UFC On Tour: Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva, and Dana White Field Questions from Fans

October 6, 2013
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Chris Weidman, Dana White, Anderson SilvaAs part of the recent UFC World Tour, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, former champ Anderson Silva, and company president Dana White fielded questions from a throng of fans.

Weidman and Silva meet for a rematch in the UFC 168 main event on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

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  • Kris-tyahn

    Another class act by Weidman, telling the crowd to be nice & respectful, after the guy asked Silva what he was going to think after Weidman KO’s him the 2nd time time?
    I never disliked Silva, jsut thought his record was a little “inflated” by figthing in the weakest division in all of MMA (MW). But I lost a lot of respect when he wouldn’t touch gloves with Weidman right before their 1st fight. Especially after Weidman was very respectful leading up to the fight! Needless to say I was glad when Weidman Knocked him the F&CK out! For that reason alone!
    I think Silva could be in trouble in the rematch, b/c Weidman has no more ring rust, no concerns about his shoulder, no more grueling rehab etc. But it should be a sick fight!

    • Timothy Malone

      Surely you dont think flyweight is a more stacked division than middleweight?

      • Wolf Ticket

        Or heavyweight, I think for the next couple of years, every other title fight there will be Cain vs JDS (which I honestly don’t mind).

        • Kbroesq

          Exactly, people don’t bag on Cain for being in a ‘weak’ division. People bag on Silva because he’s the best…period. They have to think of reasons to discount what he’s done. He was in a weak division…yeah, he’s fought and beat Sonnen twice, Franklin twice, Belfort, Okami, Henderson, Maia and Marquardt. Guys give him crap because some of the MW contenders over the years were not in the same league as him, but that’s one Silva’s fault.

          There was NEVER a MW contender that the fans wanted to face Silva that they didn’t get. At any given time, Silva was given the next best person in line. Lay off the guy. Geeze.

    • Lucas Freire

      I think you should read Mike mckinney’s post.
      The weakest division? Now that Silva doesn’t have the belt it may be one of the most stacked ones. As he said, what makes it look weak is having a champion that finishes. LHW was considered by many the most talented division, nowadays? Ran out of contenders to face Jones. Is it weak now?
      People say WW may be the strongest division because GSP gives that impression by going 5-rounds with everybody. But you really think someone there is even close to GSP? I don’t think so.

      • Kbroesq

        I totally agree. I’ve never understood people calling MW a weak division. What possible evidence do they have of that? There’s no way to tell – Divisions APPEAR to be weak or strong depending on how all the fighters who are not the champ perform. If all the fighters in a particular division under the champ fail to win consistently, it is seen as a week division. But really, that could just mean that all the fighters in that division are so good that they are evenly matched, and cannot consistently beat each other.

        People assume divisions like WW and LW are ‘stacked’ because the fighters beneath the champ have winning streaks of their own, but that just creates the appearance of the division being stacked. If you really think about it, it’s not proof of anything.

  • Mike mckinney

    Divisions that have a champ that finishes guys and makes them look silly always seem to be weak. I guess you can even say that they are weak since no one can contend with the champ. It’s just how sports are. If Anderson retired tomarrow then the division would seem much more competitive, and seem deeper. The same can be said if he had retired two years ago.
    There’s also an effect that’s not payed much attention too. There are guys who very well may have fought at 185lbs but thought they’d have a better shot in other divisions.
    The divisions people call “strong” are just divisions that have a lot of guys that are close in skill level. That’s not to say that any of those guys have to be very skilled.
    Some might say Gsp, but there’s no WW that anyone would have honest odds to beat Okami for instance. And he’s not currently in most top 5’s. The divisions are as strong as the top guys let it be.

  • jose reyes

    F respect. Silva kicked at weidmans knees twice during fight which could’ve ended weidmans career. I’m glad weidman destroyed him, especially after the ko, the gnp was so heart warming. Destroy that fr again and do not respect silva nor become his friend nor eat or drink anything dana is serving. Silva hates weidman and is using psychology, acting like weidmans friend to try and dismantle weidman, hopefully weidman doesn’t fall for it. It seems like hes going for it a little bit ’cause hes worried about people respecting silva. Silva dont care if anyone respects weidman ’cause he himself has disrespected weidman.weidman, silva is not your friend and he will cripple you if you respect him, lose all respect for him and you will win again. You owe it to your family to remain champ!

    • Ian Price

      You might very well be correct on all points!

    • DB

      LMFAO! U Silva haters ha d your moment, its over, and its not going to happen again! Can’t wait to hear what all of you have to say after Anderson gets his belt back CONVINCINGLY.

      • tyrone

        I wonder if you will change your name after silva gets ko ‘d again? Weidman is a finisher.weidman won every second of first fight and silva was so beaten, he said, weidman is champ, i no more fight weidman, i fight anybody but weidman, weidman hit hard, i couldn’t hit weidman, weidman make me poo poo on self

  • Fern

    I love how the same people that were absolutely positive Chael Sonnen was the best fighter in middleweight and was going to destroy Anderson Silva are the same people now saying that the division is weak. Your mind is weak if you think middleweight is or ever was a weak division. Lets not forget that Anderson even went up to light heavy a few times and destroyed people there. Anderson Silva is arguably still the best pound for pound fighter ever in history and the majority of educated fight fans would agree. You can hate Silva all you want, but that fact will never change.