UFC on FX 8 Results: Vitor Belfort Adds to Phenom Legacy with Stunning Heel Kick KO

May 18, 2013
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Vitor Belfort at AfflictionVitor Belfort earned his nickname “The Phenom” early in his career, a fiery young man, with blazing speed and knockout power. Now, at 36 years of age, he continues to add credence to his moniker.

Belfort entered Saturday night’s UFC on FX 8 in Brazil having knocked out middleweight title contender Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7. He continued his resurgence by knocking out final Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, but it was the manner in which he did it that really added to The Phenom’s legacy.

Belfort looked comfortable and confident from the opening bell, sprawling an early takedown attempt, and just missing with a spinning heel kick to the head. He did, however, land a flurry of punches that backed Rockhold into the fence.

Rockhold fought out of it, but seemed to have trouble finding his rhythm, moving flat-footed around the Octagon. Belfort was circling and bouncing on his toes the entire time.

Just as the fight appeared to be falling into a rhythm all its own, Belfort launched another spinning heel kick, this time landing squarely on Rockhold’s jaw, immediately putting him on the mat. Belfort pounced and landed several more punches as the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

Belfort was elated after the fight, saying, “I want to thank everyone. I’m stronger than ever.”

He certainly looked it, but steered clear of calling for a return shot at the middleweight title. He did, however, make his pick for the UFC 162 battle between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman in July.

“I’m here to fight. I don’t pick fights. I accept fights. The fans decide it, Dana White,” Belfort declared. “I’m very happy. I’m going to root for Anderson.”

The victory gives Belfort back-to-back wins over Top 10 middleweights, and makes him 4-1 since losing to Anderson Silva at UFC 126 in early 2011.

Rockhold, hoping that a victory would have launched him into a title fight in his next bout, will instead go back to the drawing board.

“I didn’t see that one coming,” he admitted after the fight. “I thought I was finding my timing, but what can I say, he landed a spinning heel kick to my head.”

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  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    I suppose Rockhold’s face will have to ‘heal’ after that ‘heel’ kick.

  • I hope the kick was very “healing”. Heal kick? Seriously?
    Ever heard of a Heel kick?

    • Muay Thai

      Heal kick is a new move. Heel kick is old school and not as effective. Lol

  • FightProfessor

    Vitor definitely on something other than T

    • Lucas Freire

      Maybe skills,training or dedication.

      • FightProfessor

        Maybe you’re dumb,stupid or an idiot? If the Chinese and Jamaicans can pass the tests in the Olympics what do you think is going on in combat sports you morons.JMM and Vitor are just two of many.

        • eastbound91

          Those Olympic athletes have muscle mass like horses, they are for sure on banned substances and they totally look the part. Im sure majority of the people in UFC use banned substances as well, but don’t go pointing the finger at a dude before his drug test come back. Let Vitor enjoy this victory. Vitor has been passing tests for a long time since his steroid allegations. Rockhold looks super ripped as well coming into this fight, so is he on steroids too in your opinion? And you sound like a Vagina talking sh@t to people over the Internet man.

          • MuayThaiFood


          • Baller31

            +2….Vitor’s skill set does not come from any kind of drug…and he just KTFO a guy who was physically bigger than him..I’m sure that no drugs of any kind…diuretics, etc., are helping Rockhold to make 185….(note sarcasm)..I would like to see Vitor fight A. Silva again…I think he wasn’t mentally prepared the first time, and it would likely be a much different fight now.

          • eastbound91

            i would dig that as well. he has put together a nice streak at 185. At the level of Silva and Belfort, anything can happen

        • Lucas Freire

          That’s the “unpleasant” truth.

          To compete in such a high level my opinion is: EVERYONE uses something. They just stop using as the fight gets close,in order to not get caught on these tests. My point is he may not be on something else, and simply trained to deliver Rockhold this surprise.

    • Eastbound91

      Just because he won in impressive fashion, you think he is on something other than trt? GTFOH and stop hating.

      • FightProfessor

        Stop drinking Vitor’s piss dumbass he has been on something the majority of his career,Wanderlei and Vitor fans are all the same.

        • eastbound91

          HAHAHAHAHA i guet why your so sore, your pist because your a diehard Rockhold fan (which is cool) and your pist Vitor just KHTFO! Dude get over it and don’t get so emotional. I don’t segregate myself as a Vitor fan by the way, I’m an MMA fan and call things out as i see it. As long as Vitor passes all his piss tests, you are irrelevant.

          • FightProfessor

            I think you need to look at Vitor before and after the Silva fight,too many dumb people on this site.

          • Jew Jitsu

            and? as long as he is within the legal levels which i think they should be required to be within legal levels their entire camps but thats beside the point but he shouldnt be crucified for it. trt had nothing to do with the technique he showed with that kick.

          • eastbound91

            okay…. I’m taking a look….Before the Silva fight Vitor knocked out Rich Franklin…his first fight back in the ufc…… in the first round i might add. What is your point. You keep talking sh&t calling people names. You havnt gave one example in any of your comments supporting any of your claims.

  • adice89

    I say put belfort vs jacare for next in line for a title shot

    Then rockhold vs phillipou i think thats an awsome matchup.

    Seriously though how could yu say belfort isnt looking impressive? Trt aint got a damn thing to do with skillset.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I agree with you on Belfort’s performance. He’s never looked better. His hands were always lethal but his overall striking with more and varied kicks has really upped his game. His mental game, which he’s been criticized in the past fo,r seems to be an asset now rather than a liability. Jacare looked great but I just don’t see how he could be one fight away from a matchup with Silva. A win over Camozzi just doesn’t cut it nor do the others that followed his loss to Rockhold. Phillipou vs Rockhold might be an interesting matchup but Phillipou should get someone else considering Rockhold is coming off a loss.

      • Lucas Freire

        Phillipou vs Jacaré is the fight that should happen. Phillipou is a top contender with wins over top contenders.

        Chris Camozzi was a backup plan.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Agreed, it still makes perfect sense to do that fight.

  • Vitor can beat any mw other then Anderson Silva. But what is the future of a number 2 fighter?

    • MuayThaiFood

      He needs a rematch with Anderson to answer that question. Franklin got two shots. Sonnen got two shots and Vitor, especially in light of his position in the sport not to mention that he’s smashed every other top contender that he’s met, deserves one.

    • Lucas Freire

      Well…Cain got KOed by a heavy punch and on the rematch…annihilated JDS.

      Two fights are never the same,and the results may change.
      While I’d bet on Spider,Vitor is by far the most worthy fighter of the division.


    Belfort looked 19 years old last night??? MMMM???

  • rapidfire

    after all that trash talk by Rockhold, this is what Rockhold can do?? very embarassing performance.he looked nervous and his timing was way off.
    TRT or not, Rockhold had no business even being there.
    rockhold should have fought chris leben or something in his debut.