UFC On Versus 3 Play-by-Play: Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann

March 3, 2011
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Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez at UFC Versus 3

Martin Kampmann pushes the action against Diego Sanchez

R1: Quick exchanges on the feet, nothing much lands for either fighter. Sanchez looks for a takedown, but Kampmann shrugs him off. Kampmann looks to time a knee when Sanchez shoots in and just misses. Sanchez bleeding from the mouth, Kampmann landing some good straight punches. Sanchez looks for another takedown, Kampmann defends well.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Martin Kampmann

Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez at UFC Versus 3

Diego Sanchez smashes Martin Kampmann at UFC Versus 3.

R2: Sanchez goes for a takedown right away, Kampmann defends. Sanchez fires off some fast punches, but nothing lands. Kampmann fires another good shot landing right on Sanchez’s jaw. Sanchez still trying to get the fight to the ground, but Kampmann has no intention of letting him take it there. Sanchez dives for the legs again, Kampmann out powers him. Sanchez moves forward and opens up a barrage, a couple land and open a cut over Kampmann’s right eye. Kampmann plants two hard shots on Sanchez’s jaw, and Sanchez moves forward and flurries again before the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Diego Sanchez

Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez at UFC Versus 3

A bloody Diego Sanchez at UFC Versus 3.

R3: Kampmann comes out the aggressor in this round, firing off jabs. Sanchez looks for a takedown, but Kampmann again shrugs him off. Sanchez steps forward for a punch and Kampmann clocks him with a punch. Sanchez jumps forward and lands a nice shot this time, and again looks for the takedown and finally gets Kampmann to the mat but only for a second. Sanchez tries to flurry again, but Kampmann defends and fires back with some shots of his own. Sanchez is bloody mess.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 Martin Kampmann

Diego Sanchez def. Martin Kampmann by unanimous decision (29-28 on all cards)

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