UFC President Dana White Goes Off on ‘Racist’ Floyd Mayweather

UFC president Dana White has been accused of being many things, but subtle has never been among them. Presenting his Presidential Address on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV, White pulled no punches in addressing boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

“First of all, what (Mayweather) said, I think, is racist,” declared White in reference to Mayweather’s comments about exploding New York Knicks’ star Jeremy Lin. “He made a couple of racist comments and, yes Floyd, you’re racist with the stuff that you said.”

Not only did White address Mayweather’s “racist” comments, he also took aim at the every-elusive megafight between Mayweather and fellow pound-for-pound boxing contender Manny Pacquiao.

Check out what White had to say in this Presidential Address clip, courtesy of Fuel TV…


  1. As much as I despise Mayweather, I agree with the Jeremy Lin comment.

    • That’s bucause you are an idiot Ronnie V

  2. The reason Jeremy Lin is getting all the attention is because he is an American of Asian decent. It brings in a new fan base. African Americans have Lebron Wade and Kobe, whites have Dirk and now Asians have Lin.

    That being said, what do you care Dana? Your a MMA promoter, not Perez Hilton, leave the celeb gossip to someone else. I want to hear the state of the UFC not your celeb bashing.

    • You sound dumb

  3. Dana tells it like it is-he says what others in the media dont have the balls to say-the man pulls no punches and was spot on here. Of course were now gonna hear from all the know it all idiots bashing Dana cus misery luvs company so they spread their negative b.s. to everyone on this site-(example:Lesnardo,wongfan-though we havent heard from him in a while,and a few others)-bring it on

  4. I can’t stand Mayweather either……. he’s a punk ghetto jackass!!

  5. I actually agree with Dana I think Floyd is a lil bit racist with that being said you only help Floyd by even commenting on that. He likes to stay in the media and is an attention hound…. He knows he is going to jail soon for a year so he is acting out running his mouth… What difference does it make about what Floyd thinks about Lin this man beat his kids mom up in front of them this all I need to know about him to never pay any attention too him….. I think Lin is a solid player and yes he is getting more attention because of his race it’s what happens when a player in any sport doesnt fit the criteria of what society deems as normal….by the way I am black and call out another black man when he is wrong and Floyd is an idiot….I think Dana should worry about his fighters they have been known to same some pretty dumb shit too… Boxing is destroying itself no need to to worry MMA is surpassing it just keep it up UFC…..

  6. Bravo for Dana White for calling out the racist Pretty Boy Floyd, who is so scared of his Asian foe, Manny Pac, that he keeps trying to find excuses to avoid the inevitable beating of his career.

  7. I agree with Dana White about Floyd being racist. What Floyd said was raciast and plain stupid. I am Hispanic and I like Lin as a player merely because he is unpretentious, plays well and does not seem like a whiner, sort of like Wade and Lebron are. The NBA has become a sport that is not event worth watching anymore, but Jeremy Lin has brought a nice, refreshing side to it that has excited many people. He is also a Harvard graduate, which is admirable, unlike many NBA African-American players who just sprung out of “ghettoland”. I also like Dirk Nowitzki for the same reasons. I hate the whining, pompous, pretentiousness of the African-American players. So, maybe I can be considered a racist too, but I do have plenty of evidence and years of experience working with the African-American population, which gives me quite the impartial opinion that most of that group seems to always be disliked by others. Look how much of a drama queen and whiner Rashad Evans is!! Look at Kenya West and his douchbaggery!! I don’t even know why American culture embraces rap, hip hop, r&b and all that junk as music…and let’s not talk about the fashion trends please!!! Awful!!!! So, go and cry me a river!!! Racism happens no matter what ethnicity or nationality you are, but it mostly happens here in the U.S. Travel a bit and you will see the difference. Money did not make Floyd any smarter and that is why he is jealous of Jeremy Lin!!! What a loser!!!

    • Wow! Jose, I think your comment was more racist than anything Floyd said. The “Ghettoland” comment is pretty ridiculous. Mayweather said “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.” This is actually true, considering Isaiah Thomas with the Kings is putting up identical numbers to Lin, and he’s getting 1/10th the fanfare. They are both underdog stories, but one is Asian and plays in NYC, and the other is African-American, 5’9″ and plays in Sacramento. Jose, you just characterized all black people, which is just simply ignorance.

      • I wonder why he is getting all this attention… how many blacks in the NBA are that good then how many Asians are? What Mayweather said WAS racist and what Jose said was racist too. But actually Jeremy Lin is pretty rare Isaiah Thomas might have a interesting story but I’m pretty sure not as great as his. From what i heard Jeremy Lin didn’t have any athletic scholarships coming out of high school went to HARVARD and went undrafted to some team(forget which one and don’t wanna guess)and him being asian helped a lot but when someone just explodes like that when they got another point guard to take that poistion, well its kinda amazing

    • Dam brother, I don’t know what part of America you grown up at but a lot of people don’t think so highly of Hispanic as well. Why? It’s because of the same ignorant statement you just made. You said that you work with a lot of black people that why you have a strong opinion. STFU. I spent most of my life in poor neighborhoods with a lot of black people and before I could judge anybody, I need to look at myself and where I come from. Being Hispanic you should know that already, considering most of Spanish speaking countries are label third world countries. So relax their.

  8. Racism is f@)$%n lame. Hopefully in time we can all just accept each other’s backgrounds and leave it at that. We’re all human beings together in this world.

    Anyways I’m stoked for the UFC this weekend! Hasn’t been in Japan in quite a while so this should be exciting. High hopes for a Rampage body slam! haha

  9. WOW Jose you have the nerve to talk about all African Americans are you serious…. Have you ever seen all the Hispanic gangbangers in America… I would have thought if you travel so much that you would be a little wiser with your comments… Your ethnic background doesnt determine who your going be or how your going to act. If you really think that then your lost. Jose what are your thoughts on all the illegal hispanic’s coming into America..Dont know why I am wasting my breath cant wait for this weekend’s card….. Hey guys I know why Jose is mad because Joey Beltran got cut after getting ktfo by a black guy…………………….

  10. Mikemma123 sorry u were stuck in a poor neighborhood w/alot of black people.That’s not our problem.You want sympathy go somewhere else.MMA is survival of the fittest not for whiney little bitches.Dont talk bout hispanics cuz u r jus like those u cry about.They work any job a white man or blackman wont.Blacks get all the breaks cuz our society feels like we owe them something cuz they were slaves.Thats why EBT was started.For the poor black families.U r a hypocrit.Ronnie V you are ignorant and judge Jose.You are just as bad.Don’t judge him and be a little hypocrit.Maddawgmar n all you others blacks get all the breaks.TV shows,rappers,athletes,etc.Does the white man have white history month?No!