UFC Pleased with How Matt Mitrione Handled Fallon Fox Fallout, but He’s Still Sidelined

April 20, 2013
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Matt Mitrione recently weighed in on the Fallon Fox transgender controversy that has captured headlines across the United States, and especially within mixed martial arts circles. The only problem with that was how he expressed his opinion.

Mitrione ranted and raved, not exactly putting forth a cerebral argument.

Aside from insinuating that Fox had “mental problems” for fighting in the women’s MMA division, Mitrione also joked that Fox’s fights were akin to infamous rapper Chris Brown beating up his current girlfriend, Barbadian pop star Rihanna:

He’s chromosomally a man. He had a gender change, not a sex change. He’s still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That’s a couple years younger than I am. He’s a man. Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That’s ridiculous.

That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself. And the fact that Florida licensed him because California licensed him or whoever the hell did it, it’s an embarrassment to us as fighters, as a sport, and we all should protest that. The woman that’s fighting him, props to you. I hope you beat his ass, and I hope he gets blackballed and never fights again, because that’s disgusting and I’m appalled by that.

The UFC cited Mitrione for “breach of contract,” which lead to the suspension of his contract and a hefty fine, although UFC president Dana White has declined to reveal the amount of the fine.  The suspension is currently ongoing, and White, at a Thursday media scrum, was just as evasive about when Mitrione’s suspension will conclude.

It’s not that White has it in for Mitrione. It’s actually quite the opposite. White says he was pleased with the way Mitrione handled the fallout from his comments and the subsequent fine and suspension.

“From the first day we talked, he handled the whole thing like a man,” said White. “He said some ignorant comments that made him sound like a complete jackass and a bigot. He knew what he said wrong.

“If he was standing in front of a panel or a judge and was arguing why somebody who used to be a man shouldn’t be allowed to fight a woman, he wouldn’t have said it the way that he said it.

“He could have done it the right way and nobody would have said anything to him. He can have an opinion; it’s just how you state your opinion.”

Unfortunately for Mitrione, none of that entered his mind before he stated his case in the manner he did. And for that he’s left wondering when he’ll be allowed to fight in the Octagon again.

“I’m sure that’s what he wants to know too,” White responded when asked what the duration of Mitrione’s suspension. “We’ll let him know when we decide.”

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  • DamianCross

    So the suspension basically amounts to “he isn’t going to fight until we need him to”

    And this is different from everyday life, how?

    • Mcgiggity

      Who cares about the suspension? Free meathead!

      • Cereal Killer


        • Christina-Xena

          No slogan tee sales yet?

          Not gonna happen!

      • JOE SHINE

        Matt spoke up as a true man should. Thanks matt.

        • Christina-Xena

          A true man doesn’t need to belittle ANY woman in order to make his views known. Matt went way WAY over the line of acceptable speech and public views, so got what he deserved ..a suspension.

          • Mcgiggity

            Meathead didn’t belittle a woman

      • Christina-Xena

        The permanent door out of MMA is the only “free” route for this hateful bigot. But if he wants back in I expect to hear a public apology to both the UFC and Fallon! Then he should be allowed back in if given sincerely.

    • Advance*

      Because in everyday life he doesn’t get fined?

  • Neoconnected

    Don’t worry Matt…when you fight in the UFC again you will have 99% of the fans cheering you on for being a fighter…and saying what most of us feel. We know you need to soft peddle it for now and to save your career but rest assured you have the support of millions.

    • Christina-Xena

      There aren’t millions of paying viewers for MMA …LOL! but I do hope that the supporters of Fox with MMA viewers equals at least the level of support for trans-equality rights that exists in general society, which is now in the majority overall and in some areas much more than that level.. And for sure Matt’s hate speech does NOT reflect how “most” feel no matter how you personally feel towards those in the trans-community.

      • Neoconnected

        Maybe you haven’t noticed…but there are many free UFC fights nowadays…3 of 4 this month were not PPV events. The last event that Mitrione fought on was a FREE event. If you have followed this story online then you would know that the VAST majority of persons commenting on it support Mitrione. There are probably more persons that commented on and support Mitrione on message boards like this than there are transsexuals altogether. LOL Mitrione was combining valid points about allowing Fallon Fox into MMA with some obvious humor. It was not “hate”..it was commentary and free speech which I support.

      • chris

        How far this country has fallen when a man states his opinion about this sick f***** fox fallen and he gets suspended . I was under the illusion that the ufc was not oppressed by the cancer of political correctness

  • B RAD



      Fox is a fricking vomit induced crap laden freak.

      • Christina-Xena

        Well, since she’s a far better person than you …what does that make you???

        You’re just someone that needs to crawl back into their hole till they become a human being.

    • Christina-Xena

      Di you eat your hate-Wheaties this morning?

      Get a life and let other’s live their’s for a change.

  • Yah Dana White can constantly call people a dumbass and jackass. Very constructive.


    Thanks Matt for speaking out the truth about that fricking freak Fallon defying God’s laws.

    • Danny Sims

      What, exactly, does “god’s laws” have to say about gender reassignment? And which god are you referring to?

      • JOE SHINE

        The God who created Adam and Eve not adam and Steve. Fallon Fox is a scourge against the laws of human decency.

        • Christina-Xena

          Well, in one way God made Adam and Eve so they could have boys and girls so the boys could meet other boys and the girls would be born and meet other girls! …at least some of them cause that is just the orientations they are born with ..so God is more diversity minded than you are!

          But Fallon already has a child from before her transition so doesn’t want or need to have other kids, so don’t need “reproductive abilities” at this point in her life! As for decency, those who are hateful towards anyone because of their personal gender is the one who is indecent..

          Nice that such a anti-LGBT hater is so open with their hate …burn any good crosses on lawns recently?


    Fans should boycott all UFC events till Mitroine is reinstated and apologized to for speaking up as a real man.

    • Adam White

      I agree you man. I would like to see a few hundred people stop paying at 50 bucks a pop for a boring ass ppv how DUMBSHIT Dana would feel about losing all that money over this disgusting crap that a real man like Matt called out

      • Christina-Xena

        Not likely …chances are MORE people will tune in to watch Fallon fight …even if just to see her (try to) get beaten! LOL! Fox wins either way!

        • greg

          shes not getting into ufc so don’t hold your breath

    • Christina-Xena

      No, that’s never gonna happen. Instead Mitroine should and likely eventually will, apologize to the UFC AND Fallon for being such a rude bigoted total transphobic hater. And Florida having been approved for her next fight in May should be fit and ready to go!

  • Zeek

    Whatever Dana. More of your bs. Hes “suspended”. Just a PR act. ITs sad how quick the media/law is satisfied with this charade.

    • Christina-Xena

      Could be a way to gain publicity for the MMA, and hope people will watch just in case Fallon gets beat. If so that would be a lousy trick to gain some publicity.

      • greg

        you seem to be delusional clown who thinks MMA isn’t popular and needs publicity like this and you call other people out of touch with reality? please

  • Cereal Killer


    • Christina-Xena

      How are your MEATHEAD tee-shirt sales going?

      My bet is pretty lousy!

      • Cereal Killer

        I’m not selling anything, you f’ing moron!

  • Mark McDowall

    You have to look at this from the UFC’s point of view. Mitrione made comments that some people would find offensive, that is a given. Do ALOT of people agree with them…of course they do. The problem is the whiny tree hugging be nice to everyone hipster society we live in where the small percentage of people who are always looking for a cause would cause a huge uproar over this. And unfortunately that would be bad PR for the UFC…they would probably loose sponsors etc right away because no one wants to be a sponsor of a company who doesn’t agree with a transgender he she beating up a woman.

    The UFC made the right decision from a business stand point. Now…knowing the way that Dana White is…you know he most likely whole heartedly agrees with MeatHead and was ALOT less friendly with his comments about the situation.

    • Christina-Xena

      Don’t act like it’s only some extreme liberal (as per your “tree hugger” false slander) that supports the equality rights of those in the trans-community …the majority of people do in most areas of the country now, and why so many more rights are being passed in states and at the federal level.

      Trying to say the UFC is ONLY doing the support of Fox and suspension due to financial or bad publicity is a big fat lie and slanderous to the progressive stance and spirit of the UFC. Viewers should be appreciative of the proper and timing actions taken. Well done UFC …and Dana White! So let’s not interject negative hateful thoughts into the mind of this fine official.

      • greg

        show me where a majority of people support this man fighting women go ahead find some

      • Mark McDowall

        You honestly think that behind closed doors Dana White supports Fallon Fox? He said that he totally disagreed with WMMA until Rhonda Rousey came around!

        I hate to tell you the truth but what people say in public is not always what people really feel. And unfortunately in this “be nice to everyone” society those who do voice their opinion against whats considered the right/nice thing to do there will be some sort of negative(which means financial in most cases) backlash.

        You honestly think if Dana White came out and said “I totally disagree with Fallon Fox, she’s a freak etc etc” that there would be no reprocussions?? Budweiser almost pulled their sponsorship because Brock Lesnar said he like Coors Light better…trust me …it would happen!

  • Progressive

    so now fighters will be able to change weight division and sex division?

    • Christina-Xena

      Of course you wouldn’t be suggesting someone is going to do such a thing in order to gain what they, or you, think would give them some competitive advantage would you? That would be pure crazy talk.

      But if someone is transgender and undergo the required medical treatment and controls, and for the required length of time — plenty of time for any extra muscles to change (reduce if a trans-woman or grow if a trans-man) then sure …it’s possible, but likely a VERY rare occurrence given how low of percentage trans-people are in society. And how much fewer trans-woman would be interested in this kind of fighting sport.

      And just remember any transitioning person must go into the division where they are weight matched!…so the name of the division would naturally change if they maintained the same weight but that puts a trans-woman in to a HIGHER labeled division so that’s certainly no advantage as the woman they fight would be just as big.

  • D


    • Christina-Xena

      Sounds like a rallying cry into a dark empty tunnel.

  • PCgarbage

    All of this politically correct stuff is a bunch of garbage. Matt had it right, its his opinion and he’s entitled to it. Next it will be, if you just happen to feel a little feminine you will be able to fight women. There is no common sense anymore! This is absolutely disgusting!

    • Christina-Xena

      No one goes and undergo social and medical transition just because they feel a “little feminine” or conversely a :”little “masculine.” Depending on what you consider not gender stereotypical gender feeling they might just be/act/dress a tad femme or butch, gay or lesbian, or maybe a crossdresser, gender-bender and many more less permanent forms of gender fluidity.

      Matt is entitled to his opinion, but when it’s spoken at a UFC sanctioned forum and it violates the conduct code of the organization he has a contract with then he has gone over the acceptable line of speech and deserves the suspension he received. If Matt man’s up and apologizes to both UFC and Fox then and only then should he be allowed back in the ring!

  • Adam White

    Dana White is the JACKASS and or DUMBASS which ever one you want to call him. I am with most of these red blooded Americans that still have morals FREE MEATHEAD

    • Christina-Xena

      Dana White did exactly what was needed to be done to reign in the level of hate speech being used by Matt and others that might be tempted to use similar terms. Obviously Matt, and some others, have strong transphobic and hateful feeling towards ALL trans-persons, so often are just using this one example of equality to carry out verbal attacks on any and ALL trans-persons. So let’s stop this kind of hate-fest.

  • Chris Fischer

    Last time I checked Dana, Rogan, and Rhonda Rousey had all said bad things about Fallon Fox too. I agree with all of them though. She shouldn’t be fighting women and Mitrione shouldn’t be punished for what all of them did.

    • Christina-Xena

      You’re wrong!…none of the others used such derogatory and slanderous speech and totally hateful terms, even if the other critics didn’t have good medical perspective info to base their negative views on.Matt took the hate speech to a much higher level, and very much deserved his suspension.


    Matt Mitroine needs to be in Washinton DC. Put Matt incharge of defending America.

  • CrookCook

    I don’t have an issue with transgender..its their decision, and I support the right of choice.
    That said..this person has a possible SCIENTIFIC advantage over her other female fighters due to the fact that they have a genetically higher muscle mass than the other fighters because they were born a man. I’m not saying she’ll be undominatable, but I can see how it would give her a unfair edge over other fighters.
    Similar to some fighters using testosterone therapy in their training camps, because their testosterone is “too low”.

  • mindbender

    It isn’t allowed in the Olympics why should it be allowed in the MMA? Nothing against anyone but your birth gender should be the only deciding factor. What you do to yourself good or bad is your problem. Though if the women wish to fight him go for it, as long as he cannot gain a title for any wins.