UFC on FX 8 Results: Rafael dos Anjos Takes Unanimous Decision Over Evan Dunham

May 18, 2013
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Rafael Dos AnjosRafael dos Anjos had a tough fight against Evan Dunham at UFC on FX 8 on Saturday night on his home turf in Brazil, but in the end, he emerged victorious.

The Brazilian fighter was the aggressor from the opening bell, setting a fast pace. dos Anjos immediately started darting in and out, landing his jab and some solid leg kicks.

Dunham scored a takedown late in the first round, but as much as he was working from top position inside of full guard, dos Anjos was working just as hard off of his back, landing elbows and trying to set up a submission.

dos Anjos kept up a similar strategy throughout the fight, using lots of foot and head movement to avoid Dunham’s power, while constantly feeding him a steady diet of jabs, mixed with leg and body kicks.

Dunham pressed forward throughout the fight, but his takedown attempts were mostly thwarted. While he appeared to be looking more for the bigger power punches, dos Anjos was accumulating points with his steady approach.

In the end, dos Anjos walked out of the Octagon to a chorus of home country cheers after earning a unanimous decision victory.

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  • Supaman

    i actually had it 29-28 Dunham, but 1st and 3rd rd could’ve gone either way.

  • lowlb

    …worst decision ever!

  • rick

    Yea definitely 29-28 Dunham

  • 808mindstate

    Total bullshi* we should veto ufc for allowing that win to happen!!!! F-ING pissed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maddawgmar

    Yup I had it 29-28 Dunham. 2nd was definitely Dos Anjos 3rd definitely Dunham, and the first I have to Dunham.

    • Lucas Freire

      Don’t you mean the opposite? 2nd Dunham,3rd Dos Anjos?

      • Maddawgmar

        No I felt that the second belonged to Dos Anjos. And Dunham turned on the heat in the third. I am not arguing the decision cuz the first was really close

        • Lucas Freire

          But…even with the sick knee and huge punishment that followed it you gave the second to RdA?

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    I had 29-28 RdA, btw it could had gone both the ways …

    I saw RdA as the most effective striker in all 3 rounds, Dunham had TD+control at the end of the first round, then all his Tds were neutralized by RdA.

    Tough to call decision.

  • Rlad

    Another one to add to bad judging