UFC on FX 7 Results: CB Dollaway Digs Deep for Split Decision Win Over Daniel Sarafian

January 19, 2013
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C.B. Dollaway UFC 92Though he’s not widely known in the United States, Daniel Sarafian came into his UFC on FX 7 fight in Brazil with CB Dollaway riding a wave of hype.

It’s hard to say the hype train was derailed, but it was slowed down with Dollaway taking the victory – amidst a mountain of boos – on the Brazilian’s home turf.

From the opening, Sarafian showed why there was so much expectation behind him, utilizing his movement and power counter-strikes to take control of the fight early, despite giving up five inches in heath and three inches in reach.

He dropped Dollaway midway through the opening round, and rocked him at several points throughout the fight, but couldn’t find the button to put him away.

Just when it appeared he was really taking control of the fight in round two, Dollaway turned the tables, finally getting his jab and wrestling to work.

“His wrestling was really good,” said Dollaway after the fight, noting how Sarafian did such a good job neutralizing much of his wrestling. “He defended my takedowns really easily. My hat is off to him.”

In the final round, it looked like Dollaway had momentum on his side with Sarafian fading. He took the Brazilian to the mat, looking to finish, but Dollaway’s tank started to drain as well, stopping him from putting the finishing touches on Sarafian.

The Brazilian wasn’t done, however, and fought back strong, but neither he or Dollaway could do enough to take the fight away from the judges, who scored a split decision in favor of Dollaway.

It was a razor thin decision, but it gave Dollaway back-to-back victories for the first time in a little more than two years, and showed that he has the conviction to go inside himself and find a way to fight back from adversity to win.

“It was huge,” said Dollaway after the fight. “I had to dig deep. He’s a tough competitor.”

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  • Advance*

    I thought he was gonna get robbed when it went to a decision. The third round was close but if you take the crowd out of the equation it was clear that CB did enough to win it. And why does he always look more tired than anyone else in the post fight interview haha

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      I rooted for CB but he lost every round! He didn’t even think he won… He couldn’t even stand during the interview. He was dropped several times and could not maintain top position.

      • Madmmax

        Close, but I gave rounds him 2 and 3

      • Advance*

        You thought he lost round 2? He always looks that gassed after a fight. Plus Sarafian could barely stand at the beginning of the third round. And I can’t stand CB so it hurts to defend him

      • Maddawgmar

        I agree with the other two, CB stole the second round by wobbleing Sarafian, and almost getting the fight stopped. The third round was back and forth but mostly controlled by CB. So 29-28 was a fair score.

  • El Gvapo

    I’ve been pretty disappointed with CB since his TUF stint, I thought he had real potential but he seems to have stood still for a few years. Can’t say this win did much to change my opinion.

  • WJOinfo

    CB has some talent but he doesn’t seem to have the stomach for fighting in the cage. My hats off to any guy or girl who steps in there but if you want to be a professional you have to train like a professional. That was the most gassed i’ve ever seen a professional after a fight. Should have been embarrassing to CB….