UFC Pays John Albert His Win Bonus After Referee’s Erroneous Stoppage

June 1, 2012
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The first fight of the night at the Ultimate Fighter Live finale ended with controversy after referee Kim Winslow stopped the action with no tap out from the fighter under fire.

Former Ultimate Fighter season 14 cast member John ‘Prince’ Albert looked like he was going to get the best of newcomer Erik Perez with a triangle choke early, but the tough Team Greg Jackson fighter battled back with a series of hammer fists from the top to get free.

Perez transitioned beautifully to gain the dominant position and then slipped out for an armbar submission of his own.

With Perez on his belly and Albert’s arm fully extended it appeared the end may be near, and apparently referee Kim Winslow saw or heard something nobody else did and decided to stop the fight.

Obviously, Albert contested the stoppage and replays showed clearly that he never tapped, but at that point it was too late.

Of course, Erik Perez wasn’t at fault and picked up the victory, but UFC President Dana White made sure that Albert didn’t come out short financially because of the referee’s error.

“Just an FYI, John Albert will get his win bonus after the ridiculous stoppage by Winslow,” White wrote on Twitter on Friday night. “Always cleaning up after bad reffing.”

While the loss won’t get erased from Albert’s record at least he’ll go home with a full paycheck following the bad stoppage at the TUF Live finale.

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  • Mario

    My god

    They need to rid of that woman! She’s such a bad ref. Even when she calls the fight, she always seems scared to step in and stop the fighters.

    Horrible referee!

    • she is a terrible ref

      she is also butt fugly

  • Just saw this on Fuel and wow, I don’t think a call gets much crappier than that. Why is this lady reffing?

    • RubeKegal

      It’s those stupid equal rights laws….these girls wanna get in everything…pretty soon you’re going to see it made mandatory that you have to allow for 1 woman to try out for an NFL team, just like the rule that if there is a coaching position available, you must interview at least 1 black candidate.

  • It’s funny… whenever a woman refs or writes about MMA that’s all the blogs are about. Never the fight, just the fact that a woman ref’ed or wrote about it.

  • dderizzo

    She is very” HANDSOME”, and your right, She needs to go………