UFC Pres Dana White Stirs Controversy with NFL on Fox Homeless Portrayal and Twitter Response

December 3, 2012
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Dana White Homeless Skit NFL on FoxUFC president Dana White is a magnet for controversy, and his Sunday appearance during a comedic sketch on the NFL on Fox didn’t do anything to shuck that trend.

White appeared during a comedy segment titled “Riggle’s Picks” on the NFL on Fox as part of the promotional tie-ins for Saturday’s UFC on Fox 5.

Rob Riggle’s skit has the comedian pimping out his new NFL insider hotline service. White posed as one of Riggle’s “insiders,” a homeless man in a cardboard box, providing Riggle with the scoop on Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton’s pregnancy.

The skit was obviously focused on making fun of the whole “NFL insider” angle. There were no direct barbs about homelessness, but White posing as such quickly drew fire on Twitter.

White is a Twitter regular, engaging daily in feisty conversations on the popular Social Networking platform, and rarely backing down when controversy strikes. He was no different when it came to the NFL on Fox controversy.

“The (expletive) in this country who cry about everything everyone does makes me (expletive) ill,” he tweeted.

A fan declared White’s portrayal in “bad taste” and called for him to apologize, but White still would have none of it.

He replied, “It’s a skit for a comedian. (Expletive) in this country cry about everything!!! Get a sense of humor.”

White has often been described as the brash head of the UFC, rarely steering away from controversy. Following Sunday’s NFL on Fox stir and his response, it doesn’t appear that White is intent on changing his ways anytime soon.

(Dana White photo courtesy of NFLonFox on Twitter)

Check out Dana White’s appearance as part of the NFL on Fox “Riggle’s Picks” skit in the video below and decide for yourself if he should or shouldn’t apologize for taking part…

  • Grant

    Amazing how right he is. This country is filled with whiners and PC morons. There is at least 51% of them according to the last election.

    • And it takes even less intelligence to support the other man like 48-49% did. The majority of which he wanted to specifically target the funding that helps them out. All elections do is show us how dumb Americans are. To join in with the other side makes you equally a moron (general statement, not directed at you). If you don’t seek the truth and only care about the amount of taxes that you have removed from your check then you deserve the politicians that you get. Make Lobbying illegal, create a multi-party system instead of this blue red BS and reform congress and the tax system and then maybe we’ll see some real change.

      With that said, totally agree with you about how ridiculous it can be sometimes. Oh no, he imitated a homeless person! Get over it. It’s the same old puritanical garbage that has held our country back since the beginning.

      • Great comment Tony! I agree with everything you sad about lobbying, multi-party system, reform, etc. The U.S. is a great country, and I’m proud to live here, but that shouldn’t stop us from fixing the things that are broken, such as the way our political and tax systems operate.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I think you meant to say winners. That’s what the 51% were. You are in the other category. Go ahead, just let it all out.

  • octawhat

    George Carlin would have had a field day with this… God rest his hilarious soul.

  • That clip meant to be funny? ******* hell, you Yanks need some new humour.

    Apart from Dana doing creating profanity filled blogs & interviews isn’t this guy meant to be the president of the UFC?

    If I did not know any better this guys comes across as a ******* idiot, not someone representing a sports organisation.

    Yes am aware of comedy & humour, the likes of an employee such as Rogan who makes a living from comedy is understandable, but not from your boss, what a joker!

    • Scotty_O

      Dana White speaks his mind. He drops the F’bomb way more than the average public figure does, especially a public figure that holds a professional title such as his. But holy God Damn how can anybody say he doesn’t deserve to be the President of the UFC?

      Look at what he’s done, Get over yourself and look past your own personal dislike for the guy.From a business point of view he deserves your respect. Attack his character all you want, but don’t ever attack his ability to do his job because when it comes down to performance, if we did at our jobs half of what he’s done at his, we would be instantly promoted.

      The dude should display President of the UFC on his business card proudly! Because with out him, there would be no President as there would be no UFC.

    • Kris-tyahn

      So bc Dana is president of the UFC, he’s not allowed to be involved in comedy/skits? So I guess all those A type Hollywood stars who do Saturday Night Live shouldn’t be allowed to do any of the skits bc they are the worlds top actors?!? STFU you dummy!

      FYI. I’m not a huge Dana White fan!

      • If you had half a brain you would try and be professional and not involve yourself in such garbage, in the words of Dana “he’s a jackass”

        Has the power/powder gone to his head?
        Things used to be great when Dana was thinner, more reserved and professional, since he has thrown tantrums and got more vocal his cool has gone and he comes across as a over weight thug who just loses control. This looks really bad for the UFC and gives the impression some loose cannon is calling the shots, although this is not 100% the case.

        Notice how you never see the F. brothers making a fool of themselves or swearing on tv, they uphold a certain level of professionalism.
        I believe some awful decisions have been made this year throughout the UFC, who ever holds blame, partly Dana and Joe Silva. It has been a bad year for the UFC with poor events and a dilution of talent, now with the addition of a women’s bantam weight, with a hand full of people to complete. This indicates that more female weight class’s is a possibility, this is not something I want to see happen, but I imagine it will happen in the future.

        P.s. Why do you still have Goldberg commentating, he should only be used for adverts such as corn on the cob, he talks so much rubbish and actually doesn’t say anything useful about the fight and often gets things wrong, Rogan and Randy would make a better pair. Florian is a crap commentator, so lifeless It makes me sleepy

  • Brandon Kohn

    Dana is not a comedian. He does not represent every single American. Also for the political comments, some people think having more money is the most important topic, some believe equal rights are, some believe religion is. One of the great things about this country is we can have ideas that conflict and we still move along. Those crying about the election need to understand that their personal beliefs do NOT represent America. We are individual units that come together as a whole-get on board of get the **** out.

  • pogodog7

    Dana is right…people need to get a sense of humour.

    • el che

      while i’m neutral on this and realise it’s all done in humor, i just can’t help but wonder how Dana would (over)react if it was a fighter in the UFC’s roster that took part of such a skit?

      • macgrubber

        if i remember correctly it was miguel torres who told a joke and got fired? I didnt think anything of the joke but apparently queer dana white did. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

        • Kris-tyahn

          McIDIOT, you realize that Torres made a joke about rape right? Yeah, what Dana did was almost the same thing you moron. Also, was it Dana’s idea to do what he did? NO it was the guy in he skit. Was it Torres’s idea to make a joke about rape? YES! McDummy, yet again you prove how idiotic you really are.

      • he would go ape ****.
        Unless you sign your life over you may get fired
        If you make a movie your in deep ****.
        If you want to try more experimental fighting in the cage your in risk of being cut.

        Fighter’s must be fighters only and be loyal to the UFC, whilst Dana can be a cowboy?

  • GoNoles

    people get butt hurt for the dumbest stuff now a days.

  • daniel

    Dana’s awesome but he should only apologize for being in a dumb skit that wasn’t even funny or offensive. He needs funnier friends or better writers.

  • robriggle

    What a bunch of idiots trying to pick on Dana. He didn’t make up the skit. He’s trying to be accommodating to fox and simply went along with the fox NFL staff as part of this comedians skit. I’m sure he didn’t choose his character lol.
    Lighten up dummy’s. And quit trying to talk politics morons

    • TYLER


      • typicalpcwuss

        How dare you make fun, I’m offended, I guess I’ll go kill myself now.

        • Fryestache

          I have a hard time figuring out whats worst? The original douchebag who cried, or the idiot reporting about his doucheness.