UFC Pres Dana White Issues Nick Diaz Statement

February 9, 2012

UFC president Dana White on Tuesday believed he had put the rematch together that a multitude of fans had been clamoring for following UFC 143’s main event between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

Diaz stalked Condit down the entire fight, but Condit stuck and moved, walking out of the Octagon on Saturday night with a unanimous decision and the interim UFC welterweight championship.

Condit had earned the right to face champion Georges St-Pierre, but after a couple days of fans blowing up his Twitter account, White revealed that Condit had agreed to instead face Nick Diaz in an immediate rematch.

That didn’t last long, however, as Diaz’s trainer and manager, Cesar Gracie, told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday “there is not going to be a rematch.”

The speculation immediately began to swirl, and where there was smoke, there was definitely some fire.

Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Thursday informed MMAWeekly.com that Diaz had tested positive for marijuana metabolites and “a complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed.”

It didn’t take long for White to respond.

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana,” said White in a prepared statement. “It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

It was a simple, almost bland statement from White, who is known for his fiery personality, but you could almost see the disappointment dripping from it.

What happens next is anyone’s best guess. Most likely, Condit will go back into the expected holding pattern, waiting for Georges St-Pierre to return sometime around October or November. Condit and his manager, Malki Kawa of First Round Management, are slated to meet with White in Las Vegas on Friday.

“As for Carlos and what’s next for his future, we’ll definitely discuss that with the UFC and Dana White in the coming days,” Kawa told MMAWeekly.com.

Until then, we, like Condit, are left in limbo.

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  1. One dimensional fighter getting more credit than he deserves as a fighter.

    • what the hell are all of u guys talking about..hes a grown ****ing man if we wants to smoke pot then let him who gives a ****, gaurentee all of u have at least tried it,but that doesnt make him a scum bag or any of that other ****. watch the prime time episodes, you get a glimps of what hes actually like…cause he talks **** that makes him ghetto? none of u people know what your talkinmg about, why dont u meet the guy before u talk all of YOUR ****.

      • NICK DIAZ,
        AGE: twenty something
        HEIGHT: kind of tall
        WEIGHT: he made it
        REACH: long enough
        WEED SMOKED: fantastic…LOL
        If Diaz goes away, good riddance,…and plz take your brother with you….

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      • Elaine, can I get a 2 for 1 blumpkin special???

  2. one dimensional?explain this

  3. Diaz WILL find a way to mess up his life, no matter how big an opportunity he gets. He’s self destructive, and he’s a prick.


    • I agree. What a meathead. Look what he has.
      And it isn’t good enough. He needs to be Jap Slapped and a visit by the Grim Reaper of MMA’s Past……………Opportunity knocks so he goes and smokes pot. Dummy…………….

  4. meh i dont care about weed as long as he wasnt take any steroids if anything it should be hurting his own lungs lol. I still think he beat Condit

  5. I like that pic of DW they used. I bet that is exactly how he looked when he was told of Diaz’s test. “Uugggghhh……Jesus Christ……”

    Let him go Dana, he’s hardly worth the headache.

  6. Diaz just smoked his way out of $3 Million. One Million for the rematch with Condit and $2 Million for the fight with GSP had he won – which I believe he would have.

    Hope that was some good stuff Nick!

    • This situation sucks. Diaz must have known he would be tested….. I beleive Diaz is a good fighter, not great….he needs guys that will stand in front of him….I beleive the best fight to make after his suspension should be against his boxing coach, you know the guy wearing the hand and body pads on the primetime episodes….this will allow Diaz to throw the same body,body, body, body, head, head combination over and over again…..he looks great doing that….If he fights again against any of the UFC WW’s that can wrestle he will lose…He will then say….He wanted to wrestle me…he was scared to fight me….Needs to improve not complain….I’m still a fan though….I beleive Diaz could be better….

    • You are among a very few group that still actually believe that doper Diaz can beat GSP in a fight. Good luck with that. Nicks a tough guy. A scrapper, but hardly a well round world class martial artist. Diaz was brought over not because of his skill level, but because of the crying out of no more quality fighters for GSP. It was meant purely for entertainment. The excitement generated for the fight by most wasn’t for Diaz to beat GSP, it was people wanted George to beat the snot out of the punk from Stockton, nothing more. Diaz has no business in the UFC and thank God for that. It was becoming a sideshow having that idiot headlining.

      • who was over in strikeforce left for him to fight he beat everybody over there.then came over beat penn and fought a close fight with condit 2 of the best fighters in the world so idk how he aint world class brotha.apparently bj and condit arent very good either since he beat bj and condit had to run from em to pull out the decision.dont take that for me takin a shot at condit that just using your logic to judge fighters.

    • ^^exactly!

  7. On the list of things Americans couldn’t care less about, this is just below the GOP presidential bid.
    The guy that lost, who is a notorious stoner, smoked pot at some point before his fight.
    Why do they even test for it?
    Who cares? Is it performance enhancing or does it just make it more fun.
    The stoner won the fight too.
    It’s all strange, the controversy with the decision, the announced rematch and now this. It seems like a Diaz smear.
    I wonder why?

  8. Get rid of the douche… Lets piss a lot of money away, what a loser. Sure, its only weed, but its a rule, just like going to press conferences, if ya cant put the weed down til your short fighting career is over then you’re a bigger loser. Than anyone thought. Time to go away.

  9. Ok I will start off by stating that yes marijuana is a banned substance, I get that. My problem is that if someone such as Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt can get away with using “real” performence enhancing drugs during their training as long as it is perscribed for the treatment of low levels of Testosterone, why then can’t Diaz use the medication that was perscribed to him for anxiety or whatever it is perscribed for. I do not think that there is one person who argue that “Weed” is a performence enhancing drug, unlike testosterone. In fact I would be comfortable in saying that weed hinders your training more then enhancg it. Think about all the pothead sterotypes, laying around lazy eating all the crap that they can. Doesn’t sound like a very good training plan to me.

    If I am Diaz, I now go to court for discrimination. I know it is a big word, but hear me out first. If a company fired you because you were taking prozac or any other anxiety medication, they can be sued for discrimination. The NSAC is now impeding on Diaz’s right to make a living because he is taking a medication that is prescribed to him by a physician, whether you agree or not with the law, it is a prescribed medication and therefore he should be able to fight just as Nate and Chael do, as long as he gives them the proper imformation up front, supplies them a perscription and diagnosis for the perscription.

    Just my opinion

    • Oh where do you start with that?
      First, I guess…
      Your Job can let you go for taking a legal prescription. Since taking prescriptions can impede you from doing your job. It just depends on the drug.
      Second, even if they decided that doesn’t matter. There are a ton of drugs that can be prescribed that are on the banned list. Don’t confuse what’s allowed by commissions with what states and the Feds call illegal.

      What sonnen is doing with the TRT isn’t considered to be an advantage. It’s a treatment meant to bring him back to “normal” because his body is deficient. (not how I look at it neccisaryly.)

      I live in California. It amazes me how many people out here don’t realize that with or without the doctors note. It’s still against federal law to possess or use weed. Certainly no other state should be respecting a prescription that violates federal law. Let Diaz hop on an airplane with that prescription.

    • Here’s the other fact you neglect, he’s already been suspended for weed, so it’s not like he did not know that they frowned upon this stuff.

      Now, knowing that, he should have had the weed prescription cleared with the NSAC before fighting to make sure it would not get him into trouble.

    • what are you talking about sonnen was suspended for a year because of his failed test. nate mardquart was fired. they did get punished. “prescribed” really? nick diaz is a fighter and to be a fighter you have to be in just about perfect health. what on earth could be his legitimate reason for needing it? its bs people quit making excuses for him

      • Sonnen technically only got suspended for three months before the suspension was waived. That’s a typical medical suspension for most fighters.

        • He was suspended for a total of 6 months – Sonnen served half of a 12 month suspension!

  10. You guys who are trying to paint Nick out to be this slacker stoner guy who can’t bring himself to put the blunt down really need to educate yourselves on the details of the situation before you stay idiotic $hit like that.

    • I concur Bro! I was told I need to apologize for sticking up for Nick (seriously). This is an MMA comment board, you are going to get the creme de la creme meatheads on these pages so we really should expect nothing less. A few guys on here (pro & anti Diaz)that can have an intelligent argument, but they are few and far between.

      • You know RonnieV the reason I really don’t like Diaz, isn’t because he isn’t a good fighter, its like anything, there are other very good fighters out there that aren’t given an opportunity, mostly because they can’t get seen can’t put the time in to get better because they have to make a living another way etc, which is like any sport it is what it is, but Nick worked hard but also got a shot… yet look what he’s done with it numerous times. Its just annoying, he lets his fans and his coaches etc down. UFC is the major leagues, yet he doesn’t show up for press conferences, and now this. Even his primetime special talked about how he missed flights, who does that? These kinds of people just don’t get it, so maybe its time someone else be given “his” opportunity. Just a waste of talent. Yes, weeds not bad, its just a straw that broke the camels back.

        • I’m a fan of his, he didn’t let me down. He does whatever he wants, that why a lot of people like him. Stop crying. He wasn’t “given” anything, he earned it. There are no other really good fighters out there not getting there shots. If anyone wants it that bad, hard work, dedication and sacrifice, it is that simple. Diaz, and many other fighters, slept in the gym and trained 24/7. Why do people like you care more about Diaz’s career than he does?

        • shereko – yeah I saw the missed flight thing on Primetime, and that he passed on his UFC provided transportation. Let’s agree on this, that last Primetime was frickin’ awesome!!! I’ve deleted the actual fight from my DVR, but not that Primetime.
          Diaz we will be eligible to fight again probably a month or two after GSP returns. I know a lot of you guys hate him, but based on how many anti-Diaz messages you have posted. I’m pretty sure nearly every one of you haters will tune into his next fight

  11. regardless of who you think won the fight or if you are a Diaz lover or hater, the fact is that Diaz knew the fight was in Nevada. He knew “Weed” was banned by the Nevada state athletic commission and chose to partake anyway. In my mind he wasted the UFC’s time, Condit’s time and my time, not to mention the money I paid for the ppv.

    Also, didn’t Sonnen serve a suspension for steroids and wasn’t Marquardt booted from the UFC over steroids? I’m just trying to make sense of the previous posters argument. Perhaps there is more to the Sonnen and Marquardt situation than I am aware of.

    • If you’re referring to my arguement, I meant that this isn’t a case of a fighter blazing up at a party. He uses it medicinally and legally (by CA state law) and failed to properly cycle it out of his system. It’s common knowledge that he does this, and this time he simply screwed up the timing. It was sloppy on his part, but certainly not unethical or dishonest.
      People love to roll around in the idea of him being this loser pothead, but it’s not the case. That’s just ignorant.

    • @Michaelchimique
      Both Sonnen and Nate were suspended not because they both failed to submit the proper paperwork showing that they were being treated for TRT. If they had submitted that proper paperwork it would not have been an issue.

      Also Nick Diaz suffers form a social anxiety disorder, and marijuana is used for as treatment for anxiety.

      @ MikeMC
      Employment can be severed if it is proved that you took the perscription drug during work hours. Unlike most perscription drugs, marijuana can not be detected with a certainty of time. Meaning he could have used it up to two weeks prior to the event. Secondly if I have read statements and reports correctly, banned substances can be used if the proper paperwork is filled out that allows it due to medical conditions. Lastly I know you stated that you did not agree with what Sonnen was doing, but taking testosterone to bring your levels back to normal is one thing. I can not remember the specifics, but Sonnen had 10+ times the normal levels in his system, seems he was overusing a drug that he knew gave him an advantage.

      • You don’t have to prove that a drug is taken during work hours. In fact you can be removed from a job for having a medical condition. You don’t even have to take a drug.
        All drugs have effects by definition. If the effects of a drug could be considered to hinder work, or provide an unsafe atmosphere you can be removed from employment.

        Good example. I live in Cali. I work on power lines. We have commercial drivers licsence. We are amongst the most regulated trades in America. For DOT reasons we are regularly, and thoroughly tested. There are many prescriptions that will get us yanked off the job. There are many that can not allow us to even obtain a licsence to drive. Marijuana is “okay” by the state, but that doesn’t mean you can have it in your system while working if you have certain jobs. Especially any job regulated by the federal government.

  12. I’d like to know what his nanogram level was for the failed test. Has that information been released yet?

  13. Diaz is a complete POS!

  14. Really disappointed for Nick Diaz. He cannot seem to get his act together. Even after losing and on the heels of getting a rematch, he has to do something foolish. How did he not know he was going to get drug tested after the fight? He definitely doesn’t have the right people around him.


    • Wait…what?!
      I don’t think you understand how the testing works. He didn’t get caught after the fight. It was in his system already before the fight. He didn’t use after the fight and then test positive. He used a while ago and it was still in his system.

  15. Diaz is a lost cause at this point.

  16. You think at this point he’d have a medical marijuana license. In BC Canada you can get one easier then a drivers license. It’s honestly like testing positive for alcohol…..
    It’s a joke it’s banned…

    • It is a joke that its a banned substance… but you know what? It is. If you can’t follow what their rules are then pay the price… whats really sad is he gets paid really well for what a lot of people would love to be able to do, and yup smoking weed isn’t bad, but for that money it shouldn’t be tough to stop doing.

    • Unfortunately Cali just shut down all the dispeneries. Lot of people lost a lot of money and jobs. But the drug cartels are excited about it

  17. This isn’t a big deal under the circumstances, but imagine if (by some miracle ;)) he beat GSP and this happened. It would be an absolute PR disaster.

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking. The commission really cracks down hard on weed because the idea of a fighter using marijuana while also being one of the best fighters in the world is a terrifying idea to some of the figureheads.

      • You sound like your a friend of Diaz. Nobody, but nobody thinks he’s that great of a fighter. Either your his best friend or you idolize him because he’s a drug user who shoves it in everyones face and isn’t behind bars. Whats your story?

        • Nobody eh? What about all the legitimate MMA sites (including this one) that had him ranked #2 in the world? But you’re probably right, it’s just his friends and pot-enthusiasts (of which I am neither) who thinks he’s that good.

  18. What did Nick Diaz’s joint have to say about all this.

    Jon: So, Mr Joint, what are your thoughts?

    Joint: The grass is still green, and I am still a stud, Bud.

    Jon: Mr Joint, why do you ruin so many lives.

    Joint: Why do you ask so many questions. You need to relax.

    Jon: Mr Joint, are you aware that smoking Pot is illegal?

    Joint: Well maybe Nick needed to relax. Did you ever think about that, A-wipe.

    Jon: Mr Joint, you are a douche. And I hope the kids of tomorrow will put you to rest.

    Joint: **** you.

    Jon: No, **** You.

  19. Who do you think beat Nick Diaz?

    The Joint

  20. The world is much bigger than the UFC. Like Ricky Williams, Diaz doesn’t care about the things other people want for his life. This is the reason so many people love Nick Diaz, he does whatever he wants, in a way its admirable. This country is full of ignorant, crazy people that have no lives so they buy magazines every week and read about celebrities problems to make themselves feel better about their miserable existence. He smoked weed, whatever. He fights in a ring with a giant “Bud Light” logo and “Burger King” advertisements everywhere, but we are worried about marijuana. What a joke.

  21. It is my understanding that Nick Diaz has been prescribed medicinal marijuana for ADHD. California law permits this for some reason. You can’t get medicinal marijuana in Canada for ADHD, maiinly because there isn’t solid evidence that smoking pot benefits ADHD patients. He obviously screwed up his detox regiment. Question is how? Why? It just looks like Diaz isn’t a company guy, not much of a team player. Lives by his own ‘rules’. I could be wrong but I do like the fact that he comes to fight everytime!

  22. The same night as the Diaz-Condit fight, Julio Caeser Chavez Jr. defended his MW title. Chavez got a DUI at 4:30 in the morning 2 weeks before the fight. Then the commision in Texas “FORGOT” to drug test him. Haha, I love it… I miss Chuck Liddell’s drunk a*s, remember when he fell asleep during that interview? That guy knew how to party.

  23. Are any of Diaz’s fans shocked by this? The guy is a scumbag. His fighting is fun to watch, but his attitude sucks. Self destructed guy from the ghetto, and some of you are really shocked??

    • Oops…I meant self destructive.

      • Not shocked TKD! He’s let me down a couple times before, but I’ve met the guy a couple times and he was super cool to me and my lady. I’m a fan, and I enjoy his fights more than any other fighter. I’m pissed at him since I won’t be able to see him fight for a year. I’m pissed at him, because weed may have cost him nearly $3 million in the next year. I’m pissed at him because he really let down his team (Cesar Gracie, Jon Schilling, Richard Perez, etc..). I’m pissed that I never got a chance to light up with him (think of how much fun that would be). But I still like the guy, he is who he is, and some of us admire that.. some of us hate it. I personally like that he bitch slaps people in the ring… who else does that? I love the line “so we are throwing spinning sh#t now,” heck even Condit laughed about that one. He’s a different cat, nobody else like him in the sport, some people love it, some people really hate it! He’s one of the few guys in the sport that doesn’ care about popularity or the media, he cares about fighting. Nobody in MMA can say they train harder than Nick, this is his life. I’ll be stoked when he comes back in a year, but bummed he’ll probably have to work his way up the ladder again.

        • Absolutely!!

          People don’t seem to understand that if you’re a fan, you’re a fan no matter what. It’s easy to be a fairweather fan and just show up to pound your chest when things are going great, but to stand by the guy when stuff like this happens is a little different. Trust me, it’s certainly not easy being a Diaz fan sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop doing it because a few people on a message board said I should.

    • Not shocked TKD! He’s let me down a couple times before, but I’ve met the guy a couple times and he was super cool to me and my lady. I’m a fan, and I enjoy his fights more than any other fighter. I’m pissed at him since I won’t be able to see him fight for a year. I’m pissed at him, because weed may have cost him nearly $3 million in the next year. I’m pissed at him because he really let down his team (Cesar Gracie, Jon Schilling, Richard Perez, etc..). I’m pissed that I never got a chance to light up with him (think of how much fun that would be). But I still like the guy, he is who he is, and some of us admire that.. some of us hate it. I personally like that he bitch slaps people in the ring… who else does that? I love the line “so we are throwing spinning **** now,” heck even Condit laughed about that one. He’s a different cat, nobody else like him in the sport, some people love it, some people really hate it! He’s one of the few guys in the sport that doesn’ care about popularity or the media, he cares about fighting. Nobody in MMA can say they train harder than Nick, this is his life. I’ll be stoked when he comes back in a year, but bummed he’ll probably have to work his way up the ladder again.

      • Nobodys surprised your obsessed with Nick. Birds of a feather……..

      • RonnieV, I actually like Diaz as a fighter. I have said it before that I wish all UFC fighters fought with his intensity and desire. And I can respect the fact that you like him as a person. People will sh*t on you for saying that, but you have that right. Most of us don’t know Nick, or any other fighter for that matter. I just hate seeing a guy with such talent self-destruct like he does.

        I hope the guy comes back, and I hope he cleans up a little. Sadly, he might have blown his chance to fight GSP. It would have been a great fight!

  24. Oops…I meant self destructive.

  25. As much as I dislike Nick”the Back Door”Diaz I don’t get what’s the big ****ing surprise???I thought he openly advocating smoking Weed.So why is everyone so shocked?Joe Rogan is a M.J Advocate and he’s kind of part of the UFC’s Regime.Well this proves how big of an idiot Diaz is WTF can u ****ing stop for 30 days?Well I guess it’s kind of discredit the people who says Marijuana isn’t Addictive lol.ALL the idiot ha to do is to stop even just for 3 weeks before the fight and use some to of the line detox herbs and drink lots of fluids.But I guess Nicky is HOOKED LMAO!!!Well really I don’t that Weed should even on the list of illegal banned substances bot the Nevada Athletic Commission has it dumb **** Diaz knew it’s illegal he signed a Contract well to bad he should be suspended and fined.Last time he got 6 monhs and 20% of his wage so he’ll get 1yr and 40-50% of what he made.Idiot his Team and Coaches must be Chocked trained with him for **** all.

  26. this is when all the Diaz haters come to their keyboards and start throwing their tampons to the sky acting all righteous. You *&^&^ing idiots wont shut up now, not that you did before anyways.

    Oooh he did pot, the outrage! In a world where a former president did pot and had an intern give him a b(*wjob and sport coaches abuse children, and many other much more terrible things, Diaz found with pot in his system is NOTHING! … it’s ****en harmless.

    btw, Diaz is the best welterweight in MMA right now.

    • “this is when all the Diaz haters come to their keyboards and start throwing their tampons to the sky…” Very funny, bro! That made me laugh!!

      As far as your comment, “btw, Diaz is the best welterweight in MMA right now.” Did you smoke some bad stuff? He just got beat by Condit.

  27. “btw, Diaz is the best welterweight in MMA right now.” by blackdog2009

    Get help quick!!!!

  28. Diaz got a rematch in the works with condit and he jack it up. Now he won’t get his rematch and He won’t be fighting for along time. As a fan of his, he’s a f##king dumbass.

  29. Hey ‘somecokehead’ you can get a medical
    Marijuana license for anything in Canada, or at least in BC. It’s pretty much legal, and in about 4 to 5 years it’ll just be plain legal.

  30. Im not one to usually copy and paste, but after reading TKD, and some responses it seems the comment is more fitting here. Sorry for those who read a long post twice. –

    February 10, 2012 at 1:54 am
    I wouldn’t feel like I missed anything if Nick was never heard from, or seen again. I’ve never hated the guy, but just never thought he was anything special. He has always came off as an idiot with average skills in my eyes.

    I will say however I feel bad for mma fans who don’t see him the way I do. I feel bad for the people who got excited when he was going to fight. I’m not one of those people who think fighters owe anything to fans. However I know what it’s like to be a fan of someone who just never seems to be able to get their shit together. I know it sucks. I get that people defend athletes they’re fans of. There were people who didn’t think it possiable OJ killed anyone because of the enjoyment they got from watching him carry a football. Or the people who believe Michael Jackson could never do wrong because they enjoyed a record. (I’m not saying either are guilty or not)
    Whether Diaz fans feel like Nick has let them down, or not. He has. He doesn’t owe you anything, but at least for awhile, the greatness you were hoping to see from him you will not. Because of his actions, not the commissions, and not because of lawmakers.

    Like I said before. I wouldn’t care if Nick ends up being a drag queen crack whore. But I feel bad for his fans, because before its all said and done. Nick just might end up having the same value as one.

  31. I may just have to move to BC. I heard that B.C. also stands for ‘bomb chronic’. I know people with ADHD who smoke weed… neither they or I see any benefit to smoking a substance that impares short term memory. The problem ADHA patients have is with a lack of focus. Smoking weed is not likely to improve attention function. I think Diaz is ‘addicted’ and just wants to protect himself from the law. I don’t blame him. I just think I would be able to quit for over $1 million at least long enough to pass a test. Boooooo Diaz!!!

  32. Same **** different day. The guy never learns. There is no question that Diaz is an entertaining fighter and an interesting character to say the least but he never learns. He’s his own worst enemy. He tested positive in the Gomi fight and got that win overturned to a nc and now he tests positive again.

    I know alot of you Diaz fans are going to get on my for this but if he started at the bottom and had to work his way up in the WW division of the UFC he wouldnt make it to the top. The only reason he got his shot is because of the win streak he put together in strikeforce and his fight against an uninspired, not in shape bj penn. The guy isnt going to beat the main guys in this division.

  33. Diaz is not worthy of being in the UFC let alone being called a champion. Diaz should be banned for life and dropped. Nick Diaz is not good for the UFC and is a demon seed. a bad apple spoils the organization. Flush Diaz Now.

  34. Ok lets answer some questions that seem to be a topic of argument. First off I am an attorney .Second I am an Avid MMA fan and decided to use my profession to find the truth to a lot of the comments so here are the answers to most questions.
    Diaz smoked pot. Ok if he had the card given him to a doctor then its like any script. now being on the ban list will make it hard for him not to be punished .
    But unlike steroids that give an unfair advantage weed will not. weed also has a 3 to 4 week period for a positive result .If Mr Diaz used it 21 days prior to the fight it will show positive but he will have NO advantage over Mr. Condit unlike a steroid .
    his script will allow him to travel to states that do not recognize this law with out being prosecuted he just will not be able to fill his script there or use it in a public area with out consequences. Also weed is not commonly prescribed as an anti anxiety medication in most cases it can cause anxiety. I am NOT a fan of Diaz not at all but its clear he does suffer from social anxiety in certain degrees.
    Now Marijuana may help him but in 90% of cases it makes the person more nervous if that is the problem they have.
    If Diaz can produce all medical documents showing his diagnoses and treatment plan he shout have an eayser time clearing his name that most outhers

    • That’s interesting. I’ve never seen a lawyer throw out a blanket explanation of law over the entire country that way. Especially about marijuana where even in California he can be arrested if in possession of said substance. With, or without a prescription. Since the California law doesn’t allow for any city, county, or state agency to convict if the guidelines are followed. Said person can still be arrested by any federal law enforcement.

      I’ve also never seen someone who is in a profession that is so particular be so willing to throw out completely unsubstantiated “facts” like the one you did about Diaz “clearly suffering from social anxieties to some degree.”
      No offense, but why would one professional state something about another profession as fact, when they’re clearly is no way of knowing for sure.
      I understand that on a platform like this we throw assumptions around.
      However I think it’s quite irresponsible to enter a conversation to give an “expert opinion” on a subject, and then follow it up by stating something as fact that is clearly not within the scope of said profession. What you said seems like its boarding on libel.

      Funny thing is that none of the states laws matter. Fighters are granted licsence based on particular conditions. The banned substance list is not comprised of “performance enhancers.” it’s just a list of substances banned for licsence. Hell, if I’m found with marijuana in my system I can lose my California CDL. That’s whether I have a “weed script” or not. Doesn’t mean I’m going to jail. People are trying to make this into a medical marijuana debate. It’s not. It could be any of the hundreds (or thousands) of substances of that list to obtain a licsence.

      • I’ve also never me a ‘lawyer’ with such poor grammar and spelling. This guys a fraud just like his ‘expert’ opinion

  35. if drugs show up in diaz dump the bum.

  36. lets all face it , marajuana is necessary for those who have failed in life,we need it, without it our life would be shy of drama such as: loss of keys,late for work,getting smell off of self or out of area of use,culpability of eating all the snacks, etc,etc, hey if it werent for pot,parents wouldnt have a reason to be broke paying for thier adult kids failures! so give that half anglo brother a break! besides that its expensive !!!! so he needs gainful employment!!! we cant have him playin mw3 in his mommas basement, waitin for his cell to ring !

  37. you guys arent seeing the poitive side of this.Rumor has it Diaz has signed a very lucritive movie contract: Coming this summer to a theater near you” Nick and Chongs My career has gone UP IN SMOKE”

  38. I never thought of Nick as ghetto, i thought of him as a Nerd. As for smoking, its too bad they drug test for that. Some of my best work outs are when i smoke right before i go into the gym with my head phones on. It really does help people focus on things. Or maybe 1 or 2 things.. lol. Im just wondering what Dana is thinking.. I havent looked at the rumors yet, to me it seems like 2012 might be a little lack luster for the UFC? I think im most excited about the Light weights this year. Before Brock left, i was really interested in Heavy.

  39. why is Nick Dope Diaz even in the UFC? get rid of this disease and cleanse the organization. Diaz is a bum.

  40. i dont understand yall dudes attackin this man on a personal level, not 1 of yall know this man like that.and if u say he cant fight ur a dumbass.there isnt anythin wrong with smoking weed idk wtf the government is thinkin but he fukin up.he shoulda detoxed or just stop about a month leading up to it.im sure the primetime and all that didnt help the guys anxeity and all that either though.but yall get off this mans nuts and let em live his own life the man worked his ass off to get where he at if he wants to fuk off then thats his decision idk who the hell yall think yall r thinkin yall know wtf goes on with that dude mentally and all that everybody has their problems.if sanchez beats ellenberger though throw em in the with em if he aint suspended