UFC On FX 7 Results: Vitor Belfort Wins with Head Kick Knockout Over Michael Bisping

January 19, 2013

Vitor BelfortAll of the talk heading into UFC on FX 7 was about Michael Bisping’s possible title shot against Anderson Silva with a win. Vitor Belfort had other plans.

With an entire crowd cheering his name in Brazil, Vitor Belfort came out with a calm, cool and collected strategy to counter Michael Bisping’s attack, and then come back with his own firepower.

Bisping criticized Belfort for weeks leading up to the fight about his inability to finish outside of the first couple of rounds because he’s a historically fast starter, but fades in the later rounds.

Instead of proving Bisping right by coming out with a blistering attack, Belfort was controlled and precise when he unleashed his attack.

With the seconds ticking away on round one, Belfort launched a head kick that clipped Bisping, and woke up the former Ultimate Fighter winner. It didn’t wake him up enough unfortunately because that same move would be his undoing in round two.

As the second five minute session got underway, Belfort again was composed and like a snake coiled and waiting for the right moment to strike, when he did it was deadly.

Belfort uncorked a left high kick that clocked Bisping on the side of the head, sending him crashing to the mat. The Brazilian followed him to the canvas and continued his attack until the referee saw enough and stopped the fight.

Belfort gets a huge win after stepping up at UFC 152 to face light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and now moves back up the rankings at 185lbs.

There never seemed to be much interested in Belfort getting another shot at middleweight king Anderson Silva, and he obviously was paying attention to that because in an odd turn of events his post fight speech was aimed at Chael Sonnen, and a plea to earn a rematch with Jones.

“Take that punk Chael Sonnen out, Dana, Lorenzo, get him out, let me fight Jon Jones. Get that clown away, get out, let me fight the real champion,” Belfort screamed to the Brazilian crowd.

The bizarre call out of Jon Jones came from nowhere, but regardless Vitor Belfort can celebrate tonight because he earns a big win with a knockout in the main event of UFC on FX 7.

As for Michael Bisping, it’s always the bridesmaid, never the bride because he missed out on another potential shot at the title. Gracious in defeat, Bisping gave Belfort his due for a great performance.

“I’ve got no excuses, I had an amazing training camp, I felt fantastic, I felt very confident I was going to win this fight. It was a beautiful kick, it caught me,” said Bisping.

“He’s a better man than me tonight, congratulations Vitor.”


  1. That’ll humble somebody. Hopefully won’t be hearing Bisping’s mouth for awhile.

    • For some reason I still think Bisping will change his tune in a few weeks and say that Belfort got Lucky and how dare Dana White refuse him a title shot!

  2. Is it wrong that I was a tad upset that Dan Miragliotta stopped it a bit early – not that the outcome would have been that much different, I just wanted to see Bisping out cold. (yeah, I know it’s a tad wrong – I just still dislike Bisping [despite accepting his loss like a man])

    • yes that’s very wrong. wanting someone to withstand more physical punishment than is needed. no matter how much of a **** you think he is,nobody deserves that.

    • nope, i agree, i wanted to see his ass out cold as well. In the interviews Bisping was acting like Vitor can’t do **** to him in the cage as if Vitor is washed up or something. “Im destined to be world champ. Vitor breaks mentally and I’m gonna do it to him”. Dude your high, your fighting Vitor Belfort.

  3. As usual, Bisping couldn’t back up all the tough talk. Put him in the ring with a top 10 opponent and he gets crushed.

    Tomorrow he’ll be complaining that the stoppage was early and that he should still get a title shot.

    • I just made the same comment to Maxwell Silva…

    • Bisping is the only fighter in the UFC that’ll call for a title shot after a loss.

      • Sonnen did by running his mouth, why not follow in his footsteps?

    • Yessss! Good riddens to the paper made contender!

  4. michael @bisping via Twitter
    Sorry guys. Wasn’t good enough tonight. Fair play to vitor, well done. Thanks to everyone for the kind support, will be back soon.

  5. haha i said the last time he talked this much **** he got ko and said it would happen again and sure enough nailed it.

  6. As expected.

  7. Every time Michael Bisping gets KO’d an angel gets its wings…

    • So only 2 angels have gotten their wings?

  8. Where are all the Bisping fans????Hahaha Bisping sucks can not beat a worthy opponent

    • I’m here and fully back Bisping all the way. He’ll get a shot at the belt at some point. He just got caught last night. He’ll be back.

      • No, Belfort Set a trap and Bisping walked right into it !
        Bisping could have won with the right game plan but Vitor was just the smarter fighter.

  9. Bisping talks so much trash to build hype for fights, regardless of if you want him to win or you want him to lose people want to watch. Judging by the amount of comments on anything to do with bisping it works. hate him or love him bisping knows how to sell a fight.

    • Totally agree

  10. Next bisping fight should be with the queen’s butler!!!!!!

  11. i was really impressed with vitors performance thats the first time ive ever seen him throw that many kicks and the first time i believe hes gotten a headkick (t)ko

  12. Too easy for Belfort, thats it for Bisping he’ll never get a title shot

  13. I’ve made it clear in a few other threads that I’m a massive Bisping fan so apologies if this sounds bias. But, why is Vitor Belfort, who made it perfectly clear last night that he wants to fight at light heavyweight, fighting a guy in a different weight class who is gunning for a title shot? I just feel that Bisping, or any fighter in any weight class, should have to beat a fighter who has title aspirations of their own in the same weight class.

    • Talk is talk. Vitor isn’t getting a shot at the LHW belt anytime soon, he was just mouthing off because he doesn’t like the way Sonnen got his.

      Your gripe is silly. Who care’s what Vitor’s desires are? Bisping took a fight in the MW division for a shot at the MW title and lost. Why should his opponents desires matter? He can’t cut it in the top 5 of the division and that is all that matters!

    • Gotta love the downvotes you gave to the posts above you to. Get out from behind Bisping’s nuts and look around man, you have no perspective!