UFC on FX 8 Fighter Bonuses: Vitor Belfort and Jacare Souza Lead Fighters Banking $50,000

May 19, 2013
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36-Vitor-Belfort-UFC126w_5168-478x270The Ultimate Fighting Championship awarded $50,000 fighter bonuses following UFC on FX 8 in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil, on Saturday.  Lucas Martins, Jeremy Larsen, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, and Vitor Belfort took home the bonus awards for their performances.

Fight of the Night honors went to the first fight of the night, Lucas Martins vs. Jeremy Larsen.  It was a back-and-forth fight with both men having their moments.  Martins overcame being knocked down twice in the opening round to score a third-round knockout early in the final stanza.

The Submission of the Night bonus was awarded to UFC newcomer Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza for his co-main event submission of Chris Camozzi.  Souza was able to get the fight to the ground and put his grappling prowess on display.  Souza mounted Camozzi and locked on an arm-triangle choke that put Camozzi to sleep.

The Knockout of the Night came in the main event on the card.  Former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Vitor Belfort landed a spinning heel kick to the jaw of former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold.  Rockhold was dropped by the kick and Belfort finished with a series of punches on the ground.

The amount of bonus money awarded following UFC on FX 8 totaled $200,000.

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  • Cereal Killer

    You can all eat my a$$! Strike Force sucks!

    • Jason Decipher

      You wish anyone would eat you a$$. You probably like to suck! Lol Fyi Strikeforce doesn’t exist anymore. You must be spending too much time on your knees & haven’t watched the past few UFC events where former Strikeforce fighters haven’t “sucked” that bad hehe

      • Cereal Killer

        Strikeforce champs have not measured up! Bellator chump has not measured up! Bring on more can crushers of the world, the UFC will continue to chew them up and spit them out. Can’t wait for Asskren to come get destroyed.

        end drunken rant

        • shakejunt

          i think the last line about sums it up

    • Maddawgmar

      Pat Healy, handled a top lightweight. Gilbert Melendez narrowly lost his title bid (arguably won). Josh Thompson destroyed a top lightweight. Daniel Cormier handled a top heavyweight and former UFC Champion. The others who won Woodley, Mousassi, and Jacare beat guys that were no names. After seeing the Strikeforce guys in action they all got a chance at a solid career. Rockhold is young, he has a long way to go in his career.

  • Jason Decipher

    Not surprised Vitor won by KO but the way in which he won surprised me. He called it in saying his opponent wouldn’t know what to expect. What also surprised me was how well the former SF have done in their UFC debuts. Have to give credit where its due (Besides Rockhold) Gilbert Melendez held his own despite losing. Josh Thompson KO’d Diaz, Jacare put Camozzi to sleep & Healy although he won f#%$d that one up for himself it’s just a shame there’s TRT exemptions & not medical cannabis exemptions in MMA. All fighters however should follow the current rules set in place at the moment

    • Maddawgmar

      The reason being is that TRT is federally legal for use in certain conditions. Medical Marijuana is a joke law in California and other states. I literally can walk into a doctors office say, ” I have a hard time sleeping” or “I have lost my appetite” give the doctor $60 and get a card. No burden of proof needed or medical exams to verify. While I think Medical Marijuana should be legal federally I also think it needs to be regulated properly so Joe Pothead doesn’t get a free pass because his big toe has been hurting him.

      • R

        You shouldn’t need a pass, anyone should be able to smoke marijuana for whatever reason they decide. Why do you care what people do on their free time, as long as they are not harming anybody, you Nazi.

        • Maddawgmar

          Did I say I was against it being legal? I just gave a reason why it’s not the same. You liberal nut job commi

  • Timothy Malone

    How was Souza’s arm-triangle more impressive than Trinaldo’s from inside the half-guard?

    • shakejunt

      good question. my guess is because it was a higher profile fight and/or because it was so quick that camozzi looked like he almost just went out

      • Lucas Freire

        I think that’s the reason.

        Souza’s kata-gatame was more impressive because of how technical he is. But the time he passed to the side the choke was already so tightly adjusted that it didn’t gave time for Chris to tap out.