UFC President Confirms Dan Henderson Next In Line For Jon Jones

April 22, 2012
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After Jon Jones’s decisive win over former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, UFC President Dana White made it no secret who the next contender is.  And that’s former Olympian and PRIDE champion Dan Henderson.

“We told Dan Henderson he would fight the winner of this fight.” Dana White said at the UFC 145 post-fight press conference.

Henderson earned his shot at the title after having a fight of the year candidate against former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  In addition to beating Rua, Henderson knocked out legendary heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko and captured the Strikeforce light heavyweight title from Rafael Feijao.

As for Jones, after being critical of his own striking against Evans at UFC 145, Jones feels like he has a mission to accomplish by being the dominant striker and aiming to finish the PRIDE and UFC legend in devastating fashion.

“I feel great that I already have a mission, and I’m working to better myself,” Jones said.  “Dan Henderson is a great opponent.  He’s a winner and has a huge fan base.  He has extreme knockout power and I’m excited to conquer.”

At this time there has been no date set for Jones vs. Henderson, but stay tuned to MMAWeekly as we keep you up to date on everything UFC.

  • Anthony

    Im the biggest Hendo fan there is, but IMO that reach advantage is just gonna be too much to overcome(its gonna be around 15″ if im not mistaken).—Plus Hendo is a really small lt heavy, where Jones is giant for the class.I mean no disrespect to the man. Hendo is no doubt a shoe in for the hall of fameand easily one of the greats of our generation, but I really think hed be better off down at 85 challenging A. Silva then taking this fight. Jones is just too big, too strong and garners too much talent to lose to Hendo.

    • MikeMc1983

      I guess I see jones fights differently. As much as he’s done well for himself, in the fight with Evans Jon had holes all over the place. Jones also seemed pretty lost anytime Evans was moving forward. I seriously question if Evans was just too afraid of being koed after all the trash talk. He was extreamely tenitive. Jon was sloppy. He’s going to be the favorite, but jones looked beatable if a guy just came at him.

      • AdamBianski

        wow we must have watched a different fight. the fight i saw Jon Jones dominated a top 2 fighter in every aspect.

        • rsnowbass


          I’m sure that “hole” Mike says he saw…Rashad would have seen even better being in there as a fighter, and would have gone that route if it truly was there for him to take advantage of.

          Jon continues to get better with every fight and he’s still SO young. We can expect to see a better Jon Jones for the next 8-10 years if he keeps his head on straight as it seems to be now.

          That’s scary for future opponents. I see him getting caught somewhere down the line, similar to GSP and Serra, then coming back for a rematch and destroying…

      • KBEsq

        Yeah, I can’t see any way that Hendo will defeat Jones. He has a puncher’s chance, and that’s about it. Jones is going to look huge next to Hendo. We’re talking about a guy who fights at 185.

        I think Evans represented the last type of conflict Jones needed to test before we could say he’s pretty much untouchable. He’s been tested on the feet, on the ground, five rounders, he’s had fights where he’s been trash talked, and fights with huge emotion. He’s now been tested in every way possible and hasn’t even gotten hurt. Obviously, everyone loses, but chances are, Jones is not losing any time soon.

      • Anthony

        Mike , I gotta be strait with you. You are probably the most influencial person on this site that inspired me to start posting. You knew your stuff ,and I loved the way you ran off that idiot Wong Fan–Although I gotta disagree with ya on this one.When I saw Hendo fight Shogun, Hendo looked easily one to two wt classes smaller. When I saw Jones destroy Shogun ,Bones was the much bigger fighter. That said , Hendo is gonna be so much smaller then Bones in this and with that huge reach deficit hbis only chance is to level that monster haymaker right. I just cant see him getting inside of that Bones 15″ reach advantage. I see Hendo getting picked apart, still id pay to see it without hesitation.

  • RubeKegal

    I wish Hendo would go 185 because this is a TERRIBLE matchup for him.

    • Anthony

      +1 Rube

  • AdamBianski

    Jon Jones is the most talented fighter I have ever seen PERIOD he has dominated everyone he has fought and will dominate and old Dan Henderson. I think to make it fair Jones should have to fight someone else for five rounds then Henderson should come in.

  • matty

    I agree Hendo is going to have his hands full with Jones. I don’t see this fight going five rounds. However Jones did seem beatable against Rashad his boxing seemed to be sloppy and he was leaving himself open on occasion either way it should be a good fight. I now think Hendo has a chance to ko jones or should I say more of a chance then I ever thought before.

  • b-soc

    Jones has beaten, Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Machida, and Rashad. This fight will be a vacation for him, especially with a near 15 inch reach. H-bomb!?!? It has to travel 15 inches. By the time it gets to within 5 Jones will be on the other side of the cage. He’ll just keep him at a distance and dismantle him. At this point, I would consider the UFC heavyweight division cleaned out.

    • collideoverme

      He technically beat the hell out of Hammill too. Worst mistake made by a ref ever…

  • Anthony

    A lil trivia boys. Who is the only Zuffa owned UFC athlete to have a longer reach than Johnny Bones Jones’s 85.4″. Hint-he was not necessarly in the LT Heavy wt division.

    • rsnowbass

      I’ll play your “who here knows as much as I do” game with a guess (I kid I kid), although I have no clue if I’m right or wrong, but I’d have to assume Tim Silvia.

  • wiiliamstanley

    Im with all you that say Hendo has only a punchers chance. But a lot of people are stating he is small for the divison and better off going to 185. In an interview a saw, Hendo stated he wont go to 185 unless its for silva because the cut is too hard on his body. So if he goes down in weight it better be worth it. But also the title shot for silva isnt anywhere near available for him right now. This dude just fought at heavy wieght 2 fights ago. He isnt too small, just 5 feet shorter than Jon. He is a light heavy wieght and a solid one at that.

  • This is going to be the toughest test Jon Jones will face to date. The difference between Hendo and all the other fighters Bones has faced despite his age is his hunger, and willingness to stand toe to toe with his opponents. Hendo has never shy’d away from a fight. He fought Big Nog in his prime, he beat a prime Wandy, the list goes on. No major injuries or never been knocked out. Jones has never faced a wrestler with a straight bomb in his right hand mixed with major experience like Hendo has. Although I think Bones will ultimately win, I definitely see Hendo pushing this fight, and making Jones work. IMO Hendo may be the single best fighter pound for pound of this generation. To be as healthy and in shape as he has been throughout his career is a feat of extraordinaire in itself. I am partial to the older class of fighters that I was in tune with when first getting into MMA, so a little bias here. I haven’t forgotten about the Anderson fight, but then again Anderson never wandered into the LHW and faced as good of competition as Hendo has, and he has definitely never faced a HW champion. My opinion is based on a body of work so don’t judge me to hard. That being said, If I were a betting man I’d go out on a limb and put the house on Hendo as I see him with an opportunity to put a stamp on his claim to GOAT.