UFC President Dana White Backs Champ Jon Jones’ Explanation of Phone Being Hacked

April 18, 2014
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Dana WhiteFollowers of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on Instagram were shocked on Tuesday when a series of homophobic comments were made using the 26-year-old’s account. Jones went on Twitter later that day to explain that his phone was hacked and someone else made the offensive posts.

On Wednesday, UFC president Dana White reacted to the situation following The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale in Quebec City, Canada.

“He got hacked. Originally when I found out he was saying he was being hacked, I was like, what are we all gonna say stupid stuff and then say that we were hacked,” said White. “But if you look at his timeline. First of all, he rarely ever posts anything or responds on Instagram. He got hacked. They got in there. They changed his password. Like 11 people had his password that surround him. We got that squashed and taken care of.”

If Jones made the comments himself, it would be a clear violation of the UFC’s code of conduct policies.  In April 2013, the company suspended heavyweight Matt Mitrione for his comments on The MMA Hour about transgender fighter Fallon Fox.  In 2011, the UFC released bantamweight Miguel Torres following Torres making a joke about rape on Twitter.

Jones is scheduled to defend his title on April 26 at UFC 172 in Baltimore against Glover Teixeira. Questioned if this situation will be a distraction to Jones, White responded that he doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think it will,” said the UFC president. “This thing actually, there was really no real reaction to it once he put out that he was hacked.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    Sad that people who do this crap find it funny. Bones is the kind of guy that if you returned his phone to him I’m sure you would get something out of….

    • shakejunt

      what’s sad is that disgruntled fans will take any opportunity to bash him.

      • Mark McDowall

        Agreed. Jealousy is a mofo…

  • sam

    Dana!!! This is hypocrisy!!! If this would’ve been a mexican fighter, you would’ve demanded an apology and a class of some sort of political correctness. If it would’ve been a white fighter, you would’ve fired them without hesitation. Did jones report phone stolen before this incident happened? If not, then jones is guilty and dana is lying for him. Dana is a piece of …

    • shut up

      Shut up what does race have to do with anything lol such a ignorant comme.

    • shut up

      Am sorry comment.

  • David Huenecke

    Or maybe jones is a homophobic asshole. I guess we will never know if he was hacked or not. Also why would you give your pw to about ten other ppl when its your personal page. If it was a fanpage that someone else managed yeah, but this was his personal page. My wife doesnt even know my pw for my personal pages.