UFC President Dana White Apologizes for Judging Protocol Breach: ‘I Overstepped My Bounds’

August 26, 2014
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Dana WhiteUFC president Dana White on Tuesday offered an apology to UFC Fight Night Macao judge Howard Hughes, whom White had pulled from his Octagon-side duties on Saturday in China.

The UFC admitted earlier in the day that White had overstepped his bounds, breaching company protocol, by his actions in Macao, but he also admitted that even if it was within his authority to do so, he shouldn’t have pulled Hughes.

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The UFC self regulates its events in international territories that do not have their own independent sanctioning bodies. Macao is on such territory. Even so, White was off base with pulling a judge, whether or not he was happy with that judge’s performance.

“After the second fight of the night (in Macao), UFC President Dana White requested that Howard Hughes, one of the event’s five assigned judges, be removed from working any further bouts,” read a UFC statement Tuesday morning.

“Pursuant to UFC’s protocol, neither White nor any other UFC executive possesses such authority. Nevertheless, protocol was breached and Hughes did not work further bouts on Saturday night.”

During a scrum with members of the media in Mexico City on Tuesday to kick-off UFC 180: Velasquez vs. Werdum ticket sales, White admitted that he had acted in the wrong, and adding that he needed to apologize to Hughes.

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“It’s no secret how fired up I get when there’s bad judging, but I have to apologize to the judge (Howard Hughes),” said White. “I did get some misinformation. He didn’t score the second fight 30-27 with the fighter from China.

“And yeah, I got a little crazy and I overstepped my bounds. It’s not the first time, and hopefully it’s the last time I’ll ever do that. I was wrong.”

The UFC has long worked hard, under the guidance of former Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Director Marc Ratner, to regulate its international events to the same standard or higher than that of the NAC. UFC officials outside of the company’s internal regulators are not allowed to meddle, as White did, in the regulation of its international events.

“The UFC remains committed to maintaining the strictest regulatory environment for competition,” the company’s statement continued, “and vows that no similar breach of protocol will happen again.”

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  • snapdad

    I think dana should also apologize for making ufc 177 a ppv. ive seen bellator cards better than that

    • shakejunt

      it’s a weak card, but be fair. the bellator cards you’re referring to were stacked.

      • snapdad

        when u have tony fergusson/danny Castillo in the co-main, and shayna bazsler fighting just before that, that is beyond weak. and whats up with the main event, dillashaw destroyed barao for 4 rounds before finishing him, and that warrants an immediate rematch? its going to be hard paying 45 bucks for this one.

        • AJ

          Then go to the bar, idiot.

          • snapdad

            I was replying to shakejunt, dummy. and I prefer to watch them at home

          • shakejunt

            internet + HTMI cable

          • Darin

            So annoying when someone writes a reasonable and intelligent post, making a good point, then someone responds with a pointless, one line response that always ends with an insult.

          • shakejunt

            aj has a point tho…

          • snapdad

            he must have got on the computer without mommy’s permission

        • Robert Parks

          Your right about the fact that Renan Barao doesn’t deserve an Immediate Rematch! The only one in that division that deserves an Immediate rematch when he get’s back is, Dominick Cruz,but of course he will get Medium level Fights till he is truly 100%… I would love to see Dominick Cruz against another Alpha Male Top Level Champion!

          • Seth

            Cruz deserves nothing, besides pink slip. His body is pure glass and he most likely won’t make it to his next fight (again). When he will realize that he should retire from active competition?

          • snapdad

            I agree. its not like cruz was out because of a loss, he left as the champion, so he should get a title fight.

  • well, well, well……I guess White thought his manipulative powers have no limits,…..

  • Clay Collard Greens

    Dana apologized for something!? Dana White? Dana effin’ White?

    I just got a little teary eyed, there jack! Anything is possible!

  • MikeMcK83

    Dana had to apologize for this, even if he doesn’t mean it. You can’t screw with Vegas, and the bookmaker. Thats who hes worried about lifting the eyebrow.

    • Timothy Malone

      Doesn’t bad judging hurt them too? How do you make odds when you have no idea what judges will do?

  • Slick

    It’s funny how many idiots were applauding this fat pig’s decision to pull the ref, lol, idiots