UFC President Dana White “Committed” to Bringing Women’s MMA to the Octagon

October 24, 2012
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Ronda Rousey - StrikeforceUFC president Dana White was at one time one of the most-staunch opponent’s of bringing women’s MMA to the Octagon.

For the longest time, he said that the talent pool in the various weight divisions on the women’s side of the sport just weren’t deep enough to start promoting women’s MMA in the Octagon.

The times they are a changing.

White has publicly softened his stance on the matter in recent months, particularly with the emergence of Strikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and the star power that has followed.

“I don’t think I’ve been too shy about what I think about Ronda Rousey, and not only did she look impressive (against Sarah Kaufman), but her numbers killed it on Showtime, too. Ronda Rousey is a star,” White said during a recent fan chat for Metro PCS.

“I don’t know how many of you have Showtime Extreme, but the fight with Miesha Tate (against Julie Kedzie) was awesome, and I am warming up to women’s MMA.”

“Warming up” may be an understatement.

White now seems dead set on women’s MMA making its way into the Octagon. It now appears to be simply a matter of when, not if.

White on Tuesday told SI.com’s Melissa Segura that a women’s division in the UFC is “absolutely going to happen.”

That doesn’t mean that adding women to the UFC roster is going to happen overnight. Even adding the men’s flyweight division took more than a year to be instituted after White’s initial declaration that it was coming.

The UFC would be hard pressed to institute a women’s division without Rousey, but she is currently under contract to Strikeforce – the UFC’s sister company – and locked in for three more fights.

Strikeforce, of course, has traveled a rocky road recently. There has been and still is strong speculation that the promotion’s days are numbered despite an intended January 2013 event.

Following back-to-back cancellations of Strikeforce’s two most recent events, a contract with promotion won’t mean much if everything finally unravels and Strikeforce calls it a day.

All of the ifs, ands, and buts mean little. The real focal point is the shift in thinking.

As White told SI.com, “The point is I’m committed to this.”

So women’s MMA is coming to an Octagon near you, it’s just a matter of who and when.

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  • Mario

    If they do bring in women they need to bring in the most notable faces out there. Ronda Rousey isn’t the only girl who can make noise in the world of women’s MMA.

    If this actually happens one day, no girl is going to want to fight anywhere else anymore.

  • Cameron Merryman

    Wasn’t it only a year ago that he said “women will NEVER fight in the UFC, no one wants to see that”?

    • macgrubber

      i sure as hell dont want to see it. Just another reason not to watch the UFC. Womens mma is just about as exciting and the wnba …. not at all. Now he wants us to pay 50 bucks to watch ugly women throw pillow punches at each other. NO THNX BROSEPH.

      • macgrubber


        • Darin

          Where have you been seeing these unexciting women’s fights? Ugly women? Pillow punches? I think you’re full of ****. I don’t believe you’ve actually watched any women’s mma lately.

      • tipsyhippy

        have you ever watched a female fight? They are no joke

        • onehitwonder

          Bring it !!!!

        • macgrubber

          my rule of thumb is if i can beat them in a fight I will not pay to watch them. They are a joke to watch.

          • LaughingAtYou

            What an idiot! Rousey would DESTROY YOU!

      • Cameron Merryman

        Danas obviously banging Rousey

      • tipsyhippy

        btw if im going to watch 2 people lay on each other for fifteen minutes, ill go with the females

        • macgrubber

          thats cuz u desperate bro. I dont need to watch that I can get it,

  • Timothy Malone

    With new smaller weight classes that are completely underdeveloped, older weight classes that are becoming thin with contenders, and people complaining about an oversaturation of cards resulting in watered down line-ups, yeah lets add entirely new classes of fighters to the UFC. What could go wrong?

  • DjSaneR

    I’d want to be in a north, south position with Gina Carano

  • Tom Jolley

    thats awesome! f@ck the haters, WMMA will be big.

  • Triggerman99

    I could see it as maybe a situation where there are maybe 4 female fights a year in the UFC. Any more than that, at this point (where the talent pool is not nearly deep enough to realistically have female fights on every card), would just be too much of a reach.

  • Why the hell can’t they leave it with Strikeforce and build up the women’s division there? Oh yeah – DW isn’t personally micromanaging everything there which hurts his micro-phallus ego. The UFC already has a confused mess of belts that nobody cares about any more. Even more diluted fight cards. meh. Funnily enough I’m watching a lot more Bellator recently.

  • gnodeb

    Ronda vs Sonnen… that make sense and fans want to see it… do it Dana!

    • Darin

      LOL! Best comment here.