UFC on Versus 5 Fighters Score $65,000 Bonuses; Chris Lytle Rakes It In

August 14, 2011
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Chris Lytle - TUF 9
Chris Lytle

UFC on Versus 5 took place in Milwaukee on Sunday night with a fight card chalk full of finishes and exciting fights that left UFC officials with some difficult choices for the usual post-fight awards and bonuses.

After a blistering fight between main eventers Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle – which also served as Lytle’s retirement party – it was almost a no-brainer that the two would get the Fight of the Night.

There was some stiff competition, but Lytle went out big, also scoring the Submission of the Night.

After banging it out for nearly three full rounds, going toe-to-toe with Hardy, Lytle took advantage of a Hardy takedown attempt, locking on a guillotine choke that ended the Brit’s night.

Lytle walked away from the night and his career scoring some major extras, earning $65,000 each for the Fight of the Night bonus and the Submission of the Night bonus, and earned a 2012 Softail Blackline motorcycle from Harley Davidson for the win.

Hardy scored a $65,000 bonus for his part in the fight and a promise from UFC co-owner and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta that, despite his fourth consecutive loss, he would not get the axe.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, a notorious slow starter, didn’t waste much time on Sunday night, landing a hook punch and a knee to put Charles Oliveira on the mat. He then swarmed Oliveira, putting him out via TKO three minutes into the opening round to secure the $65,000 Knockout of Night bonus.

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  • wonggfan

    Awesome pay day for Chris Lytle. He has a job as a firefighter and a loving family so I don’t worry about him at all.

    Btw, Stephan Bonnar is fucking annoying. The dude can’t win fights in the UFC. He can’t win fights anywhere. Yet he sucked so much Dana dick that he gets to stick around in the UFC doing bullshit commentating. What annoys me about the dude is that he is a journeyman who talks as if he was a serious contender in the UFC.

    Stephan Bonnar got pwnd by 50 year old Mark Coleman!!!

    • Dranegoldhawk

      Maybe you should fight him, you sounds pretty bad ass. At least he is an arm chair quarterback that has actually played the game.

    • 2000MileWall

      Again Wonggfan proves himself to be a c**t.
      Wonggfan is the type of guy who feels the need to cut others down to make himself feel better.He likes to talk crap to other fans who post comments,and point out how little they know compared to himself.

      Wonggfan sucks cock by choice!

      • Unador

        Stephan Bonner is a pathetic excuse of a fighter that is an insult to pathetic fighters.
        Weak. Very weak.
        That fight between him and Forrest is what keeps him employed, but imo that fight was a pathetic travesty. Fortunautely non of the viewers realized it at the time.
        How can you claim that was a great fight? When I’m looking at two 6’4″ 205 lb PROFESSIONAL fighters, flail against eachother for 15 minutes with no clear victor, I don’t see a good fight. I see a pathetically weak pair of mma wannabe fighters matched up against eachother. They hit like lightweights.
        The Evans vs Imes fight was much much better.
        Bonner is just very uncharismatic. Where Griffon is a great deal more likeable. THey both SUCK at fighting. ( capital PERIOD )

        • bajafox

          Griffin (not Griffon) SUCKS? He held the damn title, that’s more than lots of people can say. Silva exposed him and showed he doesn’t belong in Silva’s league, but he did make it to the top of the mountain at least once in his career. Bonnar, although not the greatest MMA fighter, at least puts on interesting fights and has a chin like a mthrfkr. Not all fights have to be super technical, this sport is great because we get to see all kinds of arts being performed. Brawling may not be an art form, but at least they’re fun to watch.

          • Unador

            I’ll concede the point that brawling is an entertaining fighting style.
            And I’ll not argue that Bonner has a iron jaw. It may very well be true.
            I’ll also agree that two brawlers managed to put up an entertaining fight for the most important UFC tv show, the first one, for a large audience that failed to notice the inability to ‘finish’ as a 205 lb 6’4″ pro fighter.
            But I will not say that Griffin is a great fighter, nor will I say he deserved the belt. Even tho I like the guy. I got nothing against him, I cheer for him. But, I’m honestly objective about his abilities and performance.
            Forrest never defended the belt. And he took it from Jackson, who never defended the belt. I know forrest was a champion, but I don’t give him much credit for it.
            Tito is the reighning defending champion of 205, and he certainly isn’t an impressive fighter. Just had his courage handed to him by Evans, the same way Liddel used to serve it up to him.
            Note: Evans is no Liddel.
            But I really dislike Bonner especially. The way he fights, talks, anounces, the way he wins, the way he loses. Dislike everything there is to dislike about this guy, but I don’t ‘hate’ him.

  • shakejunt

    bonnar seems like he’s drunk when he’s doing commentary

  • 2000MileWall

    Chris lytle fought a great fight tonight!
    Not like it’s uncommon for Lytle to put on a great fight,but I was glad to see him retire on a great win!
    He slugged it out with Hardy taking some hard punches,yet he stayed inThe pocket giving back to Hardy more then he took!

    There was a lot of good fights tonight,but the best part,I think was watching Chris Lytle strike for 14 minutes,and with under a minute to go,he sinks in a submission for the win.

    Ps,Wonggfan sucks c**k by choice!

  • phrankthetank

    Props to Lytle, I met him a few months back and he’s just a genuinely good dude. Those bonuses put him ahead of silva for most bonuses earned! I’m gonna miss watching him fight! I don’t get why the UFC refuses to cut Dan Hardy, but to be honest, I don’t mind. I enjoy watching the guy fight, win or lose.

  • bajafox

    After Condit cracked Hardy, I thought Lytle would do the same. Props to Hardy to taking some good shots and still managing to stay in there and trade. Great fight, not a Hardy fan and him staying or going doesn’t affect me either way but I doubt we will ever see him compete for the title again. He needs to work on his ground game

  • Bob

    I thought Henderson deserved a bonus!