown is a brawler. Sonnen vs Machida makes sense.

    • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

      Totally agree. Both would be great match ups.

  • Lawdog1521

    Diaz wouldn’t have accepted the fight anyway. He’s retired from fighting people who are any good.

    • Troll Killer

      u obviously don’t know what good is.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Diaz isn’t good, that’s for sure!

  • Dana is right. The match up isn’t good in the sense that Nick would hate how Machida fights. Nick wants to go at it with somebody whether standing or on the ground. I wouldn’t mind seeing this fight though.

  • julian moran

    machida vs sonnen sounds like a good win for machida.

    • Ian Price

      Sonnen would spank him

  • Jrcr_15

    Make Sonnen vs Diaz @ middle weight the pre fight trash talk would be amazing by itself. That or diaz vs Wand. That also be exciting !!

    • Ian Price

      Diaz vs Sonnen at MW would be a boring -900 fight in sonnens favor. How about GSP vs Sonnen?

  • Mike mckinney

    Why in the world would Diaz want to go to 185? One of his biggest gripes is guys who just take him down and GNP. So now he’s going to want to go to the division that guys do it the best?

    Another thing. It doesn’t seem that he has any trouble making the weight. If you can’t do well enough in the weight class your in why in the world would you move up? People who want to see nick get crushed should be fans of a move up. Anyone else who has hopes he’s more than a B level fight should not. He’s only going to win fights against guys who get too tired to defend themselves, and cannot finish him before they’re tired. If he sticks to those guys he’ll do alright.

    • Ian Price

      He should move his camp and practice TDD all day. But what the hell do I know, or, whatever…

    • Fat Bloke

      Correct! You move down when you are losing too often, and move up for a new challenge. Diaz would get destroyed at MW simply because he would be over powered by everyone.

    • rob4k

      Making a weight should not be a problem for Diaz anyway. He only needs a clause in his contract for not being tested for marijuana. He will get weight in no time then! Smoke n’ eat mr Diaz.

  • Cereal Killer

    Diaz is a tool and I have no idea why everyone always want to talk about a guy that hasn’t beaten a top 10 fighter, EVER! Don’t even give me BJ, he was so past his prime and was ready for retirement. Maybe Josh Neer was ranked in 2006.

    • Ian Price

      He lost to Condit 2 rounds to 3. I think Diaz is hovering around the top 6 or 7 right now at WW. For MW, hr couldn’t crack the top 15. 🙁

      • TheCerealKiller

        How can you say he’s 6 or 7 WW when he is ranked #9 and hasn’t beaten 1 guy on that list?

        • Ian Price

          I dunno, just a hunch? You think he’s more like 12th, I take it?

          • TheCerealKiller

            I don’t know where to put him, because he hasn’t beaten anybody. Being the SF champ means nothing to the big league!

          • Manuel Lopez

            Jesus you guys talk a lot if shitt!

          • TheCerealKiller

            I’m talking facts. Tell me what I have said is “shitt”?

          • Manuel Lopez

            All of it. Your trashing of ND is bulls$hit. You speak in absolutes and it doesn’t mean you’re right. You downplay his accomplishments and say they don’t mean nothing. ND is a true martial artist, accomplished, dedicated, and has been in there with some of the best of this generation. Has he won them all? No, that is not a realistic expectation. One thing is you don’t like the guy’s personality but his skills are to be respected. If GSP can respect his skills like many others, a typist like you could give the same courtesy. Your hate blinds you and makes you say dumb stuff.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Tim Tebow won a national title in college and he’s is one of the worst QB’s in professional football. I don’t respect him either.

          • general427

            Just ur screen name. Do u kill cocopuffs?

          • julian moran

            Tell that to Josh Thompson and Gilbert Melendez.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        when watching that fight i scored it for diaz. i didn’t go back to re-watch it though and see what i thought after a second watch because the fight was pretty boring. aggression and octagon control are still supposed to be factors in scoring but usually don’t seem to be factored. One of the rounds they gave to condit I scored for diaz because he was pushing condit back the entire round and barely got out striked. Should count for something if you are constantly backing someone up. I kind of agree with you that he is around those ranks but to solidify a spot there he really has to start beating people.


    Diaz is a small WW compare to GSP & Hendrick,, he got no shot in middle weight division,,,, I’d like to see Diaz vs Koschek though

  • lowlb

    I think Nick is intimidated by his prospects, the shorter stocky wrestlers in the devision. He saw his bro get beat down by JT. He even mentioned before the GSP fight, i’ll get beat-up, get the money and do something else..
    Hendrix, Rory and Ellenberger would beat Nick.
    And now you got Lawlor who will destroy all these guys.

    Still, Diaz vs. Brown would be sick or Diaz vs Condit rematch would be awesome. …either fight is promotable.

    I hope Diaz fights more but he maybe doesn’t have the power to knock people out nor his brother. They are not wrestlers.
    I bet we’ll see Diaz vs Brown and I hope Nick is ready.

  • BobGyro

    Nick cannot fight effectively above 170lbs and is not strong enough to compete there. No build on Nick just a stick kid.

  • BobGyro

    Nick is just an evil person and does not belong in the UFC.

  • Cameron Merryman

    Give Diaz Matt Brown

    • Cameron Merryman

      Or Diaz and Hendrix so we can see a Hendrix vs Brown

  • BobGyro

    Nick Diaz couldn’t bench press 50lbs

  • BobGyro

    Nick Diaz is the face of evil and should be avoided

    • RonnieV

      You are an idiot

  • BobGyro

    Let Nick Diaz be.

  • bajafox

    MMAWeekly needs to fix the comments section, all the garbage posts are at the top, BobGyro leading the way

  • BobGyro

    Nick Diaz has horns