UFC President Dana White Confident That Georges St-Pierre Will Return

December 16, 2013
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Dana White UFC 167_9386On Friday, George St-Pierre joined a short list of fighters that have relinquished their UFC titles.  Fighters have been stripped of their belts, like Josh Barnett, B.J. Penn, Randy Couture and Frank Mir, but only Frank Shamrock and now St-Pierre voluntarily vacated their titles while champion.

The difference between Shamrock and St-Pierre is Shamrock gave up his title to retire, at least temporarily, and he never returned to compete in the organization.  St-Pierre stopped short of announcing a retirement and left the door open for a future return.

“I’ve been fighting for a very long time, at a very high level,” said St-Pierre during a hastily organized media conference call on Friday. “It’s a lot of pressure. I know that UFC is a business. They have to keep things rolling; so I vacate my title.

“One day, I may come back, but right now, I need a break… but I don’t want to make other people wait,” added the 32-year-old.

While St-Pierre stated that a future return is a possibility, UFC president Dana White believes that a St-Pierre comeback is definite.

“He didn’t walk away. He’s going to come back. He has some things he has to handle. He did the classy thing and vacated the title. He did the right thing,” said White during the UFC on Fox 9 post show on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday.  “He’s going to be gone a while. Somebody will win that belt and then he’ll be back.”

Just how long that might take, White wasn’t sure.

“As long as it takes for him to clear out that zoo,” he quipped.

Whether St-Pierre returns or not, the organization and the welterweight division is moving on.  On the same call that the former champion announced that he was at least temporarily leaving the fight game, White announced that Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will fight for the vacant title at UFC 171 on March 15, 2014, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

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  • knockout67

    Dana White you have no clue what GSP is going to do…You do not care about him as a person,you could give s…!! you see him as a money maker for the UFC and thats it..Sure he makes money also,but he is the one in the cage getting beaten on..

    • james j

      Last I checked no one is forcing any fighter into the octagon.

      • Bobshell

        Just like non one force you to watch GSP if you don’t like his style.

      • David

        He never said anything about people forcing people in to the octagon his comment has to do with gsp wanting to retire. Your reading is ridiculous and nonsensical

      • Scotty_O

        You have such a cynical, negative vibe to you. I hate reading comments like yours. Zero respect.

        • MMAFAN

          His girlfriend is probably a dog and treats him like dirt. Forums like these are his escape.

      • Sarcasticball

        true… But what’s your point?

    • HectorLombardOfficial

      Get a clue and read about what dana has been saying, gsp has problems and dana gave him props for stepping away and vacating the title out of respect so other fighters can have the crack at ufc gold, while he chills, he’ll be back and how can you think you have a clue about there relationship, you wouldnt know there phone calls etc. read and listen before you judge, Hendricks is gonna get that belt, hes too hungry too lose bruvva,

  • james j

    I am holding my breath waiting for his return. Please. His style of point fighting and laying on opponents for 5 rounds is worse than watching Machida run in a clockwise circle for 3 rounds. Stay retired and work out your problems

    • gnodeb

      I’m sure you would like them both a lot more if they are not that polite… probably you care more about fake drama around fight that about fight itself…

      • james j

        You are dead right. Thanks for the insight. I will try to focus more on the action in the Octagon.

      • put me in the sauna coach

        just because someone is a nice and polite person doesn’t mean they can’t be a savage in the cage. You missed his point completely. JDS, Shogun, Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, Mark Munoz..etc etc…are all really nice polite guys but are exciting savages in the cage. Not everyone loves GSP’s conservative strategic approach to “fighting”. That’s the point.

        • gnodeb

          He said that Machida is boring and you said that Munoz is exciting. But, we all know what Machida done to Munoz, right?

          Maybe you pay too much attention to fighters faces… JDS, Shogun, Chuck, Glover look dangerous and mean. That is how they look like. Machida and GSP doesn’t have that feature. But they are all dangerous and exciting to watch…

          • put me in the sauna coach

            was there a point to that other than boring fighters can beat exciting fighters? I pay attention to their faces??? I pay attention to their fighting style…nothing I said about being a savage had anything to do with facial expressions or whatever else you were going with there.

        • MAcDAddyHAMM

          Buddyyyy “Fighting”….?????? I believe its called “Mixed Martial Arts.” Seems like your looking for fire and explosions…. I agree it looks like a boring fight to a amateur fan, however at a higher level many fights look like this, same as in most combative sports. Turns strategic vs them putting there reps on the line for amateur fans….

          • put me in the sauna coach

            Fire and Explosions? yeah that or someone who is looking to impose their will and knock out or submit someone. Not hold a position and ride out the clock. I’m pretty sure that during the exciting brawls its not just the “amateur” fans that are cheering when the arenas go nuts. And that during the old John Fitch fights it wasn’t just “amateurs” booing. Yes its MMA but I believe its in the Ultimate “Fighting” Championship…which if you didn’t know is what GSP works for. There is also a LOT of middle ground between “fire and explosions and dry humping someone for 5 rounds.

          • james j

            I saw Machida fight in person and the crowd booed him the entire time cause he just circled and ran from his opponent. I actually liked and appreciated his stick and move but trust me it was a bitch to watch for three rounds.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I think the division will be better without him. It will be more like the lightweight division in that the belt will probably change hands quite a bit. The one thing that blows my mind is Dana said that the biggest PPV buys were ones that GSP was headlining…I’ve made the mistake in the past on ordering some GSP main events…25 minutes of the same thing every time. 25 minutes of jabs…or 25 minutes of maintaining top position. Much more exciting division w/out him.

    • cody

      Its a sport and he wins fights.

      • Wolf Ticket

        Sure, but that does not explain how HE can be the biggest PPV draw. Lot’s of other fighters/champions are much more exciting than him. That being said, he is the best WW of all time and I wish him all the best, regardless of whether or not he comes back.

        • deepgrim

          well he is an excelliant technical fighter. i personally dont find him that exciting either, but the funny thing is that i have quite a few friends who are not massive fans of mma but will watch when gsp is fighting and he think he has quite a fan base of novice fans and the die hards

        • adam4999

          He is the biggest PPV draw most likely because of his name. He at one point in time was an extremely exciting fighter in your terms of excitement. Now-a-days he is still an exciting fighter for those who love the more technical battle. Regardless, his name is what sells the PPV’s.

      • put me in the sauna coach

        WHHHHAAAAT??? Its a sport and he wins fights?!? I never thought of it that way before. Wow…retract everything I said about excitement.

        • earlsimmons

          Well thats because not everyone is a bro like yourself and only watches fights for the flashy KO’s. Someone who is able to control the other person for 25 minutes no matter where the fight goes is exciting to watch for people who know anything about mma. You sir are an idiot.

          • put me in the sauna coach

            I’m an idiot because I think GSP is boring? when did I say I only like flashy KOs? sorry someone’s opinion that is different from yours makes them an “idiot”. You drew quite the opinion from a few sentences. Sorry not everyone thinks like you and thinks the division is more exciting without him. Don’t know why that offended you so much but…cool story.

        • james j

          My friends who don’t watch the UFC all seem to know GSP also and want to watch his fights. I am happy for the guy. He is a millionaire and retired on top. Thre are some legit and hungry fighters in that division. He does not need the headache of another training camp. Let it go and go enjoy Hawaii.

  • tmac

    I am hoping he doesn’t come back either.

  • o.O

    If the only thing that GSP can do is ‘humping’ and throw jabs… why can’t they just simpely beat him than ?
    The GSP haters are just RIDICULOUS 🙂

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I don’t really care if GSP returns or not. Drama drama. What is the UFC? A fight league not a soap opera. Vacate. Done. Hendricks is champ. Let’s move on. If GSP wants to come back, let him earn a title fight some time in the future.